Galactic Earth Based Astrology: Orion Reptilians, Wolfish Sirians and Earthers

19 September 2017


Astrology, by that I mean the ancient most powerful branch, has always been the highest science (science means knowledge). It has always been, and continues to be, used by the ruling elite. By that I mean kings/queens, popes, aristocracy, bankers, generals, etc. Of course, the polarities, wanting to hoard that knowledge for themselves, have condemned, belittled and ridiculed Astrology openly, ala “Do as I say, not I do”, while having benefited from it enormously.

One of the examples I like to give is the 4th century Roman emperor Constantine the Great (yes, the same one who helped spread the poison of christianity) wanting to build his capital city Constantinople and being told by the astrologer to wait to for 14 years until the most auspicious astrological moment comes, and the emperor doing so.

Another is that the building of the biggest christian church in the world, Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy was elected astrologically, that is, an astrologer was consulted and he selected the most auspicious time for the laying of its foundations (the astrological electional charts of both Constantinople and Saint Peter’s church are preserved).

Another one is the writing of the Declaration of the Independence of what came to be called United States of America. The chart has the Sun conjunct by ecliptical longitude the fixed star called the Big Dog’s Mouth (Sirius), the brightest one in the whole sky. Later significant charts for the USA have a prominence of the contellation Virgo, the Virgin, which in christian mythology is represented by mary, (the mother of fictional jesus), which ultimately goes back the Orion reptilian queen.

The purpose of this essay is to widen the horizons of the Matrix V readers in regards how Astrology, the language of embodied life, can be applied all the way to the galactic level, which, in our case, means the Milky Way galaxy and Earth – currently the most precious and unique planet in our galaxy. As usual, the information you are about to read comes from a rote by my Higher Self. I got it the other night. I have not fully opened it yet as this topic is the broadest one possible, but the fundamentals will be shared.

This is the The Planets and the 12 Zoidia Rulership Model:

I have written before that Astrology’s rules are eternal. They are not subject to sequential tampering or human assumptions or beliefs.

There will always be 7 planetary bodies divided into 5 planets and two Lights. No matter how many planets or asteroids (750,000! now) are discovered, the fundamentals do not change. Remember, linear time in as illusion. Likewise, ideas of collective development and the raising of planetary consciousness come from the sequentials and do not concern us, Earthers. Thus, assumptions that people, that is, simultaneous Higher Self incarnates, are more advanced than those in other time periods (note, not past time periods) are totally false.

You will notice that the two Lights, the Sun and the Moon are on the top of the picture. Now, these two are in charge of everything. In other words, they are so primary and part of everything that they do not concern themselves with the specifics, which are done by the planets. Thus the Sun and the Moon can, from a certain perspective, be likened either to the Game Graduates or/and Game creators.

The planet furthest away from them is the star of Saturn. It opposes the domiciles of both Lights, the only planet to do so.

I need to make an important clarification. Planets are said to have genders in Astrology. This is misleading though because, when someone has the Matrix 5 knowledge, or has verified it themselves, they know that as Spirits, we are BOTH male and female in one being. Therefore, as the planets are the physical bodies of the Planetary Spirits, they, too, are both feminine and masculine in one being. That is why it is correct to call them it or shim and not “he” or “she”. The point is, the correct way to say it is that planets have a masculine or feminine expression, not that they themselves are masculine and feminine. Moreover, that expression is subject to modification and depends on a planet’s position relative to the Sun or the horizon.

The planets with masculine expression are the Sun, the star of Jupiter and the star of Mars. (Note, just as the ancient practitioners, I write “the star of” to indicate that it is not about the physical bodies of the planets but about the intelligences behind them.) This means that the Sun is not “Father Creator”, just as the Earth is not “Mother Nature”. They are both male and female. The male principle is the one that creates life, is active and goes outward.

The planets with feminine expression are the Moon, the star of Venus and the star of Saturn. The female principle is the one that nurtures life, is passive and goes inward.

