Length of Life Services with Ancient Western Astrology and BaZi

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Over these past 6-7 years, I have been contacted by a lot of folks with questions about determining the length of life through Astrology. People from as far as Southeastern China, India, South Africa, different parts of Europe and the United States, among others, have written to me asking details about my Astrology length of life services.

I have written many times about this: Astrology is divided into various types and branches. Not all of them can actually calculate the length of life on a consistent basis. Modern Western Astrology absolutely cannot perform accurate longevity calculations. It was never designed to do that. It lacks both the techniques and the philosophy behind them. Indian Astrology (I can only comment on the Parashara branch I have studied) can calculate the length of life. Of course, a lot depends on the skill and training of the practitioner. However having said that, I have found Jyotish unsatisfactory in providing me with consistent results. Vimshottari Dashas and ingresses are not enough in my experience to reliably calculate the length of life.

As far as Chinese Astrology is concerned, even though I have studied Zi Wei Dou Shu (Emperor Astrology) for some time, I can only speak about the Four Pillars of Destiny/BaZi branch whose accuracy I have checked with hundreds of charts and have been continuously impressed. Four Pillars of Destiny, however, is not self-sufficient and reliable enough in itself for calculating the length of life. While I can easily show 20-30 or more cases where death is easily seen and hence predictable with BaZi, I can show more nativities where this is not the case. Explaining why is not the goal of this article. What I can say is that, due to the highly different nature of the Chinese system, incorporating Four Pillars of Destiny with Ancient Western Astrology, and subordinating it to it, is the best combination I have come across for longevity calculations.

Since my blog is primarily for Ancient Western Astrology, I have written enough articles about predicting death and calculating the length of life. What readers need to know is that there are many systems for longevity calculations in this branch. I am one of very few serious practitioners in the world who has devoted years in studying and mastering, as much as possible, all of the preserved ones. I can easily apply at least 9 different ancient astrological techniques for determining the length of life.

A few of those people who contacted me to inquire about length of life calculations have some astrological knowledge. The problem, as I have said, is that Astrology is difficult. As such, having some knowledge may actually put the given native at a disadvantage. They have these bits of knowledge or modern assumptions about the ancient astrological branch and (falsely) believe they have a nativity promising a short life. They base it on some rules which they have only learned in part and do not know the exceptions. Or vice versa, they (wrongly) believe their natal chart promises a long life but would like to check whether this is true. Their astrological belief is based on incorrect deductions. To get into specifics, the benefic planets do not always have the ability to protect the life, and the malefic planets do not always have the ability to cut short/destroy the life. There are many rules and exceptions to these, but one must be well versed in the ancient methods to grasp them. Even if they do, however, these considerations are only a part of the puzzle. I can show charts where it is actually the benefic planets, or the Sun, or the Moon, that kill. I can also show natal charts where the malefic planets do not kill. Astrology is difficult because it, predominantly, deals with quality and not quantity. So when it comes to determining the length of life, it is about gauging the level of vitality that the native possesses, and it is very tricky. Some factors make it so that the native is close to death many times and yet survives. Others make it that the native is generally healthy and yet their death is sudden, etc, etc..

I have also repeatedly mentioned in my articles that Astrology is huge. It contains millions or more of possible chart configurations/dispositios/horoscopic combinations. It is the purpose of the experienced and committed practitioner to begin recognizing these and categorizing them. Some of them are extremely difficult outright; others appear average but turn out to be difficult; others appear difficult but turn out to be average; others are average and remain average in difficulty; others are easier and remain so. This is a very difficult and time consuming process that is certainly not for everyone. It takes a few weeks of intense work to do all the length of life calculations for a single chart. Another important factor is that to actually offer astrological longevity services, one must also be well versed in performing rectification. There are many cases where the time of birth is off by minutes, hours or totally unknown. Unless one can accurately and consistently rectify horoscopes, they cannot put themselves in a position to deal with astrological longevity calculations. I am the first astrological practitioner in centuries or possibly in recorded (western) history to offer a 24 hour Western astrological rectification course.

These are my astrological credentials for offering astrological length of life services. Unlike many, many websites which only mention longevity calculations, length of life determination, etc, and do not have any serious material on the matter, but write these for search engines optimization, anyone can check the articles I have shared on the topic over the years and can compare how many other practitioners not only offer such thoroughness and depth in their materials but actually offer longevity calculation services as well.

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