About Horary Astrology’s Seeming Simplicity and Its Potential Traps

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Written in September 2013

“We feel that even if all possible scientific questions be answered, the problems of life have still not been touched at all.”

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein, 20th century Austrian philosopher

More and more people write me and want advice and even though I invariably direct them to my article about horary Astrology, it happens not infrequently that they cannot comprehend the essence of asking the question and all that entails from this. The goal of this article is to shed enough light on this difficulty.

Now, some lay person would probably think: “What is so damn difficult – a problem or a hesitation comes up in your mind, you reach for the mobile phone or the keyboard and the job is done – the question is asked”. Such way of thinking does not only not look wrong but it has become the norm: “you can get anything you want, as long as you have the money/resources to pay for it, we will deliver it to your door even, just pay the delivery man”. This type of thinking is actually not a problem for a lot of Astrology practitioners nowadays and questions are being accepted for just about everything and any whim – after all the money of the clients flows through towards their pockets. Thus brutal materialism and consumerism has as much to do with Astrology, especially horary, as a bushman has to do with a scientist with a white coat, imprisoned in his left brain hemisphere and working in some small room in a secret or underground base.

The problem is very deep and does not concern Astrology only. I have written about this before, namely: that one CANNOT practise this Art with the nowadays, materialistic worldview, which has ruled for the last 500 years. Astrology is sacred, take away the sacred and there will be nothing left of it because it will become even more pathetic that the university disciplines which are being offered on a conveyer (in huge abundance, everywhere and to anybody who can pay).

So what is this which makes Astrology so valued and sacred? Of course this is not so much its primary origin, namely the first Science, but its subject, namely it shows the Consciousness of the Cosmic Soul. Some call this the Plan of Creation. It is obvious in either case that Astrology existed long before any humans existed and it will continue to exist long after the human race and other races become extinct. Are you starting to understand where am I getting at? Are you starting to understand that so much as money can buy a house, but not a home/hearth, buy drugs, but not health, it can even to a lesser extent buy astrological understanding and not just another mechanically generated and interpreted horary chart.

But let me put the money aside because the root of the problem is not money but the mind pattern. And so: what kind of a role exactly does the querent/the one asking the question play, when they contact someone practising horary Astrology? Also, what happens when a question is asked, I am mean “up there”? But people are not concerned with this, they want correct predictions and a deep analysis of the situation showing the intentions of the involved parties, the rest is secondary, or they don’t have time for it. This might seem a little exaggerated to someone, but it is actually the naked truth. Out of the all the clients I have had and continue to have, plus close people to me, I know only of one case where the woman was actually really interested what it is about and how such a thing is even possible. How it is possible through horary Astrology to predict the future even if it is asked for a third person whom the Astrology practitioner has never seen in their life, does not know not only their age and natal chart, but even the name; how is it possible to know the past, which has irretrievably passed; how is it possible to locate lost items or people, or animals; how is it possible to diagnose virtually every possible disease/illness or disbalance, whether they concern a person, an animal or even a plant; how it is possible to determine which of the two or three options is better for the querent, in what respect and why, etc etc. ALL of this and even more is possible through horary Astrology just because of the nature of this Art, called not by chance the Queen of the sciences. This is because when (horary) Astrology is used it so happens that the veil, which separates the crude physical from the fine, etherical/non-material world, is opened and the Truth is searched from various manifestations of the Source, totally wrongly known to lay people and scientists, which are slaves to Darvinism, with their crude, physical shell – I am talking about the planets.

So when a question is being asked, the querent wants from the practitioner to open the veil dividing the two worlds. The querent uses their own free will through which they seek the resonance of the Higher bodies (the planets). But this is not enough by itself as I explain in my other article about horary Astrology. What is more, regardless of whether the querent realizes it or not, what they want is the Heavens to stop moving “up there” while they ask their question. Because this is exactly what happens – the Heavens, which are in constant movement and make unique configurations and moments – must be “frozen” by the Astrology practitioner so that the moment gets grounded and through it the past, future and present to be judged. Are you reading carefully? That is what you are doing when you are asking a question in a proper manner, using your own free will to find a person to “stop” the Heavens and receive reliable and confirmable information from them by reading this Cosmic Alphabet. And that is great – namely whenever the question is precisely formulated and asked in an honest and correct manner – the horary chart reflects it in a fine-spoken/telling way. And if this happens, the chart always and invariably shows the Truth.