Some of you, or probably most of you will wonder why I place the star of Saturn in the category of female expression, when 99% of the ancient (and modern, of course) astrological practitioners count it as masculine. Some of the ancient authors, like Dorotheus of Sidon (1st century CE) considered it to be of feminine expression.

What do we know of the star of Saturn? It is the slowest of all planets. What does it signify? Delays, laziness, deception, death. These are all characteristics of the feminine/Yin expression, not female ones, because males can have them as well, though, the female body, being an expression of Yin, means that they come more naturally to women, and vice versa with the male ones I will discuss.

By considering the star of Saturn as feminine in expression, balance is achieved because this means 3 planets have a masculine expression, 3 have a feminine one and the star of Mercury, can have either (depending on whether it rises before or after the Sun and who it is configured with).

Astrology, after all, is about symmetry and balance. Having 4 vs 2 would give the male expression too big of an advantage, which is unfair. Moreover, when it comes to determining the gender of babies, it would mean more male ones are born, whereas the females have higher numbers than males worldwide.

The male principle is the one of creating life/Yang. Hence the Sun, having the most masculine expression of all, creates life, whereas the Moon, having the most feminine expression of all, gives birth to life and nurtures it. Again, these principles are eternal: they have always been and will always be regardless of manipulated assumptions and social beliefs. In fact, it is known that the Moon has no light of its own but is dependent upon that of the Sun.

It is the male principle that comes first, not the female one. This is a deception that has been perpetuated by the Chinese and other Asian people influenced by their reptilian culture and their Yin and Yang. It has, due to the female dominated Orion Empire, been transferred to Earth.

However, if one were to carefully study the I Ching/Yi Jing, they will notice that the first hexagram is male in expression, not female. Thus it starts with Yang, NOT Yin. The second hexagram is one with a female expression. Hence the correct way to say it is Yang and Yin, not Yin and Yang. Take a look at the correct symbol of Tai Chi and you will see that the Yang/Summer/Life/White is on top, while the Yin/Winter/Death/Black is on the bottom.

It is the same in Chinese Astrology, where the first zoidion is the Rat, one with a male expression, which is followed by the Ox, one with a female expression, etc.

Do the same with the Tarot. You will see that the first Major Arcanum is the Magician, who has a masculine expression, not a feminine one. The figure (again, it is not necessarily a male but a figure that symbolizes the male principle) is followed by Isis Unveiled/High Priestess which has a feminine expression (again, not necessarily a female).

In Astrology, the year starts at the spring equinox. It is where the Sun enters Aries, the zoidion of its exaltation, one of the most masculine zoidia/images/representations (Aries is followed by Taurus which is feminine in expression, etc). Spring is masculine in expression. It is followed by summer which is also masculine in expression, which is followed by autumn, which is feminine in expression and then by winter, which is the most feminine in expression.

Likewise in Chinese Astrology, where the year starts with the spring (though they measure the Qi/energy and it starts on the 4th-5th of February) represented by the Wood element, which is masculine in expression, followed by summer/Fire, also masculine, followed by Earth – late summer – middle/center in expression, followed by autumn/Metal, feminine, followed by winter/Water, feminine.

Also, in Astrology the day starts with sunrise/Sun/Yang/masculine, that is, the Sun rules the first half of the day and then hands over the rulership to the Moon for the night. The day lasts 24 hours and from sunrise to sunset. It is divided into 12 diurnal and 12 nocturnal hours. Again, notice the balance and symmetry. There is no inequality.

Another key astrological principle is sect/division. The planets with masculine expression prefer, of course, the day and are considered diurnal, while the planets with feminine expression prefer, of course, the night and are considered nocturnal. The exceptions are the malefic planets, the star of Mars, the Lesser Malefic is placed in the night group to temper its dryness and hotness, while the star of Saturn, the Greater Malefic is placed in the day group to temper its coldness and dryness.

The benefic planets are the stars of Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, and the star of Venus, the Lesser Benefic. The natures of the Sun, Moon and the star of Mercury are dependent on various factors, though the Moon is generally considered a benefic.

