Dealing with the Ultimate Timeless Puzzle – Rectification in Traditional Astrology

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Written in July 2015

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This article is inspired by an amazing insight I had only last night, after many years in this field.

Rectification is the science and art of finding one’s true time of birth when it is completely unknown or the native only has an approximate period of birth, through Astrology. As there are many types of Astrology, there are many more kinds of approaches to rectification. Some are unrivalled, others are impressive, others work well, others work great in some charts but not as good in others, others work under some cases, others mostly do not work, others appear to work, but instead mislead the practitioner etc. Rectification can be likened to a puzzle, only one of enormous size, which on top of it can be, and is from a certain perspective, outside of time. It is very easy to make assumptions which distort one’s perspective and lead them down false paths. Of course, by finding the time of birth of someone, with or without knowing it at all, I mean doing so with Traditional Astrology, that is, the rectification process rests upon strict rules whose role is to discover the objective reality of the person in question. There is no personal interpretation on the part of the practitioner, but only reading one’s life path. This is a very important point to make because when people hear “astrology” they assume that it is all the same, like when they hear “medicine” for instance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just as Astrology can help you a great deal, if done incorrectly, or with unreliable methods, it can hurt you by misleading you and the toll will be greater than medicine!

The reason why the life of the native is likened to a puzzle, which from a certain perspective is outside of time, is because depending on how the practitioner approaches the rectification they can notice the significations of a given planet at a certain time in the life of the person in question and assume that this planet means this and that. What happens then when it turns out that this same planet played a different role in a different time period of the native’s life? Depending on the level of the practitioner and the methods they use, doubt and confusion is very likely to creep in, which could mislead them into thinking they got it wrong, or even they got it right for that matter. In other words, you can see how difficult it is compared to a puzzle because in a puzzle a given piece can only be in one place whereas in Astrology while a certain planet can only be in one place at the time of birth, its location and meanings, or rather roles, can and do change as time passes, again from a certain standpoint. My point is that it is deceptively simple for one to make mistakes when dealing with such a huge puzzle, which after all, represents a live person!

Of course having some approximate time is easier to work with, but what if the practitioner trusts that time as given by the client and rests their whole rectification on it and it turns out to be wrong? Human memory is subjective and can be frail after all. In this respect, as in all others, Traditional Astrology based on ancient time-tested methods has a distinct advantage over any other type of Astrology or approach for that matter. The reason for this is that in Ancient Astrology the life of the person is read as a whole and not just some fleeting consultation giving some overview or forecasting for the next 1-2 years. In other words, in Traditional Astrology, rectification, as many other techniques, like length of life, eminence, overall life path, profession, wealth, health, etc, are an integral part of the life of the client because they concern the whole life. Put another way, one needs to delineate the whole chart in order to be in a position to make predictions for the future, but in the areas I just mentioned, it is crucial to know the whole life because they unfold and are valid throughout. So doing rectification is seeing how these areas of the life of the native unfold through time and is thus very useful. It is like detective work and is recommended that one does it, even if the time of birth is known.

Now onto my insight from last night. Many years ago, when I was not into Astrology, for some reason unknown to me back then, I was drawn to start creating subtitles in Bulgarian for certain lectures and video materials in English. I was doing it completely for free, even though it is very time consuming. I thought I was learning faster how to work on my laptop and was practising my English but above all making many people happy to be able to read and understand this precious information (and I was getting thanks and requests to make more subtitles). There are three types of subtitles: 1) with time codes and a foreign language which the interpreter understands; 2) with time codes and with subtitles in a language the interpreter does not understand but can still use the time codes; 3) without time codes or subtitles in any language. It so happened that the lectures and materials I was doing the subtitles were the most difficult ones, namely without time codes and subtitles. In other words, I had to listen to every phrase and take note when it ended and then input this into the subtitles program to create a time code. For instance: “Hi, how are you”? “Fine, thank you”, which would take say from 00h 20m 09s 343ms-00h 20m 11s 287ms. This was very time consuming. Even though I did not need a dictionary it took me 90 minutes to make subtitles for just 5 minutes of a given lecture. I have a friend who was also making subtitles back then, but he was making them for famous tv series and they had everything: the time code and English, so all he had to do was exchange each phrase in English to one in Bulgarian. That is it – no creating time codes from scratch, no listening to without subtitles. He was boasting how many dozens he had make compared to my few and I liked kidding him that with the time code and English subtitles it was like children’s/amateur work compared to adults/professionals, which of course it is, for everyone who has done subtitles from scratch knows what I am talking about and also that monologues are more difficult and the language is higher compared to the superficial vocabulary of tv series and films/movies.

So what I realized last night was that what I did back with the subtitles was preparation for me to begin dealing with rectification! That was the work of my Higher Self of course. 🙂 Just like with the three types of subtitles, there are three types of rectification: without a birth time (from scratch) – without time codes and subtitles; around a given period, say in the afternoon, early morning etc – with time codes but the subtitles are not in English or another language which the translator understands; from an approximate time, say 8-9, 9.30-10.15h etc – with time codes and with subtitles in English. Needless to say rectification from scratch is the most difficult type of rectification among the three, by far. (Actually, to be thorough, there is a 4th type of rectification in Traditional Astrology, which is a jewel in the crown so to say – without a day of birth, but it is really risky and for the moment I am not willing to offer it, especially without live contact or knowing the person).

And it so happens that my preparation with the subtitles was my training in a way. Of course, it was years later after I had stopped doing subtitles that I took up Astrology and it took years for me to become well versed in a few branches and types and the study and practice still continue and will never end, but the point in this traditional astrological article on rectification is that the true measure of an Astrology practitioner is to be able to do rectification without a time of birth (from scratch). Many practitioners cannot do that and refuse, because it is too risky and too many things can go wrong, which is fine of course. Again, Traditional Astrology, especially ancient astrological techniques, has a distinct advantage when it comes to doing rectification.

Some charts are comparatively very easy to rectify, even without a birth time, but the practitioner “pays the price” elsewhere – for instance the calculation of the length of life turns out to be difficult. Some charts are easy to rectify with a given technique, but then this technique does not work in the life of the native as well as another similar one for instance. The possibilities are endless.

One last thing: many Astrology practitioners claim that there are two times of birth for a given person, which the rectification shows to both work great and is almost impossible to say which is the right one. This is flat wrong! You can only have one time of birth, to the minute, and not another, just as you can only have the face you have and the palm you have! Again, doing rectification with Ancient Astrology is best way to avoid such traps for as I have said, Traditional Astrology is a science and regardless of who uses it, provided their skills are equal, the final rectification results, with or without a time of birth, will be the same.

If you are interested in learning more, I suggest reading the other article I wrote called “Rectification with or without a time of birth”.


If you want to have your chart rectified, use the contact section by sending me an email. As for my fee, it slides and cannot be determined right away as it depends on the amount of time it will take, so I will ask you certain questions before determining that and once that is agreed I will send you a document with questions about events in your life and some other things, which you need to fill in. I will also ask you for a photo of yours, which while really recommended because it will help me in the process of finding your time of birth with Astrology, is not mandatory. If for some reason you feel any bad vibes or have any concern whatsoever, do not send me a picture of you.

Published on the 20th of July 2015 day of the Moon, hour of Zeus, day of the Yin Fire Rooster, hour of Yang Earth Monkey

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