Of course there are variations in some situations, or there is room for manoeuvring as I like to put it, because life is not so one dimensional and as Astrology reflects it, it must show that in its own way. What do I mean? There are people (depending on their natal promise and predilections, as shown by their own natal charts) who above all ask questions from one type. For example, I have a client who predominantly asks questions in which there is no free will and the horary chart respectively looks in a way that is coinciding to her personality and the situations she is in. I have another client who asks horary questions in which there is constantly room for free will and the horary charts respectively reflect that in a proper manner. Note that there is no room for judging or a sense of superiority, there is room for the truth only and that is what the clients are interested in – in the former case what the future or the past show – in the latter one – not only that but whether there will be a reversal in the events or in the attitudes of the two sides. It is a common rule that situations/charts in which free will exists are harder to read compared to ones in which there is not, but that is not always the case. For example, in almost 100% of cases which involve missing items, people or animals, there is no free will, but these are the most difficult charts to read and judge. Actually, to be thorough and punctual, I need to explain that by “free will” I mean the right to have a choice in a given situation. This is crucial because historically the concept of “free will” was made up by religious people and it was understood to mean the ability of man to interfere in the Plan of Creation, that is, to interrupt or prevent certain events considered to be fated. That is a big difference! So in the charts in which free will exists as for example: “Should I take the job that is being offered to me”?, “Should I change my home/accommodation”?, “I have been prescribed such and such a drug, which I started taking; is it appropriate/healing for me”?, “This car/house was recommended to me, are they good for me”?. “A specialist/teacher/friend advised me something (fill in the blank); will it be useful for me if I take their advice”? and so on and so forth, that you have a choice in the situation does not in any way influence its subsequent natural development, characterized by walking on the thinnest resistance. This is a little tricky to explain but what do I mean? Above all, the context of the situation and, your personality in a not so insignificant way, determine the nature of the question and its subsequent unfolding/development. In other words, that in the question “Should I accept the job being offered to me” it depends on you whether to do that or not, will not change the fact that you will not get along with the boss or that the pay will be small and so on and so forth (if the chart shows that), because these are things beyond your control. At the same time, and again according to the context, that the payment will be small and is so happens that you accept the job and keep working on it for a few years, this does not mean that the payment will be small during your whole stay at that job. This is one horary question and it does not encompass your whole life, that is, there exists room for manoeuvring in the situations and the these limitations, and that can be taken advantage of by horary or by electional Astrology – again according to the context.

But in the case of a question: “ I am taking this or that drug, which I had prescribed for me; is it useful/healing for me?, the chart will clearly show whether it is or it is not, and if it is useful in what way, and if it is damaging – which part of your body it is damaging and how. My point is that you have no control over the drug, you can’t remake/transform it so that from harmful it becomes healing, and therefore if you keep on taking it (that is, if you keep on moving on the thinnest resistance line, which the vast majority of people do, regardless of the nature of the situation), you will bring harm to your body, regardless of whether you think/believe it helps you or not. For the record, even if you bless the drug and energize it, it would take you a lot of effort to diminish its harmful effect and such an approach is not really necessary. All you need to do is to find out whether the drug is healing you or damaging/sickening you and you stop using it and another one is recommended, which does heal you, provided the horary practitioner possesses the necessary knowledge and skills.

In other words, and if among the people reading this there are still those who imagine/believe that the astrological chart shows just mere symbols, or – to use a hallmark phrase belonging to modern psychologists or practitioners of modern/psychological astrology, that if a person does not deal with an issue in an internal way they will have to face it outwards, that is, in the real, tangible world – then these people have not at all grasped what it is about and what the subject of Astrology is. Of course, this is outside of the practitioner’s obligations and of the one reading the astrological chart. So, and as I have written in other articles, the horary or any other chart is read according to clear and precise rules and thus the objective reality is revealed, taking into account the nature of the situation. Henceforth, after the client has been informed in a simple and understandable language, about the existing options, then they can make their choice if they so wish – the role of the practitioner reading the chart has been played. For example, some time ago I was contacted by a man who was going to travel abroad and wanted to know where the local authorities would cause him trouble. I read the horary chart and it showed that they would not give him trouble. The alternative was to detain him, to have to explain himself, possibly to look for a lawyer etc. This reminds me of something else, namely that it is the obligation of the practitioner reading the chart to answer the question/s and that is it. Anything other than that depends on the discretion of the practitioner, which includes their own natal promise, as shown by their natal chart as well as their relationship with the people: how open and forthcoming they were, whether they are regular clients etc etc. In this case (and always when the question is asked sincerely and is correctly formulated) the chart showed the situation perfectly, namely that this man would travel abroad because of money and documents. The chart also showed that he had been to this place before and had had dealings with the law. And here is the moment that I am talking about – the chart also showed that this man would not receive the thing he was going for, but that is not included in the client’s question and therefore it is completely up to me whether to tell him that or not. I chose to tell him that. He went away and it happened exactly the way I had predicted – he did not get trouble from the local authorities, but he did not receive the thing he went for. As for whether he would have gone if the chart had shown that he would be detained or even arrested and whether he would have chosen to go despite that, I don’t know, and as I said this is no longer up to me and on me but on the client and whether he would dare to test Fate and what kind of a person he is.

