Zagata’s 24 Hour Astrology Rectification Course

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I am happy to present Zagata’s 24 Hour Astrology Rectification Course. It is the first complete Western rectification course.

Among the handful of internet courses on rectification, mine uses a totally contrasting approach. I stress that it is not for everyone. It differs from all others in a number of fundamental ways:

1. It is the first rectification course to teach 24 hour rectification. In fact, it is based entirely on it. All the rectified nativities, save one which is DD – dirty data, are date without time – have an unknown time of birth;

2. It is the first rectification course which only uses ancient techniques. The Course teaches Ancient (Western) Astrology. As such, the vast majority of the techniques are over 2,000 years old. While some of them have survived in the modern branch, they are used in a different way and framework there.

3. It is the first rectification course which emphasizes the complete use of the nativity. Due to external belief systems and filters, the majority of modern astrological practitioners have allowed to be unintentionally deceived into using only a small part of the natal chart, believing and perpetuating the false notion that one’s natal chart is only about themselves;

4. It is the first rectification course which is not based on the planetary aspects. Actually, unless there are special circumstances, as explained in the Course, the use of aspects, much less considering them as vital, is severely limited;

5. It is the first rectification course whose teaching approach is centred upon gaining astrological understanding and learning how to think and prioritize as opposed to being entirely dependent on astrological software to do the majority of the work for you. In fact, my Course strongly encourages the student not to be entirely dependent on a computer program, and no, I do not mean doing complex mathematical formulas;

6. It is the first rectification course which emphasizes that not only are there different classes of nativities but, due to the endless variety of astrological configurations, the chart significations are not evenly distributed in the different charts.

7. It is the first rectification course which not only does not give priority to Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, but does not use them at all.

No Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Ancient Astrology

It also does not use any asteroids or the so called minor aspects;

8. It is the first rectification course which does not use psychology. Ancient Astrology uses character descriptions which differ from psychology and deal with objective reality. It also emphasizes that while these are important, they are not indispensable;

9. It is the first rectification course which does not use any theories of (spiritual) evolution or new age beliefs about creating one’s own reality, transcending the natal chart, etc. My Course focuses on studying the chart and applying eternal astrological principles and not getting sidetracked by external belief systems or ideologies;

10. It is the first rectification course which utilizes some extremely valuable insights from the Four Pillars of Destiny branch of Chinese Astrology. You do not need to have any knowledge whatsoever of this branch to understand these, for they are universal and relate to the life as a whole.

I have considered offering a course on rectification for a while, but what prompted me to do this now were two things: the 2016 US presidential elections, and the mere handful of courses on Western astrological methods of rectification.

When I read and heard that astrological practitioners of various branches, who offer rectification services and/or lectures, were uncertain of the correct time of birth of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and yet they made predictions on who would win, I shook my head in disbelief. What was even more troubling was that these practitioners did not even bother to check the nativities and rectify them, even very slightly. Instead they used the data as is given in Astrodatabank.

I was browsing the internet checking for rectification courses. They turned out to be literally a handful, they relied on the modern techniques, and not one of them offered to teach 24 hour rectification. What an internet search will show is far too many astrological practitioners writing and speaking about rectification, using optimization, pictures and other marketing tricks, but a mere handful of them actually offering to teach it.

Let me provide more information on my Course:

Zagata's 24 Hour Astrology Rectification Course

While the Course relies on ancient authors such as Valens, Dorotheus, Ptolemy, Firmicus Maternus (whose book is the only indispensable one students will need to buy), Paul of Alexandria, Rhetorius, Masha’allah, Abu Mashar, Al Biruni, Bonatti, Schoenner, Morin, Lilly etc, not a single one of these dealt with rectification in a way I have found to be of use. In other words, I have taken parts of their materials, as well as some concepts, and harnessed them in a way that offers an extremely powerful and multifaceted rectification methodology.

In fact, I will be critical of the ancient authors because none of them taught how to think, how to prioritize and synthesize the many indications. This is one of the reasons you won’t find anything like my method in any of these authors, which makes my Course truly unique. I will also not only disagree with them on some matters, but actually prove that they were wrong, ignorant, or deliberately tried to mislead.

