An Example of the Manipulation of History – the Unmatched Power of Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics Being Suppressed and Kept Hidden from the Public

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I have always loved storieS. That is one of the reasons history was among my most favourite subjects. Nevertheless, one quickly learns that the system only tolerates the manipulated version of history – the version of one story, for that is what history is after all – a story, a documentation from a certain perspective which, sadly, is biased toward uplifting certain characters at the expense of others and being completely silent about the forces that really initiated and helped control the development of events.

I vividly remember the arguments I had with my school and university teachers. I had read something which was not part of the curriculum and when I presented that perspective, I saw the teachers grow hostile because it was contradicting the dogma they had learnt and been regurgitating for decades. Back then I was not into Astrology and did not even know of the existence of Chinese Metaphysics, that is, the points which we argued about were not metaphysical and information on them can be easily accessed. They were reported facts which, regardless whether they happened exactly that way or not, someone decided that they should not be part of the information given to the masses.

My point is that there is no place for the true versions of history in institutions set up by the system. Note the plural; I would not go so far to say there is one correct version, for one must be open-minded. If you don’t think so, I challenge you to go and present another version of ANY significant history to a reputable scholar in the branch that they are versed in. Please note: I am not talking about arguing for arguing sake; I mean arguing with proof, with direct quotes, if found, with references, etc. You will see what happens first hand. If you happen to be a student of that professor you will be ridiculed, hassled and could be even threatened that this is a dangerous road and taking it means you will have no place in an institution. On top of it, they could deliberately give you a lower grade in your exam. I am speaking from direct personal experience. They will go so far as to bring all kinds of books from abroad, in a foreign language of course, to try and intimidate you, yet will remain blind to your sources of information.

This also happened to a friend of mine, also a long time ago, in a very reputable university. He was also an exemplary student until he wrote some academic essays which completely contradicted the view he was being taught. Of course, he gave the sources and quotes. Since it is pertinent to the topic, I will say that it involved the British empire and the opium wars with China. In short, he showed the true face and intentions of the British government and destroyed their benign façade with his essay.

Now to the topic at hand. I recently finished a Korean tv series called “Great King Sejong”. The events take place only 600 years ago in Joseon, modern day Korea. That king Sejong is considered the greatest in Korean history. It is a good historical tv series, overwhelmingly political, social, educational and scientific, not military. It contains 86 episodes. Joseon, founded about 10-20 years ago as of the developments in the episodes, is a tributary state of China and the Chinese envoys are constantly threatening the newly found kingdom and keeping its king on the back foot. This, as well as the islands of Japan though to a small extent, is the foundation of the whole tv series in terms of the macro political environment. Joseon is trying to become stronger and autonomous, among the infighting of the princes of course. Its two most dangerous advancements to China are astronomy and the invention and introduction of a new simplified alphabet which will allow a big percentage of the Joseon population to become literate. All I will say about the alphabet is that, as they say in the tv series, it is much, much more dangerous to the Chinese than Joseon developing its own astronomical knowledge.

Regarding the things I want to examine, Astrology is of course one of them. To those readers that do not know, up until a few hundred years ago, Astrology and astronomy were part of one science called astronomy (not unlike chemistry and Alchemy from where the former comes, geography and Classical Feng Shui from where the former comes). Unfortunately, and this is the truly sinister thing, this distinction is very rarely acknowledged today in the sense that when astronomy is mentioned in regards to historical events as in this tv series, the uneducated public thinks it is about astronomy, whereas in actuality what is meant a lot more often is Astrology. Yes, astronomy is important, its apparatus is what is used for astrological calculations, BUT it is the meaning, the essence, of these calculations that is truly precious and thus dangerous and to be kept secret.

Unfortunately, the producers of the tv series pay overwhelming attention to astronomy and not Astrology (in fact it is only mentioned a few times when it comes to sexual elections, i.e. selecting propitious times for the crown prince and princess to have sex to conceive a powerful heir, and it might may have been mentioned about some other matters once or twice). It is about charting the sky of Joseon and finding out whether more constellations are visible compared to the horizon in China, predicting the weather, especially natural disasters, calculating the latitude of the Chinese capital and others. Again, these are truly important matters of the state but they pale in comparison in what Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics provide. The Joseon king sends a very talented and hardworking slave to steal astronomical secrets from the Chinese astronomers.

Now pay special attention to the following: It is said in the tv series that the Chinese emperor is the only one that has control over the sky, the sky belongs to him and him alone. Anyone caught learning mathematical calculations required for astronomical practice is to be executed, even if Chinese, let alone a barbarian from Joseon. In Benson Bobrick’s book “The Fated Sky”, which is undoubtedly the best one written on the history of Astrology, (though it covers only the Western branches) he says that when Marco Polo returned from Kublai Khan (in the 13th century, so 130-150 years before the developments in this tv series) there were 5000 astrologers in his court.

