A Testimony to the Incredible Power of Electional Astrology – 1250 years since the Founding of Baghdad

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Written  in August 2012

Article Background

I have wanted to write this article for at least two years but so many “whys” were eluding me that it would not be fair to write something so incomplete about this great and special city.

Even though 3-4 international colleagues that also practise Medieval Astrology wrote articles about this electional chart years ago, the reasons for me to be doing the same are the major and hidden clues that I was able to discover and about which no one has written so far and as those who can will see – these keys are precisely the reason why the construction of one’s of world’s largest cities began in exactly this moment and according to the Laws of Astrology. Also, and not least importantly, it is obvious that the time frame in which I was able to get to and comprehend this information is not just any other one, but one that marks a jubilee – 1250 years after the creation of this electional chart.


Since other colleagues, whose work I respect, have already written some historical facts about Baghdad in their articles about this electional chart, I will add some others.

And so: In 762 after traveling the length of the Tigris River and looking for the ideal site Abu Jafar al Mansur chose the terrain and some of the major reasons were because it was surrounded by palm trees, accessible from both the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers as well as to caravans from Syria and Egypt; the Persian Gulf was a route to the Byzantine Empire and even China by the sea.

The caliph himself laid the first brick and a huge labor force of 100 000 was drawn together from various places. Within 8 years the city was completed. And it was Baghdad – known as “Dar es-Salaam”, the City of Peace. It developed rapidly into a vast emporium of trade linking Asia and the Mediterranean, and the by the reign of Al Mansur’s grandson, Harun ar-Rashid (786-809) – the caliph from Arabian Nights – surpassed even Constantinople in prosperity and size. Its administration had managed to harness the Tigris and Euphrates rivers for the cultivation of grains, and a brilliant system of canals, dikes and reservoirs drained the surrounding swamps. Immigrants of all kinds – Christians, Hindus, Persians, Zoroastrians, and so on – came from all over the Moslem world, and from lands as far away as India and Spain[1].

Abu Jafar Al Mansur assigned the Astrology practitioners Naubacht, Masha’allah and Umar al Tabari – a Persian, an Arab Jew and another Persian – to astrologically elect a moment for the building of the new capital of the Arabian Halif – a city which would very soon become the world’s largest one. The year was 762 on July 31 at 2 pm and about 40 minutes.

Chart analysis and context

Chart calculated with Delphic Oracle software, the best program for traditional Astrology in the world.

Baghdad Founding Election

Modern Astrology

Looking at the chart through modern methods one would exclaim with indignation: “Were these astrologers crazy; how could they have elected such an awful chart: the Moon opposing Saturn, Mercury square Saturn, Mars opposition Jupiter, Mercury retrograde, Jupiter retrograde; the Sun is indeed strongest in Leo but why did they put it in the 8th House – the area of sex, transformation and the occult; why the rulers of the Asc and MC are retrograde, given that this is chart for a royal capital. Some would even consider this so called T square between the Moon, Saturn and the Lunar Nodes. And someone practicing the so called “esoteric” Astrology would undoubtedly ask themselves why those people left Venus in Cancer when 3 days earlier it had been in the sign of its rulership – Gemini.

Medieval Astrology

Medieval Astrology does not start with chart analysis but with a deep mundane one of the situation. I will not be making such because it would take pages without even starting with the chart itself, and I also lack a lot of historical information.

Still and in а nutshell, what was to be the mundane/worldly fate of this region, which in itself requires examining large cycles of hundreds of years forwards into the future, what is the individual fate of the caliph himself meaning first of all what does his own natal chart reveal, i.e. what is his natal promise and how that fits into the mundane charts. From the few articles written by colleagues practicing Medieval Astrology not only does no one of them examine this, but they don’t even mention it and it is primary.

There are a lot extenuating circumstances: the time interval for the electional chart must be known and as pointed by others, we don’t have it, unlike the one elected by John Dee for Queen Elizabeth I – in other words the three practitioners might have had weeks, months or years; we don’t know for sure why these configurations were chosen when in some cases there are possibly better ones, therefore a lot of information is missing, which makes reading this chart extremely difficult, at least in the depth that it deserves.

