Complete Written Natal Charts – the Topic of Being Abroad and Emigration/Immigration in Ancient Astrology

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I have already shown the contents of the topics of marriage and children in the full written horoscope. This post will cover the contents of the topic of being abroad and emigration/immigration in the complete written natal chart delineation.

We are living in a world where it is far easier to move to another country than 150 years ago, let alone 1,500 years ago. As such, more and more people spend time abroad. There are gradations to this: from merely travelling abroad, to being abroad, to emigrating abroad and coming back, to permanently settling abroad.

Many people would like to know whether they themselves or their children have indications for being abroad and whether they will have more success and good fortune in a foreign country. While there are many authors who deal with the topic of travel, no method was available in Ancient Western Astrology which deals with this topic. Thanks to my deciphering of an ancient text and producing Zagata’s Tutorial on Being Abroad and Emigration from Antigonus and Valens, it is possible again, after 1,800 years, to reliably delineate this topic and give concrete and specific information to clients.

Here is how I have structured the topic of travel, being abroad, emigration, etc, (keeping in mind that the 9th house is by far not the only one to be examined):



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