The Tropical vs Sidereal Zodiac: Does It Matter

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Special Note:

The purpose of this article is not to try and “convert” anyone to either Zodiac, nor is it to antagonize anyone for their choice of Zodiac. The purpose is to show that there is something greater than either Zodiac, technique, system, etc.

About 6 months ago, when I was visiting an astrological friend of mine, we went to the home of a female native who is also an astrological practitioner, though she is hobbyist. We shared a meal, had extensive talks, etc. She showed her natal chart and annual chart and had some questions for me. A few days later both of us went again and the same thing happened. I hand drew her nativity and annual chart and answered her questions.

We discussed various topics, such as world history, health, politics, etc. She was initially shocked at what I was saying as she had never heard such arguments before and took interest in my sources. I quoted a few books by different authors as well 2 documentaries. She asked for my email, so I gave her my card. She said she would write me to ask for more details. That was it, months passed and she did not write.

During this time I was writing my course on 24 hour rectification and my astrological tutorial on being abroad and emigration from Antigonus and Valens. When I was done with writing them and announced them, I renewed my ancient astrological research.

Although my preference is for the tropical Zodiac in my practice, for this part of the research, I am using the sidereal Zodiac. 1-2 years ago I used the Krishnamurti ayanamsha, but after some deliberation I chose the Aldebaran 15 Tau one.

The above mentioned female has early Vir Rising tropically, and she has the Sun and the star of Venus in Pis, the 7th. She also has planets/Lots opposing in Sco/Tau.

She wrote me 5 days ago, which was about 6 months after I met her and was her guest. Her email is in by inbox. On the very day she emailed me, I was doing the chart of Adolph Eichmann.

Again, I am doing the research with sidereal measurement at the moment. I am using the rectified time by Regulus Astrology for 6.58.10 pm.

The moment I opened my astrological programs, which happened after I read her email, I was immediately struck by the big similarity of Eichmann’s chart with that of my female acquaintance.

Tropically, he has 2 Lib Rising, while sidereally, which is what I looked at, he has Vir Rising, with the Sun and the star of Venus (and the star of Mercury) in Pis, the 7th.

Take a look.


What are the odds of such a thing happening on this very day?! Again, I knew the chart of the female native; I also knew the chart of Eichmann, as I had worked on it before, but for these two to coincide, via the two Zodiacs, is amazing.

I mean, where would one start to calculate the odds? Why did the female native write to me after 6 months and why did I examine Eichman’s chart on this day? Sure, some part of this could be explained, like I am doing a X number of research charts per day, and the day came for Adolph Eichmann’s. Fine, this is correct, but how would one know that this female native would email me around (let alone on) this very day?

What is more, the star of Venus is making a phasis in both charts! In other words, it just came out of the beams of the Sun and rose in the evening.

Another, even more impressive such phenomenon (I call them Magical/Detective Moments), happened today, which prompted the writing of this article.

About 4 months ago, a woman wrote to me inquiring about my rectification services. She said her time of birth is within 20 minutes and is recorded in the municipality and wanted to know whether I could give her a discount. I requested her chart details, took a look at the chart to find out whether it could be problematic, recorded it in my programs and said I would give her a discount. She said she would email me when she is ready to do the rectification.

A few days ago she emailed me. After I received her payment I sent her the document file to fill with information that will help me rectify her chart. She filled the document and emailed it back to me. That was 3 days ago. I require 7-10 days to do a rectification from an unknown time of birth, and a few days to do a regular one and double check my results. As I was busy doing my ancient astrological research, I merely opened her chart, took another look at it, and recorded it in my used charts that appear when the astrological program (Delphic Oracle) starts. Two days passed, I was still doing my research, when I decided it is time to rectify the client’s chart.

Yesterday, I examined Gertrude Stein’s nativity (among others). Again, I have known of Gertrude’s chart for at least 2 years, and worked on it before, but for whatever reason the time to examine it was now.

Regulus Astrology rectified her chart from memory and to 8.01.43 am. Initially I used his rectified time, although I later changed it slightly. It is besides the point which result is the correct one. What matters is that my astrological program had his rectification result recorded and showed, with Aldebaran 15 ayanamsha, that Stein’s Asc is 10.05 Aqu. It also showed the Moon in Leo, the 7th, and the star of Jupiter in Vir, the 8th.

As I use the tropical Zodiac in my practice, the time from the municipality my client gave me showed the chart to have 10.26 Aqu Rising. It also showed that the Moon is in Leo, the 7th, and the star of Jupiter is in Vir, the 8th! Who wants to calculate the odds here?



What is more, it turned out that the final rectified time for my client’s nativity shows the Asc, tropically, to be 10.04.25 Aqu vs 10.01.16 for Gertrude sidereally by Regulus Astrology.



We are talking about the same Rising portion out of 360 in total + a difference of mere 3 astrological minutes. And that is without taking into account the Moon and the star of Jupiter coinciding.

I am wowed again and again at the Divine work here! As always, I never intended nor tried to make it so that things coincide. It is humanly impossible, for the variables are astronomical. What is more, I am merely interested in doing my research. Being part of the flow is a bonus. I enjoy it, but if this did not happen, it is just another day for me.

For example, I decided to take today off in terms of doing astrological research. I did not intend to do this initially but I was busy doing other things. The point is, who knows what will happen now in terms of synchronicities and Magical Moments after I have skipped a day? In other words, in an X number of days, weeks and months from today, I will doing other nativities which would be different had I done my share of research charts today. What the implications will be for this, I do not know, nor am I interested in finding out.

So to get back to the issue at hand: does it matter what Zodiac one uses? By the way, this issue is not relevant just in the West, or India for that matter, it also exists in Chinese Metaphysics (and hence Chinese Astrology), where they have the solar and lunar calendar.

Does it matter which Zodiac is “overall better” (provided there is such a thing)? These are questions that every serious practitioner needs to ask themselves.

However, by doing that I sincerely hope they will keep in mind the main point of this article, namely that there is something bigger than Zodiac going on here.

I don’t care what anyone uses as long as they don’t try and impose their Zodiac on me/convert me. I am perfectly happy with what I am doing and I have never tried to convert anyone, nor do I intend to, because continuous practice and research into the ancient techniques is what I am after.

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