Esoteric Knowledge and Its Two Sides in the Game

N.B. This is written ONLY for the intended readers of the Matrix V Project – those Pre-Graduating Higher Selves who have integrated the necessary keys to unlock their spiritual ID and are moving towards Balance.

If you are not such an incarnation I suggest you skip this section entirely, but if you choose to read on you run the risk of shattering your relevant belief systems and upsetting your body’s DNA commands.



The Game, being an unfathomably extremely complex, tricky and adapting creation that it is, knowledge is one of the things that helps the Higher Selves, through their incarnations, not only to accomplish their experiential needs but also, gradually, to come to realize what the Game really is.

There are some things you need to know about knowledge and the Game. First of all, knowledge in the Game is finite, that is, there is only so much knowledge that is allowed to be distributed and made use of during the whole Game in a given Galaxy. Second of all, this limited amount is further divided into categories according to their essence. It is a like a threat assessment by the Game Creators consisting of two overall specters (and more in between): knowledge that is everyday type and necessary has the least amount of restrictions, if any, because it is vital to the immersion in the Game and this density, and knowledge that is liberating and ultimately threatens to expose the Game, especially in the hands of Very Advanced, Dominant and Final incarnations. I will call them type A and type Z – beginning knowledge and ending/final knowledge respectively.

Knowledge of type Z is the by far the most dangerous and feared by the Game and the polarities. I subdivide it into 3 types:

  • Psychic: astral travel, shamanism, auras, chakras, psychic abilities based etc;
  • Determining one’s fate and destiny: Astrology, above all the ancient types, particularly Western and Chinese, Face Reading, Palm Reading, Numerology, Classical Feng Shui and others. Here one reads what the Higher Self has chosen in detail what each incarnation is to experience (major loops, strengths, weaknesses, everything) as well as some wildcards in regards to choices and events which may or may not happen depending on the incarnation and the Game and other participants;
  • Divination – here there is no natal pre-chosen blueprint, such a unique natal astrological chart, one’s face, palm, body, name, numbers, thus this type cannot examine the life as a whole and make long-term predictions or find out about underlying character traits or predispositions etc. What one does is answer specific questions almost about anything and anyone and any time, provided it is important to the person. Practices include horary Astrology, Tarot, cartomancy, I Ching, Runes, coins, coffee grounds and many, many others.

Obviously this incarnation of mine is extremely interested in type Z knowledge and the emphasis of this essay will be on it.

As I said, the restrictions on knowledge type Z are by far the most severe. Not only is the amount of this knowledge by far the smallest, but due to its power to create, let’s call them “time rippling complications”, there are fail safes built in by the Game to make sure it is not itself exposed or to minimize the impact. This is a very important point. The more you Advance the more you will realize how enormous the Game is and how many loopholes it has that, while predominantly serve it, some of them at least have the capacity to serve the Higher Selves under given special circumstances, the Matrix V Project being one of those of course. In terms of the latter I don’t mean polarity tricks and abuses but those that allow the reaching of what Robert Monroe calls “Escape Velocity” – the Awakening and reaching the necessary momentum to Graduate from this Galaxy Game. Remember, the Higher Selves operate outside of time, so the special circumstances include distilling experiences and integrating insights in a unique manner for that shim that is incomprehensible for the incarnation, at least in its entirety.

The Game, however, is the ultimate Trickster. It knows the Higher Self extremely well, maybe even better in some ways than shim knows itself at least when entering and for a long time in the Game, and perverts, distorts and uses experiential concepts against shim. One of these concepts is knowledge, particularly the type Z one. Those mentioned loopholes are then used against the Higher Selves because the Game is meant to trap within as well. Keep in mind this is all preplanned by the Game Creators, that is, it exists as a possibility and the various outcomes from it depend on the amount of immersion by the Higher Selves.

Back to the allowing and controlling the seeding of knowledge of type Z. There are specific criteria in regards to its distribution during the Game. What I am concerned with is the simultaneous planet – Earth in this case – only one in the whole Galaxy at a given time. Not only is the amount severely limited but it must also be in specific locations as well as time periods. This essay is a major rote that I am attempting to give you parts of. As to the “why” of this, I can’t answer. What I know is it not only involves, but depends on, the Planetary Spirit as well and what shim’s experiential needs are for the whole duration of the Game on Earth and possibly prior to that.