As a matter of fact, the only author that has been of any use (big one in this case) is Medieval Astrology practitioner Regulus Astrology and his book A Rectification Manual. His book is very valuable and is on the Course list of recommended books. When I purchased his book more than 6 years ago, I had already taken Robert Zoller’s Foundation Course and was into his Diploma Course, where the majority of the techniques were being used and thus I was very familiar with them when I read the book.

However, it is vital that you understand that it is not so much about techniques but about methodology. Thus, just as Regulus Astrology was ingeniously able to harness some of the predictive techniques and use them for rectification and come up with a system, so have I. While there is indeed overlapping in some of the techniques, my System rests on a far more solid foundation. I also utilize rectification techniques in a way which he does not. My system has fail-safes because of the core I have developed, which is the most important part of my methodology and is not present in his manual or anywhere else.

One of the most important goals of my Course is to teach students how to build the core. To assist students in doing that, as well as to measure their own understanding, there will be 2 very comprehensive tests before they even see what my approach consists of.

Also, as the Course contains 10 rectified from scratch nativities, after each one there will be an exercise nativity for the student to rectify, but not from an unknown time of birth and not to the Ascendant degree. This is so that students see how the System is applied to charts with known times of birth. Some of these charts are of famous people, others are of clients or friends of mine who I have known for many years. Of course, once one learns how to rectify charts from unknown time of birth, they can rectify a chart from any approximate time as well.

As for level of skill, my rectification Course assumes a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals and that you can either rectify a chart to the degree of the Ascendant when the given approximate time period occupies one Ascendant, or you can at least do that when the given time is off by 10-15 minutes from the actual one. In other words, you have some experience with rectification and know what prerequisites it requires to be done.

Thus the major goal of my Course is to teach you how to rectify charts from unknown time of birth to within 10-15 minutes of accuracy. While I have rectified almost all charts to the second or within seconds, showing in detail how to do that, I repeat that this is not the goal. This is because it is much more about comprehending my System as a whole and not getting down to such accuracy by significantly increasing the number of variables.

If you have heard of or are familiar with primary directions, know that they play only a small role in my Course. I only use them once I have rectified the chart within 10-15 minutes. Although they are exemplified in almost every nativity, you don’t need to be familiar with them. In fact, way too many practitioners overestimate their importance and overuse them, which creates exactly the same problems as the modern techniques – namely it increases the calculations and variables to high levels.

Those of you who have come to rely on the modern techniques and the trans-Saturnian planets are welcome to add them when this stage of the rectification process is reached, although I strongly recommend that you stay with the System for the duration of the Course as well as until you have rectified some charts from scratch on your own. Then and only then decide whether you want or need to include them.

The modern techniques do have some value but they must always be subordinated to the primary ones. As they are not indispensable, unlike the primary ones, a good analogy describing their role would be that they are like last-few-minutes-substitutes in a football match, where the coach may choose to use them or not depending on various factors.

I come to arguably the second most important part in my Course: teaching the student how to think astrologically and holistically while at the same time remaining flexible. You will be given information that is not present anywhere else. It has the potential to significantly widen your astrological understanding. You will come to embrace the importance of perceiving the whole and rearranging your options accordingly. This even includes the sequence in which you enter chart data – both in an astrological program and in your mind.

Speaking of the flexibility, another extremely valuable element of the Course is the different types of charts that I have selected. They provide different events and information and, due to their different chart emphasis, one sees how while given techniques are applied to these charts, they are sometimes applied with a slightly different focus so as to account for the types of accidents of those natives.

Also, in some charts some techniques are more telling than others, which is very important when it comes to making predictions.

In another way, in some charts, some techniques are not even needed because of the type of configuration they have.

I stress again that my Course is not for everyone. It is composed in a way to make students think and question their astrological knowledge and beliefs. This is because if one’s core is not built on solid ground, it is just a matter of time before the whole foundation collapses. If you don’t know where the building blocks you are using are coming from, who added/changed them and with what reason or purpose, then you are taking a serious risk in your practice. My Course rectifies many such omissions.

It teaches you the complete system, both historically and practically. Once you have this knowledge and apply it diligently on many charts, you will possess an extremely comprehensive set of skills which will allow you to instantly notice the weak spots in any rectification system in any time period or place.