Also, there is doubt for the time of this chart. The Asc is known for certain and that the predominant consent is that Jupiter, the ruler of the rising Sagittarius, is conjunct it.

And not least of all, of all the practitioners that wrote articles about this electional chart or at least of all of those I know of and have read, they used the Tropical Zodiac without second thought, that is, the one based not what is happening in the sky but on the seasons and the path of the Sun/the ecliptic. Only that there is solid proof that the original Arabic practitioners used the Sidereal Zodiac – the one based on the stars and showing with a greater precision what is happening up on the physical sky. I myself have always used the Tropical Zodiac and I am extremely satisfied with the results which it gives, but since this electional chart is a priceless work of Art, it deserves to be examined, at least briefly, with the Sidereal Zodiac as well.

Since the year was only 762 the precession had moved the spring equinox point only by 6 degrees and a half, so in other words the differences do not seem to be that major. Still, the only way to now for sure which Zodiac was used is for one to travel back in time or to find a source about it.

What I, however, was able to discover and will share definitely shows that, done with the Tropical Zodiac, this chart is not only stronger but more relevant.

And so: this chart examined in the right way – in the other words, in the way the three masters made it – seems, of course, totally different from the analysis given by modern Astrology, which as always is seriously flawed and not only does it use cut off leftovers from the ancient Astrology but it distorts the fundament of this Art. And this is because the Moon is not opposed to Saturn as the signs Taurus and Libra are in aversion to one another and nothing in Taurus can see/aspect anything in Libra; Mercury is not in square to Saturn because signs of the same gender – in this case female, are not in square but in sextile; the Sun is not in the 8th House but in the 9th, both in quadrant and whole sign because every planet that is 5 degrees before the cusp of the next House is considered to be in that House already, as long as it is in the same sign as the cusp itself. The 8th House has nothing whatsoever to do with sex, transformations and the occult. Jupiter, as the ruler of the Asc and IC, is not retrograde but in his second station – which is a huge difference. Mercury as ruler of the MC and DSC will become stationary direct in less than 20 hours, which is again a huge difference. The Lunar Nodes are not real astronomical bodies and they do not possess light; therefore they do not cast aspects and are only examined when only in conjunction, i.e. the T square does not exist as well as because of this and for the already explained fact that signs of the same gender (in this case Capricorn, Cancer and Taurus) cannot form square aspects. Also, the so called “esoteric” Astrology is complete thrash and a trap in no other serious system, confirmed by centuries of tradition, is it said that Venus rules Gemini.

Even though I am coming to my analysis of this chart with a dose of confidence, there are so many “whys” that no matter what is written, it will be incomplete. Only if I’d want to, I could easily write 40-50 pages analysis on this chart and I would cover only a few of the variations – so complex can be Astrology when used with the necessary knowledge and understanding. And precisely because there is a shortage of information, I will not be examining the whole chart but will focus only on the key factors and the reason for this is that I do not want to guess but to write what took me years to find out and of what I am pretty certain.

And so with the reminding that we do not have the caliph’s natal chart and thus key information is missing, a chart has to be elected for a royal person and for a city which will be one of the most powerful in the world; therefore royal signs are needed in key positions as well as fixed stars and/or fixed signs. We want power, reputation and visibility, in other words, the chart has to be diurnal. Even though we do not know the time frame with which the three masters worked, it is well known that it is better to have the benefics stronger and more prominent and moreover – to exist an analogy between the nature of the significators and the matter for which an election is made. What is looked for, among other things, is greatness, power, success, longevity, leadership, splendour, peace, justice, God, mercy, wisdom, wealth, alliances with great leaders – in other words the Sun and Jupiter in their best state.

Since we do not have the chart of the caliph, we need another chart which will help root this election. I dare not use the last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (December 10 749 5.47 am) because they did not calculate it the way we do, so I will ignore that computed exactly (which they did not do) it has the same Ascendant as the one of the election chart.