There are various methods through which one can gauge the distribution of knowledge type Z for the whole duration of the Game on Earth. This is such a daunting task for a single incarnation though that it is pretty much impossible. I mean, it not only involves the whole planet, but also ALL the time periods. In addition to this one must be extremely well versed in Classical Feng Shui, Ancient Astrology, astral time travel and also know about the Nature Spirit path as much as possible. There may also be other systems that I am unaware of.

For the sake of argument, if one excludes astral time travel and deals with this on the Higher Self level, then there is the time paradox if you will. In other words, you may have gathered the necessary knowledge, because it is possible, albeit after tremendous effort, but when you go/incarnate to the specific location, the vital knowledge won’t be there. It may be in another location, but if even if you want to go there, it may not be possible depending on the time period itself and what it offers (for instance, technology, languages, laws, natural disasters etc). Then there is the time factor. You have gone to the proper time period and location but the needed system of knowledge has not been developed yet. It is in another time period, but when you go there the distributed knowledge of type Z will be significantly less if any, on that same location.

As far as the systems of knowledge, one needs such that not only deal with the study of that specific knowledge of type Z, but such that study its introduction, quality and quantity. In other words, such that study, location, time, space and to some extent the level of consciousness and the living organisms there. The Planetary Spirit knowledge is the most crucial of these, but as has been written in M5, knowledge of the Nature Spirit path is severely limited, and for good reason. This material is quite advanced and there is no need for me to elaborate exactly how these systems are to be used. If one is meant to find that information they will.

Back to the deviousness of the Game, especially in regards to knowledge type Z as written about in this essay. After all the trouble that the Game Creators have gone to control the allocation, quality and quantity of it through time periods and specific locations, they actually have an ace up their sleeve, but the Higher Selves do not about it. It is one of those loopholes that appears to help the Higher Self, and it actually does, but it has a side effect called addiction. Thus even when the Higher Self is starting to rediscover and remember who shim is, there is another invisible obstacle that must be overcome, and overcome it must be if one is to Graduate.

Essentially as a whole, and particularly when it comes to knowledge type Z, the Game is acting like a secret society. (I deliberately bolded these words. In Ancient Astrology the planet that rules acting, feigned appearance, deception, secret societies is Kronos aka Saturn, which by the way also rules nocturnal creatures and lizards – the Reptilians literally, while Ares aka Mars, the other malefic, rules the Sirians). As I said, it controls and limits the distribution of knowledge type Z. Or rather it must control and limit it otherwise it risks exposure and almost certain premature ending, and remember, it wants to trap and mislead participants. As such, it creates the need that this knowledge be hoarded. Do you understand the subtle difference? The secret societies are the perfect example of the hoarding of knowledge type Z, however, the sequentials and those ruling these organizations are not the ones really in charge. They are the administrators, the ones that run this required mechanism in the enormous wheel called the Game. This is valid for almost anything in the entire Game. There is a job demand for this if you will, and someone is gladly volunteering to do it intending to take it for themselves as much as they can, which is also allowed as per Game rules. The reason for this is because it serves the Game, not the Higher Selves.

So what can and does happen, particularly with knowledge of type Z, and remember I am talking about the simultaneous planet, is that as a result of the incarnational freedom of the simultaneous Higher Self, shim starts to get addicted and the Game is pleased. The Higher Self starts to hunt down time periods and locations to incarnate in to grab more and more of that knowledge type Z. There are a few reasons for that: that knowledge is the closest to the Higher Self’s nature and is one that the Game provides; it is significantly higher than that of the sequentials (remember no Very Advanced and above incarnations outside the simultaneous planet in the whole Galaxy at a time) and the very nature of the simultaneous path – the benefits and the complications that may result from it.

This brings me to EndGame. There has not been so much diverse information available for a very long time, if ever. The Game rules dictate that it be released in this period, but there is hidden side to it as usual – diverting one’s attention from themselves and their own Spirit ID work. As above so below – it is, of course, a proven tactic of secret societies when they want to suppress the impact of something to release even more versions of a story/information in order to mislead the true seekers. Just because some information on knowledge of type Z exists somewhere in this time period does not mean that it is for you. ONLY your Higher Self can decide that. In other words, the incarnation may believe that it is worth searching for that lost book or manuscript or oral knowledge and it will help them, but that is not necessarily the case. First of all, even if you find it, you may not be in a position to appreciate it yet. Or if you may not be able to find it right now because you are in an unfavourable period as from your natal chart/hand/face/numbers etc, or you may not be meant to find it at all.

