Societal Beliefs and Attitudes Towards Astrology versus Experiencing Its Predictive Power

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“To remember the past, to consider the present, to foresee the future, these things are not possible to be rightly attended to unless by the astrologer who has all these things to consider[1] and who alone is able to know them.”

Seneca 1st century Roman sage and philosopher

Due to various reasons, for some of which I have written about before, the reputation of Astrology has collapsed over the last 400 years. Astrology has been, and continues to be, attacked by known and unknown “heroes.” It is extremely easy for a one to follow the path of least resistance and to parrot the prevailing social attitudes and beliefs. It is only someone who deals with knowledge that counters these public attitudes and beliefs and has experienced the condescendence and, even at times, the mocking attitude of the masses, who can understand my intention behind these words.

I have spoken about Astrology with low educated people who have barely read 50 books in their lives. I have also spoken about it with people with 1-2 higher university degrees, PhDs, 2+ foreign languages, living / working abroad, and so on. There is no particular difference between these two groups because none of the people in question have read 1 astrological book in their lives (and, of course, it does not happen with 1 or 2 or 3), but they speak as if their words have a tremendous authority. I have also spoken with fanatically religious people on astrological topics. It is important here to note that not one of these people not only has no idea what Astrology really is, but, more importantly, they have not experienced its predictive power. Needless to say, I am talking about specific, unambiguous and accurate predictions, not psychology.

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It happens, however, that some people have experienced the power of astrological predictions. Once this has occurred, it could be a potentially significant event in the native’s life because it is a matter of time before some change in their worldview happens and they expand their horizons ala: “The probability of predicting such a thing is astronomical, and yet it happened. Whether these distant planets influence people directly or act in some other way, I cannot ignore the fact that there is definitely something valid and mysterious about astrology”. “Again, beliefs, attitudes, theories, and the like are one thing. Direct experience, testing, knowing is something completely different and something that no one can take away from you.

I write these words because it happened that I met a person who had experienced the power of Astrology, albeit slightly indirectly. What is important is that this astrological experience is partly responsible  for the woman in question (I will call her S.) to have strong interests in the spiritual and to have balanced and broad-minded views on life.

The story began over 70 years ago, namely during the Second World War, when S. was not yet born. One of the men/soldiers involved in the war, while abroad, came across an astrological practitioner. The practitioner did a complete written horoscope for him and predicted many things. One of his predictions was that the man/soldier would not have children but would adopt a child. I must point out that the Bulgarian soldier in question was still young.

He survived the war, went back to Bulgaria, years passed and it so happened that he and his wife could not make a child. Not only that but they actually adopted a baby. This child is not just about anyone but is actually S.. So, S. told me that it was in this way that she experienced the power of Astrology.

Please note the specifics of the predictions in question: precise, simple and unambiguous. Either the practitioner is right or wrong. The way things happened with Bulgaria, however, that it, like the rest of Eastern Europe, fell under the control of the Soviet Union, where the astrological science was forced to go underground. Not only that, but S. has problems with her date and year of birth (not to mention the hour of birth). In the end, decades went by, communism ended, but for one reason or another, S. also did not find an Astrology practitioner whom she can trust.

I met with S. through another native whom I do not know personally but this other native and I both know a third party, and so my skills were recommended. S. was very enthusiastic when we met. I explained to her, of course, that what I do is being offered by few people in the world and it is really different. I told her about the total degradation of Astrology over the last 350 years, especially over the past 120 years. Since she knew what the full written horoscope included and that it covered one’s whole life, she realized that if it were for a young human being, years, even decades can pass before some of the predicted events happen. I do not need to go into details because it concerns private information, but I will say that S. wanted a full written horoscope very much. It is not important whether for herself or for another. After I wrote the complete horoscope, we met so I could give it to her. I asked her if she had any questions and we discussed them. At some point, out of nothing, she mentioned specific information that I was not informed about initially, but which is contained in my predictions for the natal chart in question. S. sighed with astonishment. The impressive thing here is that it is not about character delineations (which are not psychology), but about events and activities that can happen in years. It is about the different activation of the individual topics and their arrangement in a certain sequence, ala the Puzzle of Life. The topic I’m talking about is one of the most difficult in Astrology but at the same time one of the most primary ones. I uncovered it mostly through Ancient Western Astrology, but the Chinese one, the Four Pillars of Destiny, also contributed.

In conclusion, I want to say that no matter how supreme Astrology is, not everyone, on the Soul/Higher Self level wants to experience its power in a given life. Some choose to oppose Astrology, others ignore it, others wait for the right moment before they turn to it, and so on.

[1]Consider – there seems to be little play with this word, which means to take into count, think deeply on, and so on, but which derives from the Latin sidera – stars or star bodies, that is, to consider means to give careful consideration to the stars, to take the stars into account.

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