Zagata is the nickname of an anonymous practitioner of Ancient Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics.

His ever-increasing thirst for self-knowledge and spiritual truths led to him to Astrology. Unaware of the unimaginable degradation and watering down it had been suffering for the last 350 years, especially in the 20th century, he began studying it on his own. After buying and studying over one hundred books, not a single one of which mentioning that there existed any other type of Astrology besides modern and psychological, and still not being able to read a natal chart, he was about to give up the whole thing in despair. Not a single one out all these “quality” books hinted, much less, taught the reader how to think astrologically, how to prioritize, how to divide the life into topics, etc.

Later, through synchronicity, he found out about 2 astrological authors offering courses, which he took. The first (by John Ballantrae) was on 19th and 20th century non-psychological Astrology and while basic compared to what followed, it served its purpose at the time, namely to teach how to predict, and how to delineate the topics.

The second was Robert Zoller’s 2 Courses on Medieval Astrology (the man who predicted the 11th of September 2001 attacks). They were the first major turning point in Zagata’s understanding and skills. They showed him in a shocking way how much Astrology has been distorted and turned into a shell of its former reputation and power. They significantly helped him to detect and filter external and potentially very harmful additions to Astrology like psychology, religious beliefs, pseudo spirituality, scientific beliefs, political ones and others.

Along the way, he added traditional horary and electional Astrology to his arsenal. Horary taught him how to locate missing items or people or to answer any type question as long it is of proven importance to the asking party. The electional branch taught him how to select auspicious times for the realization of a desired result. However, it, like Astrology, has its limitations.

The second turning point in his astrological practice and understanding was encountering the works of Vettius Valens from the 2nd century CE. He studied many times all the 10 books of this most cryptic surviving author. This led to significant changes in his astrological practice. It was also thanks to Valens that he first learned how to think holistically, that there were many exceptions to the rules and of the need to remain flexible. Studying, but more importantly, understanding Valens, challenged Zagata like nothing ever had. Over the years he has been forced to give up twice, only to return months or years later and subsequently crack the given topic or technique.

His high school, bachelor’s and master’s diplomas in humanitarian, social and language sciences were child’s play in terms of a mental and practical challenge and do not deserve to be mentioned in the same paragraph with this most enigmatic and captivating ancient practitioner.

The works of Valens were translated in English between 15 and 20 years ago. So far, the translator Robert Schmidt has been the only one in the world to sufficiently crack/understand a given technique and make a tutorial on it. Zagata became the second one, and he did it with a unique method and he has at least 2 other techniques in mind.

The third turning point in Zagata’s astrological life and understanding was encountering the Four Pillars of Destiny branch of Chinese Astrology, the most famous one in Asia. Although he had studied (only for 6 months) the Parashara branch of Indian Astrology/Jyotish and learned of the enormous importance not to be rigid and closed-minded in one’s beliefs and techniques, it was later on hindsight that he realized that Indian Astrology was a kind of a preparation for the totally different Chinese system.

Studying deeply Chinese Astrology, its nature and principles, forced and taught Zagata to think even more holistically than before. The continuous studying and practice of hundreds of natal charts, as well as the differing philosophical foundations of the Chinese system compared to the Western one, led him to many significant insights into the scope of Astrology as a whole as well as its strengths and weaknesses.

Thanks to Chinese Metaphysics, the importance of doing charts and readings without being dependent on any computer software was firmly cemented. The practical and predictive results especially of Chinese Astrology, have been so impressive that it has become an indispensable part of Zagata’ arsenal.

Zagata is happiest when he is alone, when he is contemplating and discovering spiritual truths and the mysteries of life, when he is behind the scenes. His individuality, independence, freedom of action as well as justice and ethics are paramount to him.

He is not a member of any organization, astrological or otherwise. He has only publicly lectured once (for free). He did, at the invitation of the Regional library, a series of 3 lectures on Ancient Astrology.

People from as far as South-Eastern China to Western United States, have sought his expert skills. He has had inquiries, including teaching ones, from Africa, India and Brazil.

He is one of the few people in the Western world who offers rectification services from an unknown time of birth. He is so much so confident in his knowledge and skills that he is prepared, if tested, to be paid only if his final result is within minutes of the actual time of birth.

He is also among the very few practitioners in the whole world who offers services for outright calculation of the length of life and not just whether an old or sick native will die.

The 24 hour rectification and the determining of the longevity are among the most difficult subjects in natal Astrology, but they are his favourite ones and those in which he specializes.

In April 2017 he released Zagata’s 24 Hour Astrology Rectification Course – the first complete rectification course in the Western world.

In June 2017 he released Zagata’s Tutorial on Being Abroad and Emigration from Antigonus and Valens based on a cryptic text from the 2nd century CE. He became the first one in the world not only to understand what the text says but to uncover key missing information, which he claims was deliberately not given. In this way, this practically oriented text became available to the astrological community for the first time in over 1,800 years.

Outside of Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics, Zagata has successfully traded the foreign exchange currency market.

His other interests include spiritual development, tennis and holistic health. He does not smoke, drink or take any drugs or mind altering substances. He performs an ancient type of Qigong daily. Zagata is from Ruse, Bulgaria.

Written on 22 Jan 2017, day of the Sun, hour of Hermes, day of the Yin Earth Rooster, hour of the Yin Wood Pig.

Note: some parts of this page will updated, like announcements or other important events which happened after its writing.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. You cannot, as I am not offering this service.

    For this to be successful in the long run, you would need to have natal indications for making money this way.


  2. I have read your article on predicting the death of parents and siblings today. It’s something I can not seem to stop reading about. Astrology fascinates me and I understand a lot of what I read, but unfortunately I cannot read charts and it’s too complicated for me with the knowledge I have. Is there any way I can use my son’s chart to predict when my husband or I will die? I can’t seem to get this out of my head. He was born 5/5/16 at 9:47pm in Newton, Ma. Thanks a million.


  3. Yes and no.
    You are asking a question that is multifaceted.

    For instance, what if you or your husband outlive your son? For this to happen, there would be indications in your natal charts.

    What if you have 1 or more children whose natal charts somewhat better reflect your life/death than the chart of your 1st child does?

    What if it is the reverse: the 2nd child shows better the life/death of the father whereas the nativity of the 1st child shows your life/death better?

    Notice that I did not elaborate on these issues in my article, the major reason for this being that to do this I would need the natal figures of all of Richard Nixon’s siblings in order to draw the comparisons.


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