In the Aries ingress of 762 however, I notice that Mercury is the planet that is in absolutely horrible state (combust, retrograde, oriental, in detriment and fall in the terms of a malefic) and considering that Jupiter is retrograde but in its diurnal sign where it rejoices and that it spends almost 1 year in each sign, therefore this horizontal axis is very fitting for the election, provided that Juptiter’s retrogradation ends soon, we have the time to wait for this, Mercury continues to be in that horrible state (because it will represent the open enemies of Baghdad which will be extremely debilitated) and we can add fixed stars, strengthen the Lights and the Lot of Fortune and hopefully the syzygy chart is not that bad, we will definitely have very bright prospects for a strong mundane election.

So forwarding ahead, because I lack information as said many times and so will not be looking at other potential syzygy charts, I see that in the syzygy chart (5.21 Leo), the dispositor of the conjunctional syzygy is the Sun, in the 4th, separating from the superior square of malefic Saturn, going to square Fortune and then trine benefic retrograde Jupiter which receives it by triplicity and face and of course receives the other Light as well which also squares Fortune but is its dispositor by exaltation. So we have a strong syzygy chart which is excellent for the election.

Also, Mercury is again combust, retrograde, oriental, in the terms of a malefic and this time received (dependent on) by Jupiter and also conjunct the Tail of the Dragon. Yes, the Sun is also conjunct the South Node but it is past it by 7 degrees and is moving away from it and by the time of the election chart it will be past the 12 degrees from it while Mercury will stand there for a while. Yes, Jupiter is in the malefic 8th House but at least it has dignity by sign and triplicity and term and the Lights are separating from the right square of Saturn and the Sun rules the day of the syzygy chart and as we will see – Jupiter rules the hour of the election chart – thus we have the two most important planets both in their domiciles and also in triplicity and term and ruling the day and hour.

Here comes key one and something that has not been written about by anybody, as far as this chart is concerned. All the practitioners that have analyzed it so far rightly point out with perplexity that the ruler of the 10th House, which represents the King, is Mercury which is extremely debilitated: under the Suns beams, conjunct the Tail of the Dragon, just retrograde and in the malefic House of death. Some even wonder whether the three people who elected the chart were not trying to limit the caliph’s power by securing their influence with this powerful 9th House Sun in the area of God, wisdom, philosophy and sciences (Astrology is also ruled by the 9th House). Actually the truth is very different. Robert Schmidt has said more than once in his seminars that in the Arab civilization the King is not represented by the 10th House but by the 9th. Why? Because this is a cultural consequence, the reason for it being that it is God who has priority over power, in other words, the 10th House does not command the 9th but it is the other way around – through God, through Knowledge we are goaded to act wisely. Not knowing this distinction totally distorts the reading of the chart!

So instead we have the Sun in its own sign and triplicity, in the royal sign of Leo, in a day chart, in the House of the King, God, religion, wisdom, higher knowledge – in other words, 100% analogy between the natural significations of a planet and the goal that is trying to be achieved with this chart – the most powerful combination in this Science. Moreover, the Sun is not only unafflicted by the malefics but separates from the trine of the Asc ruler Jupiter which is one of its own signs, the royal one – Sagittarius and casts a ray to a degree pre-ascending the sect Light and as such serves as its bodyguard Type I according to Antiochus[2].

The Sun is also bodyguarded by Mars, only from Type III from Antiochus[3] and Mars is contradoryphory because it is against the sect but still this is better to be such than not to be and/or to harm the Sun.

Whether Saturn is also bodyguard from Type III is debatable and so I will skip it because there are disagreements about how many degrees a bodyguard can be distant from the Sun in order to meet the criteria. Otherwise, Saturn is of the sect of the chart, which somewhat mitigates its malefic significations and furthermore it is received by a benefic.

And as if that were not enough for this very powerful Sun, it is conjunct the Heart of the Lion – the royal star Regulus, which has a Jupiter-Mars nature and which when conjunct the Sun Vivian Robson writes that it gives: “Power, authority, great influence over friends, honor and riches, but violence, trouble and ultimate disgrace and ruin, sickness, fevers, benefits seldom last[4].