So far so very good: simplicity, directness, unambiguousness, and even a feeling of connectedness with Creation for some people. This is (horary) Astrology, this is this Art through which 20, 50, 100 people at the same time and in different geographical locations around the world can ask their questions to different horary practitioners and these questions to be completely different in their essence, and everyone to get an answer to their question, by using these same planets by the practitioner reading the chart, as long as the question is sincere and properly formulated. A person, unless a mechanical creature or an animal, cannot help but feel awe from such a picture.

I have been explaining so far how simple of a form horary Astrology is and why this branch is the lowest step in the astrological hierarchy. Unfortunately, when some people hear the word “simple” they assume it means easy. As John Frawley says: weightlifting is simple, but it does not mean it is easy. Still, this form of Astrology is significantly easier than the other branches. Where is the trap in it, you might be thinking? The trap is in the lack of seriousness by the querent, that is, by the side using their own free will and looking for the resonance of the Superior bodies. That is very logical. Think about it: to what extent do the Heavens must respond to the questions and hesitations coming in your mind; how serious they are and how worthy they are of an answer. Ultimately, this is not a circus show or a shop, where anybody gets anything as long as they can afford it. Maturity is required here and it is not at all in vogue and is not being encouraged by the modern society. Are you getting my drift, are you starting to understand what happens when the Heavens are not pushed or goaded to reflect your horary question? What happens is what practitioners call “an empty chart”. This is a situation where the planets are in a manner of speaking not touched by you and do not work for you, but are just somewhere. Because can you imagine ultimately what chaos would ensue if the Heavens were obliged to answer all kinds of whims or thoughts belonging to millions of people all over the world?! In other words, the practitioner has nothing, the chart is empty and useless and therefore this is not Astrology. If it comes to that and the practitioner is a person of integrity, they will admit that and tell you. If not, they will take your money and try to guess the answer. The worst in this case is if the question is of a yes/no type and the practitioner hits the correct the answer, because in this way the probability that the practitioner would think that they have done nothing that much wrong or that nothing that much serious has happened and that such a thing might happen in the future, grows drastically; whereas in actuality something extremely serious and wrong has happened, namely that the horary practitioner has allowed the situation to come this far and has brought disgrace to the Art and to themselves (regardless of whether they realize that or not). It is for this very reason, and I always say that to clients and to people close to me: “There is nothing easier for me than to accept your question”!, but so that my conscience be clear and to know that for the times to come I will be able to talk to the person without having a stomach ache, and not least – to know that I have been made worthy of this Knowledge, passed over the last few thousand years, and I will be able, should I desire to do so, to teach it, I refuse to accept horary questions in which there is doubt that an empty chart will result.

So the condition is to create and send an impulse that is sincere and that it is very important for the querent to know the answer to their question. So for example, people who try to deceive or test a horary practitioner will get an empty chart to their question/s, even if they pay. So that the getting of an empty chart gets prevented, the ancient practitioners made some rules which if not followed, or at least taken into account, increase the chance of this happening. To stress again how important it was this not to happen, that is, for the question not to be accidental or casual, and the timing to be precise and the querent to use their own free will “marking” the question so to say, there are certain rules according to which if the querent’s question is sincere and properly formulated, then the horary chart shows where exactly on their body this person has warts and moles. Such testimonies were sometimes used to convince sceptic clients and to give them confidence that they have come to a person who knows their Astrology.

I am coming to the formulating of the question and how valid it is. Here comes the role of the practitioner and their skills and maturity, critically important for guiding the client and in helping to understand and to frame the situation as best as possible. Again, modern age and the predominant worldview not only do they not encourage this process, but get in the way and sabotage it. Always keep in mind what I wrote in the other article, namely that the querent must have made some efforts to solve a question that might come up, the reason for this being logical – it helps to strengthen the sending out of the impulse and makes it, like a laser, sustained/coherent, and so the odds of getting the resonance of the Superior bodies get really high. But to illustrate with an example: a person close to me connected me with a native living abroad with whom it turned out I had a lot of things in common. One time, after we had chatted for a while, the question of Astrology came up. This homosexual person started telling me about problems in his relationships/love life and that he could still not find the right partner. At a given moment it occurred to him that he could ask me a question about that, when he would meet this person, how etc. I told him his question was not valid and I could not accept it. Note – I did not doubt his sincerity, he was really honest and forthcoming and was ready to pay right away – it is just that the events leading up to that question were too smooth. What do I mean? I told him that if he had made certain efforts and for example had began looking for a horary practitioner, started calling or sending emails, then it would have been very probable that the question be valid/would receive the resonance of the planets. (Keep in mind that only until 150 years ago not only did internet not exist, but also telephones as well, and people used to travel with days or even weeks to consult an Astrology practitioner (or one skilled in another occult predictive discipline) in a live setting. I also told him that what he was interested in could, of course, be seen from his own natal chart.

