Recognizing the Handiwork of One’s Higher Self

27 May 2016

With the acceleration of EndGame, with all its distractions and attempts to suppress the Spirit, the cancer of Orionization spreading more and more, the attack on the white race and all the accompanying chemical, electromagnetic and astral attacks growing ever stronger, it is paramount that those who are Graduating this Galaxy’s Game look within, centre themselves and stay as much as possible in control of the DNA commands of their bodies.

Depending on the advancement of the Spirit occupying the physical, in other words, depending on much how the control of the body is threatened, the alien creation has a wide arsenal of tricks to employ to deceive the incarnation. One of those, which comes up in the Advanced stages, is mimicking one’s Higher Self. The incarnation will learn through experience how to recognize the pulse of their Higher Self and the attempts by the body to deceive them. The latter has been mentioned in the Matrix V material.

As this is not the subject of this essay, I will not dwell on this but will say that the more Advanced the Spirit, the more advanced tricks the body resorts to, including using kind of a mixture of the upper three chakras and the higher areas of the brain (in those that have opened them).

What the above means, that is, with all the external and internal assaults and sabotaging attempts, it is of outmost importance for one to recognize the handiwork of their Higher Self.

There are 3 overall approaches to do that. The direct one is obviously to go inside one’s Higher Self and find out. Nevertheless, this is by no means easy, as one has to be a Dominant or a Final incarnation first, and second, they must be allowed to receive that information. Remember that we are here for the experiences and not to know what will happen specifically and how it will happen. This could take out the fun and excitement of some of the most important experiences for a given incarnation.

The second approach is through deciphering one’s destiny (different from divination). I have written about this. It is done through a natal chart/hand/face etc. Ancient Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics are the best ways to do that, especially Ancient Western Astrology. I have not fully opened the rote I received, so will not elaborate on this for now as it involves non-linearity and the collaboration between the Higher Selves and the Nature Spirit Path.

The third approach to recognize the handiwork of one’s Higher Self is through intuitive insights and rotes. It is also very powerful. It generally works over time, that is, it is about significant insights derived over the years as a result of specific key experiences. Thus it is different from the direct access within the Higher Self.

It is kind of a chicken and egg situation though: one must be Advanced enough to subdue the body’s attempts to deceive and to appreciate that information and want to apply it in practical ways on one hand, and on the other hand, one must know who they are and are not and to really want to connect with their Higher Self. In other words, if one is getting such insights and rotes through the third approach, it is very likely that they are a Dominant or a Final incarnation or close to becoming one, and thus with access, conscious or not, to their Higher Self – the first approach. This is all the more reason for the incarnation to trust in their Higher Self and work on their experiential loops.

There exist various ways that the Higher Self uses in cultivating the path of Shim’s incarnations. These belong to the first and third approach outlined above.

One of the ways by which the actions of one’s Higher Self can be recognized has been mentioned in the Matrix 5 Project. It is what the Author of the Matrix V material calls “tests”. They are internal and for evaluating the progress of an incarnation. Again, as has been said many times, no one stands above you/your Higher Self when it comes to you. You are your own authority and do not answer to anyone.

This essay is about another way in which the Higher Self acts. It is a major one. It is also used by the Game as well, but I digress. There is no name for it. The name that came to me and I will be using is “the essence preview way”.

The essence preview way is an extremely important concept. It is non-linear and in fact precedes any Galaxy Game. It is one major way how the Higher Selves learn and evolve. Again, the rote I received has not fully opened, but I will give you parts of it. Essence preview means that when a Higher Self wants to learn something, shim will gradually expose shim’s probes of awareness (incarnations) to it in various specific time intervals. I need to clarify that the type of learning I mean refers much more to spiritual insights and growth than to becoming versed in certain knowledge. When you add that this refers to the Higher Self and our Higher Selves, of course, reside outside of time, you begin to understand how difficult it is to explain the concept.

For example, to Graduate the Game, each Higher Self must overcome certain major experiential loops: religion, body ID, sexuality, giving away one’s power etc are at the top of the list.

To illustrate, I will take the one about sexuality as some of its subloops also involve the pleasure and pain cycle. Note that most of what is written below applies to all the major loops.

As it belongs to one the most difficult loops, it takes hundreds and hundreds of incarnations for the Spirit to recognize the First Law of the Universe – Like Attracts Like – and to see through the deliberate alien agenda of shorting out of spiritual functions when Spirits in heterosexual bodies have sexual intercourse or French kissing. Of course, this has to be experienced countless times, as with any loop in order to be recognized and eventually broken, but this material is for Very Advanced, Dominant and Final incarnations who have, or are on the way to breaking, most if not all the major loops.

So the Higher Self, through Shim’s incarnations starts dealing with the loop. Again, since this has to do with non-linearity and, as M5 says, custom changes need to be made that reflect the change of awareness in the incarnations involved. This is also reflected in the change of the aura of the Higher Self.

What happens, in the predetermined incarnations that are to deal with a certain specific loop, or even facets of it depending on the needs of that Higher Self, is that since the breaking of the loop depends on the amount of awareness and control that a given incarnation has over the DNA commands, and these traits have to be learned and developed, or “remembered” as per Robert Monroe if you will, the breaking, just as the progression of the Higher Self, is a process that happens in stages. These stages may include events, people or internal characteristics which at first do not look like they resemble the loop, but they invariably involve the essence of that same loop.

