Birth Time Rectification

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Rectification is a procedure to astrologically determine what time a native was born, either when the time of birth is unknown, uncertain or approximate. Without a time of birth, one cannot calculate a given native’s natal chart aka horoscope aka birth chart, especially in Western, Indian Astrology and He Luo Li Shu aka HLLS/Yi Jing (I Ching) Astrology.

Birth time rectification is mandatory for all horoscopes, regardless whether it concerns a full written horoscope delineation, calculation of the longevity, annual/yearly predictive techniques, synastry, etc.

No matter whether the time of birth comes from a written document, such as a Certificate of Birth, family book, from a parent’s memory, etc, the natal chart must be rectified. Please keep in mind that it is against this time of birth that the whole life of the native will be judged. Any deviation in the time of birth can distort the final and complete natal chart.

The reason I am writing this article is to inform you that there are all kinds of rectification approaches and methods which, while they use different techniques and even planets and celestial bodies, the goal of the practitioners is the same, namely to figure out the time of birth.

As to their success rate, I cannot comment. What one can notice though is the heavy marketing and search engine optimization tricks that some astrological practitioners have increasingly begun to employ, even though the majority of them are known neither for their rectification work, nor for their predictive successes. What they are known for is their lectures and other public astrological appearances.

So far, I have successfully rectified horoscopes, with or without a time of birth, from Asia (including China and India), Africa, Europe and North America by relying solely on the time tested ancient astrological methods, which were devised over 2,000 years ago and were in continuous use for over 1,000 years.




I have also achieved this by not being at all dependent on any specialized astrological rectification software. I have had cases where I have had to do rectification on the spot, without the use of a computer – such is the power of the ancient astrological methods, provided the practitioner is ingenious enough to use them for that purpose.

Those that are interested in a rectification done by me are welcome to contact me by sending me an email.

The way I practise is to send you a text format document with various categories, questions and information, which you will need to fill and send back to me. Filling my rectification sheet is far from a laborious process. In fact, clients have repeatedly told me how they found it beneficial, as it is encompassing and gives them a broad overview of their entire life.

It takes me a few days to rectify your astrological chart. If you do not know your time of birth, that is, you require 24 hour rectification, then no problem: I will find out your correct Ascendant/Rising sign and proceed to narrow it down within seconds or closer, depending on how much information you have provided me with.



2 thoughts on “Birth Time Rectification

  1. Zagata, greetings from Kenya!

    I would like my birth rectification done and will be grateful if you would tell me what is the procedure & cost.

    Many thanks,



  2. Greetings from Bulgaria, Susan. I will send you an email shortly with additional information on how I approach birth time rectification.
    Thank you for your comment and interest.



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