One more thing has to be said in regards to the easy asking of questions. The ancient practitioners recommend openly that the practitioner do not ask their own questions, but to pose them to some colleague of theirs. I like to say in this respect that the person who wants to ask questions to themselves should, if not to calculate and draw the chart by hand (it takes at least 40 minutes to calculate and then to draw it the chart, which is then yet to be read) to be ready to do so, that is, to ask the question with the sense that one must make efforts so as to strengthen the impulse, and not just to click the astrological program which would calculate the chart within a few seconds.

Also, horary Astrology is maybe better called contextual Astrology because it is absolutely crucial for the situation to be encompassed/framed. What do I mean? People have contacted me and continue to do so and their situations are not framed or limited enough. For example, a foreigner recently contacted me and wanted to ask a question whether to start her own private business or to start looking for a job. It is possible in theory for such a question to be accepted, but here is why it is vital that you be as open as possible in elucidating your situation. It turned out that this woman had applied for a project and was hoping to get funding from the European Union. Then she was hesitating between 2-3 branches, even though it was about the food industry. I told her that I cannot take the question because they were too many loose possibilities, that is, too many loose ends in this situation and therefore horary Astrology cannot help here. Do you understand? There is no way, nor is it necessary at all, for so many variations to be encompassed and framed/limited (for example, whether she would get approved for the funding, when, whether she would get the loan from the bank, the licenses from the government, whether she would be able to make it within all these deadlines etc etc, when this concerns only one part of her question and does not concern the potential looking for a job). I added that the natal chart is looked at for this, because it encompasses the whole life and therefore when broken into periods it will be seen whether the native will be successful in a given undertaking, but for this to happen it must be promised in the nativity.

Here is one more example: a client who wanted to ask whether she would take her driver’s license exam if she chose to go for it on that or that date. I told her there were too many variations and cannot accept her question and that in this case it is better to approach this matter with electional Astrology, which selects the most propitious moment for the realization of a given desired consequence, as long as it is promised in the natal chart.

I stress for the last time how important it is for the question to be sincere and for you to really want to know the answer to it, and to have made efforts in solving it. Even though it should be implicitly understood, I will say it just in case: it is thanks to you and your impulse that it is possible to read the thoughts of the Cosmic Soul. Because, purely in theory and to illustrate – if I, knowing what a given client would ask me, before their impulse was sent, do so that I ask the question on my behalf – I will get an empty chart!

Finally, I will give an example which speaks for itself about how distant from objective reality modern astrology and its supposed foundation is and how in turn, from the simple horary Astrology, one can entangle themselves in a web from which it is very hard to get free of.

A while ago I was contacted by an acquaintance of mine, who practises modern astrology and who wanted to ask me a question which was very important and imminent for her (it was about surgery). It turned out that just within a few hours she had already asked that question to herself. I will not go into details because they are strictly astrological and not necessary for the example, but when I heard this I was convinced for yet another time in the uselessness and open danger of the view on which modern astrology is based. I did not bother at all to look at the charts she had from asking her horary question to herself, but directly, after she elucidated the situation, focused my attention on the chart I made following her question to me. I don’t want to elaborate too much on this as I will be probably writing articles in the future about it but Astrology is not something that is outside of life, far from it! Just a short glimpse in the history of this Science and one can see about what concrete and above all practical matters it was/and is still used for: staring wars, buying, selling, healing, for analysis, for sowing, for raising animals etc etc. That modern Astrology has totally lost the connection with objective reality and the discerning of what is in the mind/subconscious and what is out there and tangible and separate from the individual, speaks enough how far it has strayed from the world around us. There are two options: either modern people do not know or do not believe that this is possible through Astrology, or they are fine and satisfied with the level at which modern astrology is and the leftovers it works with and therefore for them it is normal to study a given subject for years, to spend a significant amount of money and to have no real practical knowledge.

So the lesson from this event is for you to show more interest in the knowledge and skills of the Astrology practitioner whose services you are using, because especially if they make a big enough mistake for a question that is of high priority for you, losing money will be the least of your concerns! And this is especially valid for horary Astrology due to the trickiness of its nature and that it is up to not only to the practitioner but to the querent (while this is not the case in natal or mundane Astrology).

Published on the 16th of September 2013, day of the Moon, hour of Venus

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