Recognizing Indications for Matrix V Bisexuality and Homosexuality with Western Ancient Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics

28 July 2016

N.B. I have opened this section to share some of what I have come to know with incarnations of Pre-Graduating Higher Selves. Thus this information is ONLY meant for them and if you are not such an incarnation I suggest you skip this, but if you choose to read on you run the risk of shattering your relevant belief systems and upsetting your body’s DNA commands.



Second warning:

This essay is meant above all for those whose mission it is to engage the heterosexuality loop and eventually break it. Again, one must be a Very Advanced, Dominant or Final incarnation in order to be in a position to resonate with this information.



This is a highly complex topic; the reason for this is that are certain prerequisites which must be met before the material can be dealt with. It is also a long one as I am explaining concepts and giving quotes.

First of all, it is important to understand the title of this essay, that is, that there is a notable difference between regular bisexuality and homosexuality and Matrix V one. The former does not imply clashing with the DNA commands of the alien physical body, whereas the latter most emphatically does. The former is much more likely not interested in Graduating this Galaxy Game at this point whereas the latter is a Pre-Graduating Higher Self who must overcome the heterosexuality loop and embrace the first Law of the Universe: Like Attracts Like by living that Law while incarnated via the specific incarnations chosen for that mission.

Second of all, in order to be in a position to deal with, and eventually overcome, the DNA commands, the Spirit must be a Very Advanced class incarnation (Very Advanced, Dominant of Final, i.e. “those for whom M5 is written”.

Third, the natal astrological or other destiny charts of the incarnation will show certain indications as to what extent the sexuality loop is crucial to the incarnation, but also, whether this is a joint mission of several incarnations (which is much more likely) or whether it is a more special type of mission. The latter is related to the concept of non-linearity and is tricky to explain, for it involves the custom changes that the Higher Self makes in the incarnation as well as the Final incarnation being slightly out of phase.

It is essential that you understand these before I explain some of the indications for bisexuality and homosexuality from the point of view of Western Ancient Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics (Chinese Astrology aka BaZi and Classical Feng Shui – Sang Yuan school).

Another thing I want to address is that as Pre-Graduating Higher Selves we have, thanks to the Matrix V Project as well as our own well-deserved and earned abilities, information which the general public will never have and which is to be used to personal development and spiraling out of the Game.

I always chuckle when I read some modern astrological practitioner and how they are desperately trying to point out that non-heterosexuality is not a “sin” or inherently evil, or wrong or a disease or fill in the word. It is impossible for others to understand that until they have broken or at least disabled the sexuality loop or have sufficient Spirit ID. This is by Game design. Remember that, as far as some of the crucial concepts of Creation are concerned, what we have been taught is intentionally the opposite. Thus, heterosexuality is the norm. This is cemented by the views of the educational system, religion and other devices used for enforcing the views the Game. So yes, the Game would have you beLIEve all those lies, as with almost anything significant.

Therefore it is no surprise that when one searches for various indications of bisexuality and homosexuality, they almost invariably come with negative words like “vice”, “sin”, “lecherous”. “monstrous desire” etc etc. Almost all of these sources come from time periods when religion was in ultimate power and astrological writers had to make sure they severely criticize bisexuality and homosexuality. Add to this the DNA commands of their own bodies and you get the picture!

However, if one goes back to sources which were not contaminated by the tentacles of religion, such Claidius Ptolemy, Vettius Valens and others (both of these are from the 2nd century AD), they will rarely find any negative comments about non-heterosexuality.

There is a saying from that period: “The ancient Greeks invented sex and the Romans added women to it”.

Getting back to the topic, of course that bisexuality and homosexuality are an “abomination”, “a sin”, “a perversion”, “a vice”! How can you expect anything different from the Game?! Would you have it tell the players the truth, potentially accelerate their development and lose a lot of them earlier?! Is it realistic to expect that the polarities would do this?

Moreover, remember about the glitch in the DNA commands that results in a bisexual body, when it is partial, and in a homosexual body, when it is full. This glitch has to be reflected in one’s chart, and of course it is, hence these highly negative descriptions. We as Pre-Graduating Higher Selves know better.

One way to understand these deliberate insults is to take them to mean one is a non-conformist; a maverick; one who does not fit; that they speak of one who is in the Game but not of the Game.