Each planet has 2 domiciles, one diurnal and one nocturnal, while the Lights have 1 domicile each. THIS is the basis for the story in the fictional christian bible, where mythological jesus feeds the people with 2 fishes (symbolizing the Lights due to their primary and secondary opposing movement, hence the fishes swimming in opposite directions) and 5 loaves of bread, which stand for the 5 planets.

The same thing is present in Chinese Astrology and their 12 zoidia/animals. Each of the 5 planets has 2 zoidia, while the Horse and the Goat = the Sun and the Moon = 5×2+1+1 = 12. Again, these are eternal principles. That is why a week has 7 days and one has 7 chakras (each ruled by one of the planets) and, no matter how many planets or asteroids are found, that will not change. An interesting example of how this is hidden in plain sight is that in Bulgarian the word for week is седмица, with the emphasis on the “e”, whereas if one were to put the emphasis on the „и”, it becomes the word “seven”, as in the “magnificent seven”. One may also wonder why the week contains 5 working days and 2 days of rest. Why not 4 versus 3, or 3 versus 4?

Here is the The Planets and the 12 Zoidia Exaltation Model (calculated with Delphic Oracle software as well):

You will need a solid knowledge of the fundamentals to grasp it in full, but the thing I want to draw your attention to is the star of Mercury. With the domicile rulership, each planet has 2 domiciles/dwelling places/celestial houses. With the exaltation model, all planets, save the star of Mercury, are exalted in domiciles that are not their own.

Power distribution is a fundamental principle of Astrology as well as of the Galaxy. What this means is that when a planet is exalted in the domicile of another planet, the domicile lord must share its power. For example, the star of Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, the Crab – the domicile of the Moon. Thus the Moon has to share some of the power of its domicile with the star of Jupiter. This can have both positive and negative consequences in various charts.

So what is so damn special about the star of Mercury? It is the only one that has a dual expression. It is a hermaphrodite. Not only that but it can belong to either to the planets masculine in expression or to those feminine in expression. Likewise with sect: it can be of the diurnal sect or of the diurnal sect. No other planet can change its sect/polarity.

Thus what happens is that the star of Mercury exalts itself. It keeps ALL the power to itself. Not even the Sun, the King, or the Moon, the Queen, can do that. Again, how come?

In general Astrology, it is known that the star of Mercury represents mankind better than any other planet. Taking this to the galactic level, the star of Mercury represents the simultaneous Higher Selves, those that are on Earth at this time via their Earther incarnations, us.

Take a look at the domicile model picture again. You will notice that the star of Mercury is the planet closest to the top, that is, closest to the Creators, the Lights. This indicates that those signified by the star of Mercury, in galactic terms, are almost at the finish line of the Galaxy Game – FAR ahead of the others.

As Matrix 5 readers, you know that, as simultaneous incarnates, we are severely blocked from uncovering information about the sequentials and their history unless they release parts of it themselves. The point is, due to the way our Galaxy Game has played, relative to Earth that is, by far the most influential races are the reptilians from Orion and the wolfish Sirians from Sirius. In other words, as you will see, I cannot assign the rest of the planets to other sequential/alien races as that information is blocked.

Anyway, what matters is to understand that Astrology, being the language of life, not only reflects the rules it is built on but actually allows one to predict the future. Again, while linear time is an illusion and it is a real pain trying to explain eternal concepts, what you need to know is that the star of Mercury is the fastest planet of all. It can move up to 2 times faster than the star of Venus, 3 or more times than the star of Mars, 9 or more times than the star of Jupiter and 17 to 30 or more times faster than the star of Saturn. This is another indication that the simultaneous Higher Selves become Game Graduates FAR faster than all the other sequential Higher Selves.