I come to the Asc and its ruler. Based on the fact that we want the 9th House to be as fortified as possible and the chart to be diurnal, we cannot have another combination as far as the royal signs are concerned. In other words, if we put the Sun in the Asc, even if above the horizon, Aries becomes the 9th ruled by the malefic Mars which would be peregrine and even contrary to the sect, and also thus Sagittarius will be the 5th and Jupiter there, which does not do the job. If we put Aries in the Asc, Leo is the 5th and Sagittarius the 9th but the Sun will be below the horizon and Aries is the primary/primeval, you if like, sign and does not accord well at all with the intention Baghdad to be called the City of Peace. In addition to this, knowing that Jupiter lingers almost an year in a given sign and again I repeat that we do not know the time frame which they had to elect this chart, they saw that Jupiter is/will be in Sagittarius for a while so they waited for the Sun to enter Leo and thus the 9th House from Sagittarius – the area of the King and God. But all this in itself is not enough because we have 5 more planets, 10 Houses, aspects, fixed stars, antiscia, the Tail and Head of the Dragon, the Lot of Fortune and others and, as I said, the variations of all these factors combined are infinite.

And so, the Sun is in Hayz, Jupiter also possibly, or at least in Halb and it its own sign and terms, why choose it when stationary and why when receiving this horrible opposition from the out of sect malefic Mars? And here comes the incredible complexity and greatness of this Science – if we move Jupiter 3 days ahead, it will have gone direct and Mars would have barely separated from its the opposition to it; the Moon would be applying to the body Jupiter in the Asc but after that to Mars which is unacceptable; if we move forwards by 4 days the Moon would have separated from this opposition and would still be in the Asc but would lose you will see what; Mercury would have gone direct and thus strengthened  and it represents the open enemies of Baghdad which is not desirable at all if it can be avoided, and plus the contact with a very important fixed star will possibly be lost. It just does not make any sense to allow this opposition from Mars (and on top of that with reception by detriment) because it shows wars, plundering, rapes, fires, destruction or theft of books and important artifacts etc. And as a matter that is what exactly happened and the city was devastated more than once, the most serious of which happened in 1258 by the Mongols when they slaughtered most of the city’s population.

So I again dwell on one of the things that the three practitioners were concentrating on when electing the chart – longevity. The royal and double-bodied sign Sagittarius shows greatness and authority and because it is mutable – something that is done and then undone and then again – the city is built and then destroyed, built and then destroyed. Of course the most benefic of planets – Jupiter, guarantees that because it is in its own sign and rules the 4th House of building and the end of the matter. So where does longevity come from, and note that not human longevity is sought for here but mundane one, lasting for many centuries and why not millennia. There is no fixed star on the Asc which promises this longevity. What remains then?

Key two: I came across an ancient text which says that: “A thing will be lasting, whether good or bad, when the significator of the matter is stationary and in an angle, but it will last only a little while if the significator is retrograde and cadent from the angles.” Ahaa! What greater longevity than the Greater benefic Jupiter, in its own rejoicing sign, in its terms, conjunct the Asc, which is an angular House, receiving the Sun and in its second station! Yes, Mars/wars will destroy the city, and more than once because it is in a double-bodied sign, but here comes the great foresight of the three masters who elected this chart.

Because as I said in the beginning, the context of the situation is absolutely crucial, i.e. the geographical position of the place, the time period, the religion, the laws, the type of population etc, etc. In other words, here comes the Big picture and Jupiter is the planet of the Big picture and wisdom not by any chance. Where am I going with this? Would anybody dare say that no matter what chart was elected, Baghdad would not be destroyed some day? Because that would be a narrow-minded view due to the fact that it concerns mundane Astrology; in other words, even if the most powerful chart is chosen, some Empire will someday be stronger and it is a fact that all Empires sooner of later collapse. And I again point out how absolutely vital Astrology’s role is in world history. What I mean is that as the Arabs used the Queen of all sciences, so did other peoples and rulers did and still do. When[5] Marco Polo returned from his travels he wrote that there were 5000 astrologers in the court of Kublay Khan (whose Empire is the largest at least in human recorded history). In 1583 when Matteo Ricci, the famour Jesuit astronomer, traveled to Beijing, China he was told that it was a capital crime to study mathematics as used in astrological computations without the emperor’s leave[6]. In other words, the Empire of the Mongols would destroy Baghdad with its incredibly strong electional chart. Why? Because that is Fate and how events are supposed to play out and because nothing happens by accident[7] the very fact that Baghad is situated in Asia, which is the largest continent, and it was almost totally controlled by the Empire of the Mongols, this means that even if there were countries or cities with stronger electional charts than the one of Baghdad, they too suffered the same fate as it and at a certain moment all those regional charts became subordinate to the chart of the Empire of the Mongols. And I claim and am certain of it (as is seen for example from Abu Mashar who although lived in the next century made predictions for hundreds and thousands of years ahead) that the three masters who elected Baghdad’s chart knew this would happen and were looking for a way to preserve Baghdad and its Spirit. And the only way is through key two, that is, Jupiter as the elected Asc ruler, in its own royal sign in second station conjunct the Asc and whatever other external factors that this elected position entails (in this case the opposition of Mars which receives Jupiter is his detrment), given the fact that there is no longevity giving fixed star in the Asc and  we want to preserve the Sun on Regulus and a host of other factors I will be looking into.