Unless one has advanced to the point where they view the body as a vehicle to the Higher Self and nothing more and that each gender has pros and cons and they are NOT equal, they will be unable to step back and realistically view the situation with sexuality. So all these derogatory meanings (and there are many more than those I have given), when it comes to indications of bisexuality and homosexuality in ancient sources, they are to be completely ignored or deleted; all they mean is that the native will not be a heterosexual.

There is one last thing to be taken into consideration. It is obvious but it must be explicitly stated. Years ago I was very interested in discovering signatures for bisexuality, homosexuality and even transsexuality or hermaphrodites. I collected 197 charts of such natives (both genders) and compared them to 160 charts of heterosexual people (both genders). I bought a few ancient astrological texts and compiled all the indications. I found over 60 separate astrological indications for bisexuality, homosexuality and hermaphrodites. It was a thorough and long research that took months to do, but I was able to complete it and find some extremely valuable information by distinguishing which of these indications work reliably and which do not and under what circumstances. That was more than 4 years ago. My point is that these indications do NOT, of course, distinguish between non-Graduating and Graduating Higher Selves! In other words, there must be something more in the natal chart.

Again, keep in mind also at least the first two points I made at the beginning: the incarnation has to be of a Very Advanced class. Please note that determining the incarnational level from the natal astrological is beyond the scope of this essay.

So what it is in the natal chart that shows dealing with the sexuality loop? I will give you some indications but as I said this is a complex topic.

The Author of the Matrix 5 material has written some segments on Astrology as well as what he calls “esoteric astrology”. I prefer to call this Spiritual/Spirit ID Astrology but let’s not get hung up on semantics. The 12th place, as well as the Sun in one’s chart, is that of the Higher Self.

I need to stress again that modern astrology is an extremely watered down and distorted version of what Astrology has been for over 2000 years.

This is what I wrote in my article from 2013 in the Matrix V Astrology section. It is called:

“One more very important thing is the usage of the so called “Whole Sign Houses” system (there are no houses but topical places, the sign is the house, no cusps, so if the Asc is at 28 Virgo all of Virgo is the 1st house, the second house is all 30 degrees of Libra, likewise for the other signs). It is a must. You no doubt know that the simpler the thing the more powerful it is. This is very true in Astrology, and it is the queen of the sciences. Also, planetary aspects are the last thing looked at and unless in special circumstances (3 degree application, being in one sign and also being in the 4th, or 7th and especially 10th sign from another planet or place) they are, believe it or not, largely irrelevant. Aspects only tell us how planets relate, but we need to know who is who, who is where and who relates to whom and how, by nature, rulership and reception first, before we look at the way they relate.”

In other words, quadrant house systems, such as Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Placidus, etc are NOT used for topics. Thus the correct word is “place” – topos in Greek, not “house”, and when I say “place”, I always mean the sign. Thus, the 12th sign from the Ascendant represents the place of the Higher Self in that incarnation’s chart. Please keep in mind that, if you use a quadrant system, in certain cases the 12th sign will not be the same as the 12th house, which will fall in the 11th or even 10th sign. This WILL lead to errors in delineation!!

Getting back to the topic of indications of dealing with and actively engaging the sexuality loop (and breaking it), one needs connections between planets in the 1st, 5th and 12th or their rulers, or special Lots, like Fortune, Spirit, Eros, Necessity among others, but these are the key ones.

Is the ruler of the 5th in the 12th? Is the ruler of the 5th the same planet as the ruler of the 12th? Is that same planet closely aspecting the Ascendant or its ruler? It is disposing the domicile lord of the Ascendant or vice versa? What if the ruler of the 1st is in the 12th and aspected by the ruler of the 5th? What if it is in the 5th and aspected by the ruler of the 12th? These are only a few of the variations.