Hence I come to one of the points in this article. It is that astrological and divinatory knowledge that is the most dangerous in this world, at least when it comes to its mundane ruling and power. It is with the help of the knowledge gained by Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics that history has been formed and continues to do so, dynasties and kingdoms have formed and fallen and continue to do so. This, of course, is not only not mentioned, but the public is shown mere astronomical calculations and charting. NOBODY cares about these, they are merely signs, it is what they mean that is important. It is through their significations that the future can be accurately predicted and the past be known. That is Astrology, not astronomy, that is the real reason for using death penalty to anyone who studies it without the consent of the emperor.

I don’t want to digress but basically most, if not every single empire in the world, has been created using Astrology, not astronomy, various disciplines of divination, as well as Feng Shui in the case of the Chinese ones. The Chinese dynasties of the past 2200 years at least, Alexander the Great, Constantinople, the Sasanian empire, Baghdad, Goryeo in Korea, saint peter’s church in Rome, the United States of America, and many others. Please note that these ones are only part of what has remained as proof, who knows how much has been destroyed.

Again, what was shown in the tv series was astronomy. However, for someone who is into Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics it becomes very obvious that someone is trying to hide something. It does not make ANY sense for the Chinese emperor to be so frightened of astronomical knowledge for its uses are finite and mundane, exoteric. You need to watch the tv series to feel the atmosphere, the irrational fear, the threats of severing diplomatic relations and even war. And all this in a time period where China was weak and losing territory and was yet to recover from the Mongol occupation. As the Chinese envoy put it in episode 10, regardless whether or how much he exaggerated:

“The Emperor of Ming tolerates dry food and uncomfortable bed to conquer the northern barbarians….”

The point is the Chinese were struggling and to risk spending resources on war just for the reasons that a newly found neighbouring kingdom might develop their own astronomy, is ludicrous.

For the record, yes the image of the supreme Chinese emperor is paramount, that is, if Joseon was allowed to develop on its own (but this concerns not only astronomy but warfare, science and other disciplines), the other neighbours of China could also dare defy him, thus doubting the supremacy of Ming and the will of the Heavens. However, and this is crucial, note that when Joseon developed its gunpowder weapons technology, which was really superior to the Chinese, the Chinese emperor did NOT declare war to Joseon! Let me repeat that: the Chinese emperor feared Joseon developing its astrological knowledge more than their newly developed more advanced cannon weapons. He feared even more the development of the simplified Joseon alphabet, but as I said that is not the point of my article. As to why, it is very clear to those of us who practice Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics, we know how incredibly powerful they are.

Another interesting thing is the immediacy of the events concerning Astrology in the tv series “Great King Sejong”. It is as if something happened in the recent past that justifies taking such a drastic attitude. And something historical did happen. Joseon was not the only kingdom that had a new ruler; the Ming dynasty had been founded 50 years earlier, so 24 years earlier than Joseon. This is the second key thing and without which the tv series cannot be understood, as far as the attitude of the Chinese emperor towards Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics.

Historically, China fell to the Monglols led by Kublai Khan in 1279. The Mongols were overthrown by the Chinese in 1368 and the leader established the Ming dynasty. These are the dry facts, but what you are not told or taught in any university is HOW the Chinese defeated the Mongols and what happened afterwards. Eva Wong’s amazing book “Feng Shui – The Ancient Wisdom of Harmonious Living for Modern Times”, p.35, tells the story. The name of the Chinese leader of the peasant rebellion was Chu Yuan-chang. I quote:

“In this endeavour, Chu had the help of a Taoist master of divination by the name of Lio Po-hun. In the tradition of of Chu-kuo Liang of the Three Kindgoms, Lio Po-hun was also adept at military strategy, logistics, and the use of divinational magic. Stories were told how Chu was able to defeat the Mongols by ingenious movements of armies coupled with observation of celestial phenomena and terrestrial features. Therefore, the rebel peasant armies of Chu Yuan-chang could anticipate the moves of the Mongols and surprised them time after time.”

To make it clear, NO military or astronomical discipline can ever achieve this. This is not what they used for. They are very valuable and this does not detract from their merit, but this is about an entirely different class of Knowledge. Predicting the movement of armies is done with Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics (I presume Qi Men Dun Jia – Mystical Door Escaping Technique and others).