Or, to give you a sinister example by the Game, it may help you find it if it is in its best interest and against yours. This is tricky to explain as it involves non-linearity and concepts of vibration, but the Game has the apparatus to measure one’s vibration so to say and of course measure the vibration of a particular fruit it offers. Thus, its reasonable calculation shows that the incarnation will ultimately get less from getting this fruit and spending time mastering it as opposed to not taking this path/detour. So the Game can kind of loosen the building blocks of reality (remember the astral plane as well, always) and as the native wishes and sends an intent for some help, a person or a piece of information “miraculously” appears after some time and eventually the native gets to that fruit because of that intervention. Note that word by the way. Just as the Higher Self can intervene to save an incarnation, so can the Game to mislead it, provided it does not severely threaten one’s path, or the incarnation itself invites it.

However, what follows after the addiction is that something happens. I can’t think of a word for this; perhaps some side effects. When wanting to know more about this I was given the concept of the deep fruit salad round bowl. You can only reach for one type of fruit at a time/incarnation that is placed in a specific location and time period, the round deep fruit salad bowl representing ALL the time periods and the fruits/extracted learning essences the Game offers as potentials, which the Higher Selves must mine and distill. Please note this in regards to knowledge type Z, that is, there are other deep fruit salad bowls for other categories in our Game experience. What I am saying is that by focusing on the knowledge Z deep fruit salad bowl, other bowls get progressively ignored and as a result of this the Higher Self cannot integrate and distill well enough the overall juices/essences of the overall fruits and the lessons they teach, which ultimately delays the production of the fuel needed to reach “Escape Velocity”. The fruits are delightful to taste indeed, but their aftertaste, their vibration, is something else. Remember the pain-pleasure concept is one of the major things and ways the Higher Self go after in learning, remembering and discovering who they are. The Game is using it extremely well against us.

What the Game fears is that the Higher Self will find out there is another property to the fruits. That property, however, can only be revealed and made use of by the Pre-Graduates and possibly, at least partially, by those who intend to Graduate, but meet or create complications for themselves. Here is the crucial point: the Game cannot unleash that property, it is simply incapable of doing so. What it can do is offer what the Author of the Matrix V material, calls “escape hatches”. It can provide the timing, the environment, the prerequisites, and that’s it. The best analogy I can think of about that hidden property of the fruits is what the Chinese call “wok hey” which writer and wok chef Grace Young translates as “the breath of a wok” (see her cooking books which I recommend). It is a mirror image of a Higher Self – the whole is more than the individual contents. It is when regular foods by themselves have one quality and taste (fruits, or extracted experiential essences in this essay), but when mixed together, cooked in a wok, on very high temperatures, under specific conditions such as they must be in season, the wok must be hot when adding the oil etc, the cook must have years of experience, the consciousness of the cook plays a very important role too – it is that unique mixture and internal transformation – that creates something that is not present in the individual components. You can call the end result a smell, a taste, a vibration etc. It is very difficult to achieve. Few cooks (Higher Selves) can do it. Moreover, wok hey lasts very little, some minutes. It must be enjoyed right away (the now moment) or it is lost.

What the Game fears though is that this knowledge of type Z is transformed, that this hidden property of the fruits is discovered. Notice the crucial thing here: the consciousness, the active part on the side of the incarnation that fuses the individual components to create something more, something higher, than themselves. It is the same with knowledge. It is when the Higher Self utilizes it, molds it, directs it to further get to know shim (remember control of self, not of others) that the property is revealed. Again, the key component is the consciousness. That is why a robot could not accomplish wok hey in cooking food, even if they know by heart all the process, the ingredients, dosages etc. That is why the Game cannot offer that. For instance the secret societies and what they offer, at the highest levels at that, namely external information. It may be valuable but it is a dead end by itself. Remember, the whole point of the Game is about you, when it comes to your own participation and evolution on the Higher Self level. It is what you would like to experience, what you would like to learn more about, what you would like to integrate, what you would like to discard etc. Thus it is paramount that you trust in your Higher Self.

Finally, it is very important to keep in mind the taking of personal responsibility. There can be NO victims when in comes to the concept of Balance – the very vibration needed to Graduate. Yes, the Game is using the deep fruit salad bow against us, but looked from another perspective, it is providing the necessary playground and lessons for us to deal with our “stuff”, overcome our issues, mature and come away as someone who is truly ready to appreciate the astounding adventures which are to come after they leave this Galaxy for good.

Written on the 18th of Feb 2016, day of Zeus, hour of Ares, day of Yang Metal Horse, hour of Yin Fire Pig