Another thing I want to share is that the formula for the Lot of Life is the same as the one for the Lot of Children. (Asc +Saturn-Jupiter and the reverse in night charts)[1]. What Ben Dykes says is true, because we are in the Game and Astrology is focused on what is good for the body much more than what is good for the Spirit. In other words, it is good for the body and the Orion and Sirian alien sequential Empires if you breed and produce slave labour for the Game, not to mention minions in this time period. My point is that there is a significant connection with one’s life force and producing children. In Very Advanced class incarnations it is a known fact that the creative (2nd) chakra must flow freely and not get drained in heterosexual intercourse and creating human bodies, for that is major setback and it ties that energy centre to the Game instead of using it to strengthen Spirit ID and personal advancement. Still, it is nice to have confirmation for this from Astrology. Speaking of that, the 5th is the place of one’s sexuality, creativity as well as one’s children, pleasures etc, so again, this is further confirmation of the connection between one’s creativity/energy and children.

Before I give indications for bisexuality and homosexuality for males and females, I want to stress how inadequate modern astrology is in dealing with anything that is specific and belongs to objective reality. There have been many claims by people practising modern astrology that they have discovered indications for bisexuality and homosexuality. However, when one examines these, EVERY single one involves aspects between the planets. These are the angular planetary relationships and nothing else. This is SO simplistic and childish thinking that it beggars belief. This is one dimensional astrology. Authentic Astrology is at least 4-5 dimensional, as I will show. Moreover, almost of all these indications include the trans-Saturnian planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Lightsiders never cease to amaze me with their gullibility. There have always, of course, been bisexual and homosexual people. Our incarnational experience on the simultaneous path is tens of thousands of years and horoscopic Astrology was developed in the 5th century BCE, with the 3 planets above being discovered over 2000 years later. In other words, using Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as the fundamental indicators of sexuality shows a basic ignorance of both Astrology and history. The indications I will give do not include these 3 planets as they were not observed back then. Needless to say, that did not stop Higher Selves from having bisexual, homosexual or hermaphrodite incarnations. Again, no matter what modern practitioners of Astrology claim or beLIEve, the role of Uranus, Neptune or Pluto is always subordinate to the key planets and points. By that I do not mean vague or psychological descriptions but objective and concrete statements and predictions which are either true of false. That almost everyone who practices modern astrology has lost touch with the traditional planets is their own fault and not the problem of Astrology. Provided one is properly trained, (which includes the whole 2000 year tradition and not just the authors from the last 70 years) there is no need whatsoever for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

My primary source is Claudius Ptolemy, from the 2nd century AD. He is the major reason for the adoption the tropical Zodiac by the way (the Zodiac which is centred on the Planetary Spirit of the Sun, not on the other stars, which is the sidereal Zodiac. Connect the dots which Zodiac is more suitable for us simultaneous Higher Selves). His astrological book is called the Tetrabiblos and is by far the most influential one in the history of Astrology. For males, it is Mars (the star of Ares) that is used as a general significator for sexuality; for females, it is Venus (the star of Aphrodite).

Note: I have chosen Bonatti below who quotes Ptolemy for the most part, but he has added some significations not present.

For males which are bisexual or homosexual (Guido Bonatti, Book of Astronomy, Treatise 9, Chapter 5, page 1303, translated by Ben Dykes):

“But if Venus or Mars or Jupiter were occidental, and the other were oriental[2], it signifies the native is going to have a foul form of sexual intercourse, both with men and with women.

If however only Mars and Venus were occidental, and Jupiter were oriental, he will abhor the foulness of sexual intercourse with men, and he will engage in venereal acts with women.

Indeed if the aforesaid significators (namely Mars and Venus) are joined together in signs which are called feminine (or even in feminine quarters[3]), it signifies he is going to submit himself to foul and wicked sexual intercourse.

Which if each (namely Mars and Venus) were oriental, the native be inclined to do it with men more than with women.

Moreover, if the aforesaid planets appeared oriental and in masculine signs, and Mars were stronger than Venus, and she were more remote from the Sun, the native will postpone women in every way for men, and he will concern himself with engaging foully in venereal acts, sodomically, with men.”

Note how complex the indications are. This is Ancient Astrology in action. One takes into account not just angular relationships between planets (planetary aspects) but positions relative to the Sun and to the horizon. In other indications, one also considers positions relative to the Zodiac, including the latitude of the planets, when it comes to who of the partners will play the active or domineering role. Moreover, the indications that I have selected do not mention the Lots or the fixed stars. I have not talked about the Ruler of the Chart, the qualities of the soul, the temperament, the planets ruling places etc etc.