It is extremely important that Jupiter is making a phasis within 7 days of the chart because that strengthens its role in this chart, and furthermore it is a superior planet. This makes it stand out and draw attention.

Also, even though it does not rise above 30 degrees North, it deserves to be mentioned that at the moment of rising, the 12th brightest star in the sky – Acrux in the constellation of Centaurus[8], sets and a minute later Jupiter rises. Acrux gives: “religions beneficence, ceremonial, justice, magic and mystery[9]”. All too fittingly this star has the nature of the benefics Jupiter and Venus.

I also find this to be a synchronicity that 3 practitioners elected the chart of Baghdad, Jupiter is the ruler of the Asc and in numerology it rules the number 3.

The Moon, as the natural significator of the people, is in the 11th House of friends and alliances. It is fittingly chosen to be waxing because the Empire has to grow and evolve. Also, it is highly positive that by signifying Baghdad’s friends and alliances, it rules the domicile where Mercury is placed, and the latter shows Baghdad’s open enemies – in other words, the latter depend on and are under the control of Baghdad’s allies.

The Moon’s zodiacal position leaves one somewhat perplexed. Why does she not form any applying aspects, which is a sort of an impediment; why is she in the Via Combusta, which must be avoided?

Key three: the Lunar Mansions which are extremely important in electional Astrology as well as in Magic. Of course, I am using the Tropical Zodiac and this is an Arabian chart, so the 28 Mansions of the Moon and not the 27 sidereal ones used in India. And so, the Moon falls in the 14th Mansion (24 Libra to 4 Scorpio) and in elections some of the things the Picatrix says about this 14th Mansion are: “ In this Mansion make images for….the benefit of kings so that they have good and ascend to their reign…and for the friendship of allies.”[10]. Ahaaa, again!

And if that were not enough here is one more reason: although the Moon could have been in the first 3 degrees of Scorpio, at least in theory while they were examining initially the various time frames, although it would have been in fall (which is absolutely out of the question) but still in that same 14th Mansion, it would have been much more dangerous due to her latitude. Because the Moon is in the middle between the Head and Tail of the Dragon, i.e. with its maximum latitude of 5, in this time southern, and an aphorism states that: “Do not begin anything concerning building while Luna is southerly, descending in Scorpio or Pisces for this quickly destroys such a building[11]. Also, it is extremely positive that the Moon is in mutual reception by domicile with Venus, even though the aspect is by sign only. This is because Venus is the Lesser benefic, is not afflicted, and has dignity by triplicity.

Mercury ruling the 7th House of open enemies and the 10th, is fittingly as debilitated as possible – barely retrograde, conjunct the Tail of the Dragon which sucks it dry, under the Sun’s beams, even oriental, in the malefic House of death and debts and in aversion to its own 7th House and is received by exaltation and thus dependent on the ruler of the Asc – Jupiter, which represents Baghdad. This makes Mercury a total accidental malefic and extremely uncapable of realizing its significations. Yes, Mercury also turns direct and is making a phasis within the next 7 days but it is so much so afflicted that even this phasis (heliacal rising) cannot help it much.