As a glaringly obvious example: you will know why the vast majority of modern approaches rely on planetary aspects not just for rectification but for chart examination. This is because they work with very small pieces of the total system. Not only that but planetary aspects are only fourth in importance in Ancient Astrology. Because of that, the Course focuses on the first three most important factors. That is why, provided one intimately knows the system, they can pretty much skip dealing with the aspects, which is powerful knowledge, because the more one relies on aspects, the more variables they have to deal with and thus the likelihood that they will make mistakes increases exponentially. What this ultimately means is that doing rectification by using the full box of tools does not require one to make complex calculations, and as a result the number of variables is greatly reduced.

The practitioners of the modern branch do not realize how difficult their task is by not knowing of the existence of the total system in the first place and being forced to focus on the insignificant components. Fortunately, my Course not only sheds light on this predicament but offers the primary tools to the student and teaches them how to use these and in what sequence to do so.

The Course demands serious study and devotion. You will not find marketing gimmicks such as artificial photos of happy people or 100% positive feedback. (If you want to know about how even astrological practitioners, tutors or authors have begun to use selling tricks I strongly recommend you buy the book Influence by Robert Cialdini).

You will be expected to use a pen and paper, as well as actively be using your mind and not being a passive user of astrological software. Although the Course provides a large part of the biographical data for the rectifications, you will be expected to do your research, gather data and study the lives of those natives. You will be encouraged to purchase the available biographical books of those natives, just as I did, when I was rectifying their charts.

I must address the philosophical part because it is an important element. If (and that is huge “if”) you can practise one hundred percent Astrology, then it barely, if at all, matters what you believe in. In other words, if you can read the chart and the chart only, without any external beliefs or systems, then believe what you will. The problem comes when such additives add screens to the way one reads a chart. Please examine again points 8 and 9 I wrote above. Furthermore, living in the current time period, where the obsession with appearance and the physical, instead of the eternal, rules supreme, and where Astrology’s principles are diametrically opposite to the dominating materialistic worldview, does not help the practitioner stay objective and focused on astrological judgment only.

I will give you another important philosophical issue: if you have allowed yourself to be influenced by spiritual, modern, social or media beliefs that good/benefic planets is stronger than evil/malefic planets, then this belief, which runs counter to what Astrology and life show, will be working against you and undermining your judgment.

In regards to the insights I have derived from my practice of Four Pillars of Destiny, I share them in the Course not just to enlarge your understanding and to show you via another method as well which areas of the chart are most helpful for rectification, but to impress upon you how valuable it is to have an independent point of reference. The implications of this are truly awesome and are guaranteed to pique the curiosity of even the most skeptical of students.

A few words on astrological software: I have used the Delphic Oracle program. I have calculated for you all the nativities and techniques which a regular modern program will not have. I have also made use of the Morinus and Valens free software. Those that don’t have Delphic Oracle can use these two – they will calculate everything that is in my rectification Course.

I would also like to make it clear that my Course uses the tropical Zodiac. While I have great respect for the sidereal one, certain ancient key techniques and concepts, in my experience, are no way near effective in it. Therefore I cannot, in good conscience, guarantee that I would be able to get the same results on a consistent basis if I use the sidereal Zodiac. Due to the multifaceted nature of my System, however, this does not mean it cannot be modified and oriented towards techniques and equally objective angles of perception which are more telling in a sidereal measurement.

Ultimately, there are 4 types of Western natal Astrology (disregarding Babylonian as it is incomplete): Hellenistic, Medieval, Renaissance/Traditional, and Modern.

Ancient Astrology is the only one which contains elements of all these branches, and my System is based on it.

However, I want to say that my way is not the way, but one of the ways of doing rectification. There are other approaches. Some of them are modern, although they don’t teach 24 hour rectification. The choice is up to the student.

I will finish with a striking analogy. There are a few thousand chocolate bars today. They all have the word “chocolate” written on the packages. Yet, truth be told, the vast, vast majority of these producing companies don’t actually make chocolate, but cheap, detrimental, well-packaged candy. This is because the amount of cocoa, the major ingredient in chocolate, is so small that it is misleading to call it such. The deception has reached such scope that those who produce authentic chocolate have been forced to start writing it as “dark chocolate” to differentiate it from the “chocolate” sold all over the world.