For females who are bisexual or homosexual (Ptolemy, Book IV, chapter 5, page 25 in Robert Schmidt’s translation):

“In the case of women one must investigate the star of Aphrodite. For when it is configured with the star of Zeus or the star of Hermes, it makes those who are temperate and pure in matters of love. But if the star of Kronos is absent while Aphrodite gains familiarity with Hermes, it makes women who are easily aroused and full of desire, but generally careful and hesitant, guarding against anything shameful. When the star of Aphrodite is present or configured with Ares alone, it makes women who are lascivious and debased and rather frivolous; and if the star of Zeus too is with them, should the star of Ares be under the beams of the Sun, they have intercourse with slaves and those of lower rank or with foreigners. But should the star of Aphrodite be so [situated], with superiors or masters, in the fashion of mistresses or adulteresses. And should the stars be feminized with respect to their places or figures[4], it makes them inclined to being controlled alone; but if masculinized, inclined to control women.”

Notice the last sentence. It is said in a very subtle way. If one has not read the whole chapter carefully (Ptolemy, Book IV, chapter 5), they will miss the point that this sentence is about bisexual women and lesbians.

Look at the corresponding passage about males in Ptolemy from the same chapter, page 25, same translation:

“Also, should one of the stars[5] be an evening star while the other is a morning star, it produces those who have relations with both males and females, but without overly many feelings toward either kind of person. But if both are evening stars, they will be inclined toward females alone; and if the zoidia are feminine, it makes men who are given over to being controlled”.

You see in both cases (for males and females) that it is about either bisexuals or homosexuals and who controls who. I hope that it is now clear.

I am giving one more indication for the females which is a little bit similar but from a different author (Abu Bakr – 9th century AD – Persian Nativities Book II translated by Ben Dykes, page 270):

“If feminine planets were in masculine signs, degrees[6] and places, the female native will be conceived in adultery, and she will have an appetite for sleeping with women”.

When it comes to indications of bisexuality and homosexuality in Chinese Metaphysics, I have come across only two such. Keep in mind that Western Astrology, the way it is known today, was formulated in Ancient Greece were homosexuality was accepted and widely spread. Needless to say that was before organized religions spread their poison. Anyway, Ancient Western Astrology was developed in such a creative and accepting environment which incidentally was one of the greatest periods of human thought and culture. (It also influenced Indian Astrology/Jyotish a lot). My point is that it is not surprising that there are many more astrological indications for non-heterosexuality compared to these in Asia, whose culture has been influenced by the Reptilians and Rigelians so much so that the fucking dragons and snakes are everywhere, and thus whatever indications survived there are understandably far fewer.

One of the indications I have come across is from Chinese Astrology, the Four Pillars of Destiny branch/aka BaZi. It is from Jerry King’s book “Four Pillars of Destiny – A Guide to Relationships”. Jerry says on page 283:

“What I have noticed is that many homosexuals and bisexuals have “rivals” within their birth chart. But having rivals in their birth chart is not sufficient information to prove that one belongs to this category.”

He also says on page 285 of the same book:

“I have encountered masters in Hong Kong where they have utilized a different type of divination method that can determine one’s sexuality. The method requires an abacus and the 24 books utilizing the I Ching”.

A “rival” is the same element as the self. The self is also called the Day Master. It is the Heavenly Stem (the top part) of the Day Pillar of one’s Four Pillars of Destiny/BaZi chart. It is one of the 5 Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water), in the Yang or Yin polarity. It is easier to show:

Rivals 1

This is the chart for yesterday, 27th July 2016, between 7 and 9 am. The Day Master, which always represents the native, is Yang Metal. The Hour Pillar contains a rival – Yang Metal. The rival can also be of the other polarity – in this case – Yin Metal.

Also, a rival can be any element that repeats itself, not just the Day Master (just as in the case of Ricky Martin 24 Dec 1971 5 pm, 66w03, AST-4). See the chart below: 26th February 2012, between 5 and 7 am:

Rivals without the Day Master

Notice the Water rivals.

Again, keep in mind this is just an indication and not a rule.

Another indication for homosexuality from Chinese Metaphysics is taken from Classical Feng Shui. It is from the San Yuan school of Flying Stars. The book is called “Flying Stars Made Easy” by David Twicken, pages 93 and 94.

For male homosexuality the author gives stars 3 and 8, for female homosexuality the author gives stars 4 and 9.