Developing this insight further, as well as combining with astrological knowledge, which is the oldest race in our Galaxy? Answer: the reptilians. They are also the ones that develop, in terms of the Spirit – where it really matters – at a snail’s pace compared to us, Earthers. Therefore, which planet in Astrology signifies the reptilians from Orion? Answer: the star of Saturn, the slowest moving planet of all and the one opposing the Lights and furthest away from them. Of course, Light has many meanings, including action/movement, consciousness, Spirit, knowledge, etc. Please understand that by Light I do NOT mean the Light polarity, which is just as an enemy to Balance as the Dark polarity. I am talking about Creation, hence Balance with a capital B and gold light.

The star of Saturn rules, among other things, death, fear, regulations/rules and institutional control, imprisonment, tax collecting, secrecy, those who have a feigned appearance, those who conceal their deceit, inactions, interferences with what is being done, black magic, etc..

The fictional satan is derived from the star of Saturn. Moreover, one of the domiciles, the nocturnal one, of the star of Saturn, Capricorn, is actually the only zoidion that is an adjective and it means The Goat Horned One. What is this goat like figure with horns? It is baphomet – an astral reptilian being that one of those that are worshipped and performed human sacrifices for by the ruling elite. In mythology it is a creature that is half-man, half-goat, half-crocodile. It is both of earth and water. Sound familiar?

What of the wolfish Sirians? What are they known for? For their total focus on war of course. Which planet rules war in Astrology? The star of Mars. It also rules violence, plunderings, screams, adulteries, situations devoid of hope, rape, verbal abuse, hatreds, false oaths, the hunt, the chase, the hard and the abrupt, etc.

Take a look at the exaltation model again. The star of Mars is exalted in Capricorn, the Goat Horned One. Now it is getting really interesting, is it not? As we know from Robert Morning Sky’s Terra Papers and LA Transcript, the Matrix V Project as well the symbols all over the world (a female figure with dogs or lions at her feet, the sphinx in Egypt, etc) the wolfish male dominated Sirians are under the control of the female dominated Orion reptilians. The star of Mars = the Sirians is exalted in the domicile of the star of Saturn = the reptilians. Having a planet in the dignities of another planet is called reception in Astrology. It can be interpreted in two ways, both of which are correct and depend on the various factors. The Hellenistic way says that the receiving planet is the host, while the received planet is the guest, and it is the host that attends to the needs of the guest and puts its resources at the disposal of the guest aka the hospitality/xenia concept. So the star of Saturn is the host, and the star of Mars is the guest. Looked at this way, the Orion reptilians are putting their resources at the disposal of the wolfish Sirians.

It is known that Sirius attacked Orion and failed to conquer them. Rather than be destroyed, they agreed to an alliance. It is also known that the wolfish Sirians had to agree to be under the Orion queen’s rule and take part in her wars. They were massively rewarded with technology and left to rule their own world as they see fit, but their king had to marry an Orion princess and take her to the home world, where she reported everything to the Orion queen. The point is, the Hellenistic way of reception does not explain the relationship between Sirius and Orion. Sure, there may be much more to the story and that the Orion empire needed an ally to help them expand their influence and conquer even more planets. In other words, Orion made an offer to the Sirians they could not refuse. This is true, for the alternative was destruction. The point is, it is Orion which has to be on top, not Sirius, and therefore Sirius has to bend the knee, which brings me to the other school of reception.

Medieval (and Chinese) Astrology teach that a when a planet is in its domicile, it is like a king/queen on a throne. They are self-sufficient. When a planet is not in its domicile, it is, of course, in the domicile of another planet (host). As such, that planet, the guest, has to obey the rules that the host has decreed. Thus, the star of Mars/Sirius being exalted in the domicile of the star of Saturn/Orion, it has to follow the rules that the host, the star of Saturn has set. Nowhere is the validity of this explanation of reception more evident than in situations concerning enemies/marriage. Therefore, this is the correct way to interpret the relationship/marriage between Sirius/Mars and Orion/Saturn. As I said, it depends on the perspective. While it makes sense for the guest to be pampered, how many would allow the guest to determine policy in their very homes/castles/thrones?

That is enough for the sequential Higher Selves for now.