For instance, the sexuality loop deals heavily with pleasure and pain, is addictive and, when it comes to the final stage of breaking it, not disabling it, it also involves giving away one’s power, in the sense of internal strength and will being undermined.

So an incarnation whose task is in disabling and consequently breaking that loop may first, before Awakening, experience the power of addiction through some other loop or activity of a similar essence. For instance, they may get addicted to gambling. The highs and lows, the desperation, the hopelessness, the swearing and promising over and over that one would give it up and take no more part in this activity, in the course of years and thousands of attempts, are extremely similar, if not exactly the same, as in the experiential loop that will be one of the lifetime missions of that incarnation[1]. Though the incarnation will most likely not realize that, these are priceless lessons and preparation for what is to come. This is what I mean by “the essence preview way” of learning. In other words, the incarnation, through repeated experiences in another area, gets a preview of what is yet to come and what they have to face and defeat.

As you may be noticing, this type of learning overlaps with the other method of personal tests by the Higher Self. Just as your Higher Self will not give you a test that is impossible to pass, it is the same with the loops, though it is not that simple because the major ones are distributed and progressively weakened by a series of incarnations working together. The point is that this essence preview way of learning is a preparation. It gets one ready for a challenge that will be even more difficult to pass/break. Thus it is of utmost importance to remember all the feelings of defeat, desperation, giving up, engaging again and again in the experiential loop and it seeming impossible to break/win over and yet you doing so in the end and realizing that you have inner reserves and are much stronger than you think. You did it before that you WILL be successful again!

Another essence preview way is by meeting people who have broken that loop or are simply homosexual and not interested in Graduating. Again, it is the essence that the incarnation encounters that is important, not its particular form so much. Also, as was said, this happens before the incarnation Awakens or even has any clue as what is to follow. They may even be heterosexual, closeted bisexual or asexual at that time.

Another essence preview way is by going to a particular place where incarnations have broken that loop or it is simply not part of their mission. Being exposed to a different way of interacting, courting, affection etc, can be very liberating and horizon expanding. Note that it has to be people, simultaneous Higher Self incarnates (no sequentials, minions or other entities in human bodies!), for it to influence the incarnation sufficiently. It is the Higher Self contact and interaction (not talking about sex here) that helps. One can read books or materials about the topic but it is no way near the same. Watching a movie or, better, a live play, is more influential than books though.

All these essence preview ways occur at various critical junctures in the incarnation’s life. They are predetermined, and even more so, when they include the incarnations of other Higher Selves. As has been said in M5, you will assist others and others will assist you.

The question, then, arises whether these can be timed. The answer is yes. This is because they are predetermined. As such they are shown in the natal chart of the incarnation[2]. The only type of knowledge I have found incredibly useful in terms of recognizing that natal promise and predicting when a given event will happen is Ancient Western Astrology, particularly Hellenistic Astrology[3].

Nevertheless, keep in mind that it is the incarnation that must do the work. In other words, it is about the essence of a given period. That essence is readily predictable but the particulars are not. This is because it is up to the incarnation to be proactive, to strengthen their Spirit ID and fight the DNA commands and their attempts to undermine that native’s self-control. These actions depend on the incarnation, and not on the Game, and if a person does little or nothing (remember, stagnation is a choice to remain in the Game and not to unsettle your alien body’s command structure), the period will pass, but with experience of a lower intensive magnitude, the opportunity will have been missed and the body will be happy for delaying one’s progress.

So Astrology is an invaluable tool but YOU must do the work; YOU must find the treasure within (your Higher Self), with or without that map (Astrology).

So carefully evaluate your life and your decisions in important forks in the road. Group your experiences and life lessons by essence. Pay attention how they happened, whether there was resistance (could be from the Game, from your body’s DNA commands or due to bad timing) and how you felt afterwards by making these decisions. Did they ultimately open doors for you or limited your life in terms of the Spirit?

Look for the essence preview and how it has manifested in your life. Always remember that as the Author of M5 says: your experiential loops are the keys to your experiences in this incarnation.

This Galaxy Game has been and continues to be an amazingly valuable and testing experience of self-discovery. I would not trade it for anything!

Written on the 27th of May 2016, day of Venus, hour of the Sun, day of Yin Earth Rooster, hour of Yang Wood Dog

[1] Those that are versed in Astrology will have immediately noticed that sex and gambling are ruled by the 5thplace/house. They also, of course, partake of the essence of Venus which in fact rejoices when it is in this place. Thus Astrology is one way that can be used to recognize the common essence of certain activities and experiences, but it is not the only way.

[2] One must have an accurate time of birth to the minute. Even slight differences could change the chart in significant ways, one of them being the calculation of the length of life. Thus all charts must be rectified.

[3] Neither Chinese Astrology – its Four Pillars of Destiny/BaZi branch, nor Chinese Physiognomy (face, palm and body reading) or Jyotish/Indian Astrology have been of any use to me in this respect. By that I mean not just particular external events but the corresponding action and reaction of the given incarnation.

I must also say that the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot (arcana 6, 7, 12 and 22 among other cards, but keep in mind they are different compared to the usual Raider-Waite deck) and the traditional Game of Hope (Lenormand) cards method have been of real good use to me as well, but they are divination and do not have a root/natal chart.