Without Feng Shui knowledge that info is useless and coded. 3 and 8 because of the Early and Late Heaven Bagua, the 8 Trigrams and the combinations between the stars. 3 represents Thunder/Zhen/East/oldest son/male (not father) while 8 represents Mountain/Gen/Northeast/youngest son/male. 3 and 8 combine to make Wood. Thus we have two males combining = an indication of male homosexuality.

In the case of lesbians and Feng Shui, 4 is Wind/Xun/Southeast/oldest daughter/female (not mother) and 9 is Fire/Li/South/middle daughter/female. These two stars combine to make Metal. Thus we have two females combining = an indication of female homosexuality.

So living in a home with these two stars together is an indication of homosexuality. Also, the Mountain star is more important for people matters, so having an annual star fly to one of these stars is a timing method. Say, you have the Mountain 8 star in the W sector natally and in 2017 the annual 3 comes to the W, as will actually happen. This is an activation. Of course, it is stronger if one has both stars in a given sector and the annual star further strengthens these indications.

It should also work if one is living (I mean sleeping or spending a lot of time in that place) in a sector that represents one of these stars, say E or NE for males and S and SE for females and the annual star flies there, 3 in the case of E sector for males, and say the annual 4 comes to the S sector for females. Of course, one needs proper physical forms to activate the stars. Keep in mind that stars can be deactivated as well. Pay special attention to the external forms outside the sector of these stars indicative of homosexuality.

In regards to bisexual indications, it is not a stretch, once one understands the fundamentals, to say that a combination of 3 stars, such as 2 “male” ones and 1 “female” one, are indicative of it. Of course, I mean the stars representing the sons and daughters, so 1, 3, 8, 9, 4 and 7. Again, one needs indications in the natal chart above all, not just in the Feng Shui charts of their homes or place of work.

Just as Astrology shows the path of the incarnation, Classical Feng Shui can be similar from a certain perspective; I mean to say that the incarnations are pulled to certain homes which help realize the natal promise of their destiny as shown by their natal charts. However, knowing this info, those that are engaged in a fight for dominance with the sexuality loop, can, given the opportunity, select places of living that are conducive for strengthening their Spirit ID, for after all, Feng Shui studies the energies emanated from the Planetary Spirit of Earth and other planets in our Solar system. However, keep in mind that just as there are benefic energies, there are malefic energies as well.

For those that are interested in checking out their Chinese astrological charts, there are free online calculators and programs. This is the one I use. It not only calculates everything needed but is free and offers Feng Shui calculations as well, but one must know how to use a compass and how to determine the facing and sitting direction of their homes. Here is the website for the program:

For those that practise, the Ten Thousand Year Calendar is a must. It is the analogue to the Western ephemeris and contains all the necessary information for erecting charts of many disciplines of Chinese Metaphysics.

In conclusion, I want to stress again how complex this topic is. Mistakes are very easy to make.

I will illustrate with a partial example. A friend of mine has a connection between the lord of the 5th, 12th and 1st. The same planet that rules the 5th rules the 12th (Sagittarius Asc) and is in the Asc. The domicile ruler of the Asc is in generosity with that planet. Moreover, it is disposed by a planet in the 12th ruling the 2nd. These are significant indications of the linkage of these places. Remember the 2nd place shows “your closest incarnation based on the more Advanced incarnation than your current one”. This clearly shows an incarnational project that involves a group of incarnations. That the lord of the 5th and 12th is conjunct the South Node in the same degree further confirms these statements. It is very easy to assume that this native will be involved in the sexuality loop. In fact not just involved, but that it will be one of their most significant life missions.

But that is not true. Why? There are several reasons for that. First of all, that native is an upper mid level incarnation. That alone sets this chart along a very different rail of experiences within these areas. Second of all, that Higher Self is not a pre-Graduate. I know that because that person was also friend of mine way back when I found out about the Matrix V Project, bought the original books from Val Valerian and activated the keys. I showed him the books and he displayed no interest whatsoever. In fact he changed the subject and I have never mentioned the material to him again. Allowance.