I mentioned power distribution. Each planet wants its own power, but there is a planet that is exalted in one of the domiciles of the first planet in question. As a result, out of the 2 domiciles each of the planets have, they prefer one of them more than the other. For example, the star of Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Since the Sun takes Aries as its exaltation, the star of Mars has to share. As a result it prefers its (nocturnal) Scorpio domicile more than its Aries (diurnal one). After all, it is nocturnal planet. Another one: the star of Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. Since the star of Mars takes Capricorn as its exaltation and since the star of Saturn would prefer to keep all its power, it prefers its other domicile, Aquarius.

As I said, the star of Mercury is considered to represent Earthers/mankind. Its domiciles are the closest to the Lights and it is the fastest one. It is also the only one that changes its gender or sect/polarity. Again, day = Light = masculine; night = Dark = feminine. As such it is the only one that can immerse itself in both polarities and move on to blend them in something FAR more advanced, namely Balance.

The star of Mercury is the only one that exalts its domicile. As such it keeps ALL the power to itself. We know that keeping the power to oneself, instead of giving it to the polarities, is a must if one is to Graduate this Galaxy Game and reach Balance. The key thing here is it has achieved this by itself, that is, it has reached this level of development which is necessary before taking the next step.

In Astrology, when a planet is bodily close to the Sun, it is burned by the Sun. The Sun becomes malefic in such cases. This burning aka combustion is generally considered the greatest debility a planet can suffer because its power is taken by the Sun. The star of Mercury cannot be more than 28 degrees distant from the Sun. It is impossible astronomically. As such, it is very often astronomically invisible. Babylonian Astrology specialist Rumen Kolev says that it is visible only in 1 out of 7 natal charts. Being close to the King aka God/Creative principle is too much for a planet to handle. The key here is that the star of Mercury has been combust or under the beams of the Sun so many times that it has almost gotten used to it. This astrological/astronomical fact can be interpreted, on the Higher Self level, in the following way: being repeatedly exposed to higher vibration/knowledge/Balance/gold light results in a gradual increase in awareness that eventually leads to reaching what Robert Monroe calls “Escape Velocity” and Graduating the Game. In other words, before this can be achieved, before a planet/Higher Self can be in a position to be exposed to the higher vibration, they must have become self-sufficient and looking inward. Only after reaching this level and creating the Dominants and the Final incarnation, has the Higher Self signaled that shim is ready to Graduate.

Here are some of the rulerships of the star of Mercury: education, reasoning, interpretation, youth, games, brotherhood, communication, forethought, obedience, versatility, profit, irregularities in one’s fortunes, frequently sidetracks from one’s goals.

I find it very interesting how these can be correlated with the simultaneous path experience: Having to obey and live for the Game before one gets gradually educated, on the incarnational level, as to its purpose. The irregularities and being sidetracked in one’s goals in our many simultaneous incarnations before we gather momentum in this Game, while communicating with the fellow Higher Selves, etc, etc..

These correlations that are part of our current Galaxy Game are valid for Earth and our solar system. When those simultaneous Higher Selves ready to Graduate do so, and the Planetary Spirit as well, the next simultaneous planet gets underway. The version of Astrology there will obviously be different as the planets will be different, but the fundamentals will always be reflected, though it will not be our concern.

Lastly, I need to make an important point. Every planet has benefic and malefic qualities. While one MUST make these distinctions if they are to practise any serious Astrology, that is on the 3rd density level. When one examines these concepts on the Higher Self level, of course there is no “good” or “bad”, and each has its role. What the Orion and Sirius Empires do, that is, the administrating roles they are fulfilling are being fulfilled by other races in other parts our Galaxy Game (and other ones in different Galaxy Games). They are just as indispensable as the roles played by the Higher Selves of the Light polarity and the races they are incarnating into. They are not “good” and the reptilians and wolfish Sirians are not “bad”. Likewise for us, simultaneous Higher Selves, when having the human experience: we are not “good” or “bad”. It will all make sense after Graduation.

Galactic Astrology Orion Reptilians Wolfish Sirians and Earthers

Note: I took the gold light from the Matrix V book the Graduation Key (no longer available).