Venus is in the 7th House but in the 8th sign and she has dignity by triplicity and is received by Jupiter. I dare not write about it as I do not know what House system was used for this election, but still if it is a quadrant one despite the destruction and badness of Mars, as the centuries progress Venus will take on the primary functions of the House of open enemies and the fact that it is a benefic and received by Jupiter is extremely positive for Baghdad. But it is more likely that the election was made using Whole Sign Houses and Venus would fall in the 8th.

One sees that Venus receives Saturn by domicile and separated from a sextile with it and Venus represents islam and Saturn judaism. The positive aspect between them shows the good reception and understanding the Jewish get from the Arabian Halifat. That which is perhaps more important – Venus receives Saturn and controls Saturn – islam is in the stronger position in this situation and judaism is dependent on it and its help!

Saturn is of the sect of the chart but is peregrine in the 5th House but in the 6th sign, which makes it very weak but it is good that it is at least received by a benefic. Still, it rules the 2nd and 3rd Houses – the wealth, education and infrastructure of Baghdad. Saturn’s own weak state is compensated to a great extent in that the Head of the Dragon is in the 2nd House of wealth and thus magnifies it (accordingly the Tail of the Dragon is in the 8th – the 2nd of the 7th – the enemies’ wealth and it sucks it dry) and Fortune is in the 3rd House of education and infrastructure. Saturn is also in the 4th from Fortune (which strengthens it accidentally) thus we have a double signification here: a great part of Baghdad’s wealth will come from agriculture, building, taxes, things that are old and stand the test of time etc. In addition to this, Jupiter as the natural ruler of wealth is in the 11th from Fortune which shows how one earns wealth and in this case this wealth is absolutely huge but due to the opposition of Mars (in a humane sign) there will be great losses and expenses due to war, theft and plundering. The Sun is also angular from Fortune, which is great.

One must not miss the triplicity rulers of the Asc and of the sect Light which in this case are the same because they are in the same element – fire. So we have the Sun, which although cadent is in the House of the election and it happens to be its place of joy, it is incredibly dignified, unafflicted and angular from Fortune. Then we have Jupiter, in its rejoicing domicile, in term, receives the Sun by triplicity and face, afflicted by the opposition of Mars but also in second station and turning direct in two days. And lastly, and also because it is an Arabian chart, we have Saturn which is indeed weak, in the 5th House but 6th sign, but is at least oriental, received by a benefic, of the sect and angular from Fortune.

One more thing draws the attention – note how the Asc, Jupiter, Saturn (it is of  the sect after all and a possible bodyguard to the Sun), the Sun and the Moon are in the terms of benefics (I am not counting Mars because it afflicts Jupiter) while only Mercury and Venus are in the terms of malefics and fittingly the Messenger signifies the enemies of Baghdad, while Venus is unafflicted and has dignity by triplicity, and is a benefic after all.

Baghdad Founding Election Krishnamurti Ayanamsha

Looking at the chart in the Sidereal Zodiac and the Krishnamurti ayanamsha, we have only a few differences but they are significant. There is only one which is in slight favour of the Sidereal and there are three strong ones which are in favour of the chart having been elected with the Tropical Zodiac.

So, in the Sidereal Zodiac the syzygy is in Cancer (I will not show the chart here, but using the comparison between the two charts just substract 6.5 degrees and you will end up at 28.49 Cancer for the conjunctional sidereal SAN) where the Sun is peregrine and very weak and the syzygy (SAN) is in the terms of a malefic and even though the Moon is in its own domicile it plays a third-rate role in this chart.

Also, the Moon is no longer in the 14th Lunar Mansion but in the 15th Mansion of the Constellations[12] and this Mansion has nothing to do with kings, building and allies in the sense that is sought for in this electional chart: in electing for the 15th Mansion of the Moon according to the Constellations: “make images to….place discord between friends and allies, to scatter enemies from your area, and for the destruction of the houses of your enemies.”[13] Moreover, the Moon will have already entered the 15th Mansion, i.e. it will be in the second half of the Zodiac and as we are building, it is far more desirable to have it in the first one.

