Can You Handle Ancient Astrology’s Potential Predictive Power?

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Astrology’s power never ceases to impress me; and I love that. I absolutely love the feeling of seeing how Astrology is right; again and again and again. The feeling of being shown the chart of an anonymous human being and you delineating and predicting things, in an unambiguous manner, and they turning out to be true. But I never take this feeling for granted, as I want to view every natal chart with a detached view and in an objective way, because this is the ONLY way one will be able to handle what the chart shows, no matter what it is.

Astrology, the real ancient most powerful branch I mean of course, has suffered so much at the hands of lack of knowledge, missing sources, change of philosophy, religion (particularly the monotheistic types) and last but not least, psychology.

As a result of all these, plus the significant influence of the ignorant-by-default mass media, practitioners have started viewing the astrological chart with the above screens, that is, they rarely have a chance, unless trained to do so, to examine the chart in an impartial way and let it speak; NOT to interpret it because you have nothing to add yourself, but to read what it says.

Why is this of utmost importance? Because of the countless variety of astrological dispositios/chart configurations. The problem is that practitioners make assumptions; in other words, they allow these invisible screens to influence their judgement. As a result, they read the chart as what it “ought to be” rather than what it is. They assume that pretty much any chart they see belongs to a “normal”, “regular” human being. In other words, it belongs to a native who is no different than any of the people they read charts for.

As a result of this, practitioners get used to seeing immobile charts or regular charts aka the charts of normal, everyday average people, where, just as Valens says, the taking over of the benefics does not produce advancement, nor does the taking over of malefics produce loss of status. As such, the delineations given by ancient authors seem “exaggerated”, “absurd”, “too harsh”, “inhuman”, “uncaring”, “belonging to a primitive era”, “focusing on the physical”, etc. This is because those students or practitioners fail to recognize what is being conveyed in those ancient sources. However, for those of us that know, it comes at no surprise.

So what does this have to do with the topic of the article? Well, just the other day I was shown the chart of an anonymous human being and asked to make a quick delineation of the topic of that native’s children: whether they will have, how many, whether they will live etc. The friend of mine that gave me the chart deliberately gave no further information, except that the native is a female.

I delineated that the native will have children, but she will see the death of at least some of them, if not all of them. The dispositio is so tricky, with both malefics and benefics, that it is really one of those most difficult to figure out, which also includes the domicile lord of the Ascendant. I even doubted at some point that she would have children (until I was told who the Captain of her chart was).

What I also noticed was that this native is very wealthy, and in fact she has quite an eminent chart. For instance, another native whose chart I was given, has a somewhat similar dispositio and is wealthy, but their eminence is not high. As a result, the wealth between the two cannot be really compared, even though we are talking way, way higher than the middle class.

Anyway, what turned out is that the female native I was given the chart of by my friend, has more than 1 child and they are all still fine. However, that native has so far survived 2 assassination attempts. She was shot and almost died on the first one and her boyfriend even more so. She also survived the second assassination attempt but her boyfriend did not.

One does not see such charts every day, do they? So how did I do it? What was it that allowed me to so authoritatively say what I did? Well, several factors. First of all, I was reading the chart itself, not knowing anything and being as impartial as one can be. Then I used my significant experience and had the “guts” if you will to say what I said.

I did not know how exactly correct the prediction would be, that is the specifics, although one can get the general nature of the events by delineating the nature of the afflicting planets. You will notice that one may even argue that my prediction was entirely incorrect. My answer is that I spent 5 minutes on the chart and I was focused on the native’s children, just as my friend told me to. Anyway, the point is that the chart is full of wealth and death among other things. Moreover, the crucial factor is the different nature of the nativity itself. As such, the roads the fates take in signifying the guiding of that person’s destiny, as shown by the planets, are different, because this is not the regular, everyday type of chart.

Of course, it is not just that recognition that allowed me to predict death. I have seen similar dispositios before, where of course the native has seen the death of their child or children. The thing is that Astrology shows the whole life. As such, the efficacy of such predictions can only be judged at a much later time. This is because when the native is born with such a configuration and they may be 20-30 years old when they see a competent Ancient Astrology practitioner and hear that they will see the death of one of their children or of all of them. Such an event may happen in 10 years or even in 40+ years, and I know of such charts. Of course, when exactly it will happen is a matter of specific prediction, which entails examining all the years of the native’s life as well as their child’s natal chart. But one must be very careful and thorough in the delineation part! I have seen cases where similar placements do not show death but estrangement, exile etc. It will also depend on other factors as well.

The bottom line is whether one is comfortable in making such bold statements and predictions – hence the title of this article. Needless to say, it IS the client’s responsibility to handle the information. If they cannot do that, then they should say upfront, or they should not be asking such questions. Of course, this will in no way influence what the fate is because it is, naturally, entirely outside of their control as it involves the fate of another human being.

It is not about scaring people or making them despair; it is about communicating what the chart shows in an objective and compassionate way. However, for this to happen and for one to be in a position to predict, one needs to delineate the WHOLE chart, so that while some topics will be very difficult, others will be rewarding and uplifting, and thus the client would know what to expect and what to actively focus on and pursue, rather than be at the mercy of the twists and turns of the fates.

Written on 29 Sep 2016, day of Zeus, hour of the Moon, day of the Yang Wood Tiger, hour of the Yin Water Rooster

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