What is worse is that there are very harmful ingredients present in the mainstream chocolate (99% of all brands have it). These are contained even in a lot of the brands that offer dark one. These ingredients are called refined sugar (psychology), soy lecithin (spiritual theories of evolution), palm oil (political idealism), milk (media and social beliefs), etc.

While under some circumstances some of these external ingredients, like fermented soy, the natural one, not the GMO one, as well as brown sugar and milk, can be healthy when used by themselves, adding them to chocolate at the cost of decreasing the amount of cocoa is quite simply not in the interest of the consumers. This is because the final result is not pure chocolate but a mixture of tastes which confuse the senses depriving the people of the pure taste. Also, it is a known fact that mixing milk with cocoa is not healthy.

As if this were not enough, consumers are not even told explicitly that the cocoa itself is very often treated with alkali aka dutching process (which was developed in the early 19th century), which destroys a huge part of the ingredients which make it healthy. Such chocolate, even the dark ones, is actually a highly watered down version, as the fundamentals themselves have been “softened” for modern palates. The truly sinister part is that it is difficult to find out whether this is the case even in a given brand alone, because this fact is very rarely mentioned in the list of ingredients, and there are cases where a specific type of chocolate from a given brand was treated with alkali/the producer subjected cocoa to modern methods, or used modern methods entirely, while another specific type from the same brand was not, because the producer stuck with the ancient method and kept the properties of cocoa intact.

Given this information, what is the right amount of cocoa for you? What is the best chocolate for you? Only you can answer that. The general consensus is that for chocolate to be called such it has to contain at least 70% of cocoa. Some say over 80 or even over 90. There are those that eat only 100%, and there are even those who do not eat chocolate at all but prefer the cocoa beans.

Gayo Chocolate - this one - use the link from Gayo Chocolate file

The cocoa represents, of course, the fundamentals in Astrology: the raw building blocks which have existed millennia before the external ingredients were added and contaminated their intrinsic nature.

The point is to always base the chocolate on the cocoa as the ingredient whose ratio is far larger than all others taken together, and not the other way around.

Note: the picture is from a Gayo Chocolate – 90% cocoa made in Bulgaria and not containing any GMO soy or emulsifier, refined sugar, palm oil, milk, etc. It takes 3 weeks to make the authentic, pure chocolate, while it takes just a few hours if one uses emulsifiers.

Lastly, despite hundreds of brands and thousands of bars, producers are guarding their recipes with utmost secrecy. So they sell chocolate, including the dark ones, but have no intention of sharing their recipe.

I, on the other hand, am prepared to share my “chocolate recipe”. Not only that, but this is the first such complete secret in the Western world that is prepared to be revealed.

There is, however, a caveat. I will need your written word that you will not disclose the Course recipe to anyone, but will be using it for yourself and your clients only.

The Course is in written PDF format and in English. It about 500 pages of text alone. The multiple charts are in separate files, otherwise the file would be over 700 pages.

The price for Zagata’s 24 Hour Astrology Rectification Course is 1,560 Euros. It is payable by bank wire or another method.

As I consider charging interest to be a cancer to society, students can pay the Course in installments at no additional cost (minus the bank fees). Once the full amount is received I will send the password protected Course.

Please note that there will be no refunds – students either commit for this challenging and highly rewarding material – or they do not.

There will be a final exam nativity. It will cost 10% of the Course fee – 156 Euros. It is not mandatory, but I strongly recommend that you take it because your exam will be marked by me and you will receive valuable pointers and suggestions.

The goal will be to rectify the chart from an unknown time of birth to within 10-15 minutes. If you fail, you can try the same nativity for a second time at no cost.

If you fail again, there will be another natal chart to rectify from an unknown time of birth. It will require another 10% fee. If you fail at it, you can try it for a second time at no cost.

I have not decided whether I will be offering tutoring. Depending on interest in it, I may be open to offering some, but keep in mind that I work alone and in order to pay the necessary attention to the student, my time is limited and I could only take up to a certain number of people.


If you have questions or comments, write them below.

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