The Need for Some Changes

Hi. I moved this article to my new website. Please read its updated and improved version there. Thank you.



I have had a lot of insights recently as a result of the intense research I have been doing,  then taking a break, and renewing the studies.

As a result of this as well as some inner changes I have been undergoing, I have started perceiving things even more holistically. This needs to be reflected in the way I write as well, not just on my blog. I need some changes in scenery too, so I have modified my blog (as of 11-12th of February 2016) and removed all sections (except the information about me, my services and how to contact me. (The”Matrix V Astrology, Chinese Metaphysics and Others” one is an exception by itself, so it does not belong with the articles).

The categories, which I created when I opened my blog about 5-6 years ago and chose this theme, were limiting me and making me separate, instead of  integrate, the various types of knowledge I would like to share. It was fine for some time but it was getting increasingly difficult to write because it would either be way too long and/or way too difficult to handle because my blog, unlike the vast majority of blogs which feature short, introductory articles, is written for people who are seriously studying and practising and not for beginners.

Also, due to the nature of the fields of knowledge I am interested in, that is, way fewer people are interested in them compared to say modern astrology, psychological astrology or modern/new age Chinese metaphysics, Rider-Smith Tarot etc, as well as due to the vast difference in the cultures and the philosophy and the rules of these disciplines coming from different continents, languages and periods of time, it seemed counterproductive to mix the material. I mean, I admit I have not searched that much but how many people do you know that are deeply interested in diverse fields such as Ancient or Hellenistic or Medieval Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology, or Chinese Physiognomy  (includes Chinese Face and Palm reading too), Classical Feng Shui, Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot etc, etc? I have come across less than 5 on the internet!   In any case, at this point if it is between having to separate the disciplines so that more people can read and appreciate them or not writing at all, I’d choose the latter because there is no coming back.

Thus, long story short, I will be writing about whatever I feel drawn and using whatever I know, without separating it in different categories, which will inevitably bring up difficulties in comprehension in all but those readers that are deeply into these same disciplines. So take whatever portions of the articles you understand and run with that knowledge because there are just a few people out there doing what I am doing.

In conclusion, I have ordered all my posts (except for the former categories “Example Charts” and “Sports Astrology” which I have united in a single post each, so it is understandable that there is some discrepancy in time because each includes articles written over months or more). I have written at the beginning of every post the month it was published. In this way, those that share a similar fascination can see for themselves the changes I have undergone, such as writing “Medieval Astrology”, “Hellenistic Astrology” and finally “Ancient Astrology” and then integrating it with Chinese Metaphysics.  I also plan to write articles more often if possible.




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