Also, the Moon applies to the opposition of Saturn which is in fall in Aries which is an extremely serious affliction. Yes, Saturn receives the Moon but afflicted planets cannot receive and even if there are some indications of perfection at the very start then everything is falls apart. If the Moon is afflicted the sources are unanimous that it must be made cadent and her applications to be limited, and she is placed in the most fortunate House, which is a contradiction in itself.

Yes, after that the Moon goes to trine Venus which receives it as by domicile but I would not say that this is a more positive indication than the Tropical chart where both are in mutual reception by domicile, albeit with a sign aspect and Venus has dignity by triplicity, while in this case both planets are peregrine.

The only indication of this chart having been done sidereally is that compared to the tropical one, Venus is in the 7th both by quadrant and by whole sign, in other words, it definitely follows Mars in the 7th House. The goodness of this placement is seriously lessened, if not completely removed, due to the fact that then Saturn (judaism) would be in Aries – the detriment of Venus (islam), which is extremely unfortunate as far as religious tolerance and co-habitation is concerned and shows loathing, suppression and aggression done by the followers of judaism, and although then Saturn would be in the 5th both by division and whole signs, it would lose its angular position from the Lot of Fortune.

This covers to a large extent what I wanted to say about this chart and I wrote it with a great satisfaction, least of all not only because I have a weak spot for this time period and region but because, and this must be known even by the people who practice modern Astrology, that if it were not for the Arabs there would be no Astrology, no philosophy and no science in Europe.

In conclusion, I would like to provoke the ones who practice mundane Astrology and to draw their attention to the USA chart and to compare it with the 7th House of Baghdad and, in order to not by that cryptic, which planets aspect by antiscion the ruler of the Asc of the USA and how this is related to the 2003-2011 period and the subsequent events.

Also, since Regulus left Leo and ingressed in Virgo in 2011-2012, what this entails for Baghdad in the coming centuries.

[1] A short passage from the best book ever written about the history of Astrology – page 62-63 of Benson Bobrick’s Fated Sky. Anyone who is interested in or practices this Science must have this book.

[2] Definitions and Foundations translated by Robert Schmidt 2009, page 247. Actually, following strictly the definition, this is not spear-bearing Type I because the Sun has to be angular but I am counting this as spear-bearing/bodyguarding because the Sun is in the House of its joy and angular relative to Fortune, and Jupiter is angular.

[3] Same book, page 260. Again, this does not meet the criteria 100% because Mars is not in the Asc or MC but I am counting it as such because it is simply in another angle (the Dsc).

[4] Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian Robson, 1923, page 196.

It is said that Alexander the Great’s birth was deliberately delayed so that he would appear in this world exactly on Regulus.

[5] The Fated Sky pages 83

[6] Same book, page 101

[7]  Speaking not in an astrological way

[8] Inventing and not discovering 40 more constellations is not only unnecessary and senseless but dangerous and shows the ignorance with which people operated after Astrology was pushed aside and the majority of people’s worldview changed towards materialism. Because otherwise they would have kept the knowledge of the Archetype of the Cosmos and the Eternal Truth and Wisdom encoded in the constellations (for more see the Sabaeans of Harran). Therefore there are not any and cannot exist other constellations except the original 48=12= a holy number and the star Acrux is in the Centaurus and not in the Cross.

This is a very very big mistake. I even dare say equally big as the one of paying extraordinary attention to the 3 outer planets and that (without any ground) claiming that they rule signs.

[9] Robson, page 112

[10] Christopher Warnock – The Mansions of the Moon, page 82

[11] According to Hermes Centiloquy XIII this refers to the Moon’s latitude being southerly and becoming more so while in these signs.

[12] The 15th Mansion precessed for the year 2000 falls between 4 and 15 degrees of Scorpio. To calculate it for 762 we subtract 762 from 2000 and get 1238 which we divide by 72 and get 17.19 degrees which we subtract from 4-15 Scorpio and so the 15th Mansion of the Moon according to the Constellations for the year 762 was between 17-28 Libra and the Moon is at 21 Libra in the sidereal chart.

[13] Warnock page 85

Published on August the 4th 2012 at 2.40 pm Baghdad time; Saturn day Saturn hour

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