Remember that Kublai Khan had 5000 astrologers. They were not enough to defeat the knowledge of that Taoist and other advisers. What really happened, as it ALWAYS does in any conflict where the two sides have brains, was a battle of wits and skills, military on the outside, but metaphysical on the inside. I can give many such historical examples. The pathetic version of what passes for history teaches the dry events, the military battles, not how they were waged, planned, carried out and won. Yes, it teaches the military aspects of what the generals and advisers used, but it does not mention at all the hidden/esoteric ones, the brains behind the force.

While on the topic of Chinese history and military battles, people know of Sun Tzu and his very famous work “Art of War” (whether he existed as a single person or was a collection of people is beside the point; what is important is we have the book left). Well, how many people of those university, military, business or sports types that have studied the work in depth know that historically the famous Chinese advisers or rulers (including Mao Zedong) who used the “Art of War” (one of the Five Great Chinese Military Classics) gained the most when incorporating the Qi Men Dun Jia (Mystical Door Escaping Technique – the 2nd highest discipline in Chinese Metaphysics). It is when one is versed in Qi Men Dun Jua that they can uncover and understand what Sun Tzu meant better and achieve way better results.

To get back to what Chu Yuan-chang did after he established the Ming dynasty in 1368 with the help of Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics. Page 35 of the same book by Eva Wong:

“After Chu Yuan-chang became emperor, he began to murder his former subordinates, especially those who had ability and military power. Despite his secrecy in carrying out his actions, Chu’s plot was discovered by Liu Po-hun, who saw in the celestial signs that there would be death and murder in the court. He also knew that he would be one of the targets of Chu’s political purge. Just before Chu Yuan-chang’s assassins reached Lio Po-hun’s home, Liu fled. Chu Yuan-chang was so desperate to kill his former adviser that he ordered that anyone resembling a Taoist practitioner of the divination arts be executed without questioning. This had a disastrous effect on the Taoist community. The Taoists could no longer practice divination openly, and those who continued to do so could not claim to be Taoist. After fifty years of persecution of Taoist diviners, under Ming rule, Taoist practitioners of divination disappeared.”

Are you getting the picture now? Do you understand why the Chinese Ming emperor feared the concept of developing one’s own Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics more than open warfare? He did not fear the astronomical charting, calculating latitudes and the positions of stars that are so far away from Earth so as to be insignificant, weather predictions and other various harmless banalities as far as imperial power is concerned; what he feared was that the same advanced predictive Knowledge and skill that helped him found a dynasty could be used against him. Such a monster and ingrate became an emperor! What he did is one of the greatest crimes in the history of Metaphysics and Astrology. And how is this pathetic person’s reign known?

“In retrospect, the legacy of Chu’s reign was one of peace and prosperity.”

This is what people are taught in universities. Can you imagine?! This power hungry and insecure person committed one of the worst crimes in the history of knowledge and he is presented as bringing peace and prosperity! This is why I named my article this way.

I did not even bother to look at the completely biased and dead in terms of real contents site called wikipedia which with its double standards has no place in the internet in the 21st century. Not that the above site is any different. No mention of Astrology or Chinese Metaphysics of course, no Feng Shui either.

So there you have it. This manipulation of history is very old and deep and of course covers many other topics, but these most powerful systems of predicting the future and what not have always been among those at the forefront. So enjoy watching “Great King Sejong” if you choose to, but keep in mind that when they mention astronomy, in a lot of cases it is Astrology that is meant, the astronomy being a mere tool for the deriving the calculations necessary for predicting the future of anything.

Another thing deserves mentioning, namely that one must appreciate what we have in this time period in terms of access to information. In the tv series – again only 600 ago – it was forbidden even for the princes to take a book out of the royal library! So even the children of the king could not take books of the royal library of Joseon.

Also, the vast majority of the people were illiterate, which is shown. As for the Chinese, they said the illiteracy rate was 92% in the same early 15th century and that part of this was due the Chinese language being extremely difficult and requiring one to learn over 2000 characters before they can write and talk.

Finally, for those that are interested in learning some of the hidden, true history of Chinese Metaphysics, the two best books I have come across are: Eva Wong’s “Feng Shui – The Ancient Wisdom of Harmonious Living for Modern Times” and Henry B. Lin’s “The Art & Science of Feng Shui”.

I need to make a caveat: in the past people did not put strict categories of their knowledge; they were well versed in 5-6 or more disciplines. Thus celestial signs/Astrology, Divination, Feng Shui, Magic, military strategy, architecture were all employed. Eva Wong’s book, while about Feng Shui, mentions all these, while Henry Lyn’s book is specifically about Feng Shui. These books are invaluable and belong on the shelf of every serious student and practitioner.

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