So how has then this configuration in his chart manifested in his life? As I said, and has been hinted in the Matrix V material, it depends most of all on the type of incarnation. Body ID incarnations cannot handle Spirit ID matters. This is part of the Game and understood by the Higher Selves. Such incarnations have other life missions which are suited for their level. In other words, Spiritual Astrology, which deals with Spirit ID of course, is not a different type of Astrology but it simply requires using a different yard stick or lens if you will. However, since embodied existence is the name of the Game, it is the mundane meanings of the places and planets that take precedence by default. Said another way, one’s chart, (save the minions or other entities in human bodies) can be read with Spiritual Astrology, but there are certain prerequisites that must be met – Advanced incarnational level being the primary one.

Back to my friend. The way the significations have manifested is that horse riding (12th place) is a huge passion of his. Moreover, he works with handicapped children and offers horse therapy (5th and 12th places). The ruler of the 2nd in the 12th shows his income coming from such activities. It also comes from the money of his patron friends (the 2nd from the 11th), but I digress. The ruler of the 12th in the Asc is Mars and it is in Sagittarius – the sign which rules horses and is half-horse, half-man.

The morale of the story is that one must always consider the prerequisites I gave at the beginning. Yes, the charts do indicate whether one is a Pre-Graduating Higher Self, but it is not always possible for the incarnation analyzing that information to decipher that. Game rules, primacy of individual Higher Self paths and all!

Again, I speak of Very Advanced class incarnations; the rest have their own important life missions. Thus, when it comes to determining this, it is best to combine one’s astrological and Feng Shui or whatever knowledge with their own developed talents and abilities in recognizing the incarnations of other Pre-Graduating Higher Selves. Remember, almost all such meetings were chosen prior to incarnating. From this it also follows something has been written more than once in the Matrix 5 material: Higher Selves who want to Graduate together will make sure their incarnations in EndGame are in compatible physicals (same gender) and will not fall for the sabotage of the polarities and the sequentials by engaging in the true perversion and abomination of the Spirit – heterosexuality. We have been there and done that through hundreds and hundreds of incarnations. We allow each who wants to play however long they want to, to do so at their pace; we have played almost enough and it is time to move to some other fascinating areas to explore. I do expect to encounter some of you there.

[1] This Lot is at least 2000 years old, but I am drawing on the 13th century Italian astrological practioner Guido Bonatti and his book “Book of Astronomy” p. 1051-1052. Translator and traditional astrological practitioner Ben Dykes (who is gay) writes that since that Lot coincides with the Lot of Children if the Lot is afflicted “it is a sign of not having biological children – which is one way in which a native’s biological life will not be extended to future generations”.

Author Bonatti says: “if it is impeded it signifies a small amount of life and its shortness, and its bad condition with a multitude of diverse infirmities, and with the grief of the soul and its sorrow”.

[2] I must make these terms clear, especially for those that practise any type of Astrology after the 6th century AD. From Robert Schmidt’s preface of Book IV of Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, page XVIII: “a body is oriental if it is visible when it is rising on the eastern horizon; it is occidental when it is visible when it is setting on the western horizon”.

[3] The masculine signs are the odd ones, the feminine ones are the even ones.

The masculine quadrants are from the Asc degree to the MC one and from the Dsc one to the IC one (1st-10th and 7th-4th quadrant houses); the feminine ones are from the MC to the Dsc degree and from the IC to the Asc one (10th-7th and 4th-1st) quadrant houses).

[4] The masculine places are the odd quadrant houses (1,3,5,7,9 and 11), the feminine ones are the even quadrant ones (2,4,6,8,10 and 12). See above for quadrants. Figures means heliacal phases. Planets are masculinized when east relative to the Sun (the 90 degrees preceding the Sun and the quadrant opposing this one) and feminized when western relative to the Sun (the remaining 2 quadrants).

Planets are also masculinized when in the masculine quadrants and are feminized when in the feminine quadrants.

[5] Mars, Venus or Jupiter.

[6] I would advise to ignore this particular category as not only are there different sources which contain differences, but it is not always clear which Zodiac is meant. The masculine signs and places are explained above.

The feminine planets are the Moon and Venus. Mercury depends on whether it is oriental or occidental, whether it is with masculine or feminine planets, or on the ruler of its bound/term. Some include Saturn as feminine.

Generally, it is advised that one must also look whether planets are feminized or masculinized according to the conditions I explained above, for the masculine ones can become strongly feminized and vice versa.