Rectification without a Time of Birth and the Truitine of Hermes

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This is going to be a very short post. I was not going to write it but, upon making the connection and laughing out loud, I decided to share it.

When I announced to some astrological practitioners that I was going to be writing a course on 24 hour birth time rectification, they were very curious whether I would be willing to divulge at least some parts of my approach which they knew would only contain ancient western methods. They asked me whether my rectification system relies on the so called method of Truitine of Hermes. This method is very old and extremely well-known. It needs no description, except it is more correct to call it the Truitine of Nechepso, not of Hermes. Yes, the same Nechepso, one of founders of Hellenistic Astrology.

I will answer first with a representation of my Course:

The labyrinth represents rectification methods which entrap practitioners and they get stuck inside, unable to leave.

My next answer is the realization I had today. I will always remember my very first astrological predictions which were done with transits and diurnal charts. Not a single author of the dozens I had read, had bothered to even mention, let alone explain, that some other, way more powerful and authoritative predictive techniques existed which subordinate transits. So I was doing the modern astrological branch, because I did not know any other older forms of Astrology existed, and I was focusing on specific predictions and thus following my progress over time. My point is that, in certain occasions, I had some accurate results. The biggest disadvantage was that there was no hierarchy, there was no system. Also, one had to constantly look up planetary positions. I was using both my ephemeris and a computer program but was entirely dependent on them. The take away from this experience of mine is that I believed I was doing Astrology and, even though it would take a lot of time, my skills would keep slowly improving and I would get somewhere.

1-2 years passed and I read William Lilly’s Christian Astrology. I have enormous respect for Lilly and do enjoy rereading some parts of his book from time to time to immerse myself in the times past. Even though Lilly is considered pretty much the last representative of Traditional Astrology, the depth of his natal methods is rather poor, but the same can be said for the majority of fellow astrological practitioners’ methods in the last few centuries.

Here is gist of it: even though William Lilly’s natal methods differ a lot from those of the most ancient practitioners (due to lack of sources), he wrote the same things about transits: the most common predictive technique of the modern astrological branch. In other words, Christian Astrology is 800 pages long and he wrote about 1 page on transits. Do I have to say more?

Likewise, if I had included the charts and predictive techniques together, my 24 Hour Astrology Rectification Course, would be 810 pages long. And that is without counting the complete biographical information which I have included separately.

A quick search of the pdf file will show that the Truitine of Hermes or the Truitine of Nechepso is not even mentioned once. That is my answer to the question about its relevance, when it comes to birth chart rectification of date without time.

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