M5 Project Astrology, Misc

N.B. I have opened this section to share some of what I have come to know with incarnations of Pre-Graduating Higher Selves. Thus this information is ONLY meant for them and if you are not such an incarnation I suggest you skip this, but if you choose to read on you run the risk of shattering your relevant belief systems and upsetting your body’s DNA commands.

Matrix V, the most advanced material in this Galaxy in terms of the Spirit, is no longer being printed by Val Valerian. Still, it is available at level 27 in the Library in the higher astral plane for those simultaneous Higher Selves incarnations to get the Keys to Graduate this Game, provided they are ready. (pirated copies contain no Keys, as explained by the Author of Matrix V).

When I ordered Matrix V years ago and absorbed the Keys, I was not into Astrology, yet I felt a deep connection when reading the segments containing astrological knowledge. It was later, when I had taken up ancient Astrology seriously and after some Rotes and experiences, when I began to really understand on a deep level what exactly the Author means by saying that those Higher Selves who wield Astrology will benefit immensely after the Game.

Whatever and whenever I write in this particular section, it will be spontaneous and a result of an inner feeling to do so.

Published on the 12th of July 2013, day of Jupiter, hour of Venus

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