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If you have come across my blog looking for a calculation of the length of life or a prediction of death and have not read my explanation and terms, please read them and decide whether you accept the terms before contacting me. Thank you. Here it is:


5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I like your website and I have one astrological question for my daughter .how can ask to you that question.


  2. Hello Zagata,

    Your pages are very instructive. They help me to better understand the ocean. It is interesting that in one country appear astrologers such as you and my friends, Dimitr and Rumen.



    1. Hello Petr,
      Thank you for the kind words. Yes, I too know Dimitar and Rumen and have visited with them.They are both amazing.
      It is a real shame that the international astrological community does not know that much about them, which is really amusing to me since the vast majority speak only their native major language (English, German, French etc) and have contributed virtually nothing in terms of research or insights to match their reputation, but so it goes.


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