Complete Written Natal Charts

Note: In order to do a full natal horoscope, the time and minute, day, month, year of birth and place of birth are required. If the hour and minute of birth are approximate, the horoscope must be rectified. If they are not known at all, a rectification is still possible. I am one of the few practitioners in the world who offer rectification services without any time of birth.

This article aims to provide more information about the complete written horoscopes.

First of all I will explain what they are NOT. Nowadays, not only in astrological community (but in all spheres of life), there are hustlers – people who take advantage of the ignorance of the masses and offer nothing against something, but the nothing is packed and decorated with an expensive exterior. In this case, I mean horoscopes actually written / generated by a computer. Yes, somebody has input the information but has done so in a very general way and one that does not take into account the many factors and contradictions. The data is simply input and the computer / program “spits out” the horoscope. This causes extreme damage to Astrology because it presents it in an extremely limited and simplistic way. On top of that, the language in which these horoscopes are written is invariably psychological. Pages of descriptions are written that do not really have the basis and confirmation. (look up the Barnum effect for yourselves). Again, this has nothing to do with real Astrology. What the client feels about people in their lives in no way alters the horoscope. These are separate people from the client, with individual characters and lives. Being depersonalized to psychological projections of the person in question is a gross disrespect of their identity.

Contrary to this, the real full written horoscope is written by me and no one else. Of course, ancient astrological books are used as well, even named, but only so far. No book, no matter how valuable, can unite the many factors that need to be taken into account.

Another key difference is that information provided by the full written horoscopes is specific. It is either true or not. For example: either the native’s friends are engaged in science, educated, and do not enjoy having fun, and so on, or so, or that’s not the case. Another example: either the client meets their partners/spouses abroad when traveling and/or they are foreigners and so on, or this is not the case.

Another difference is that it takes at least a few weeks to write a complete birth horoscope. These 40-60 pages can not be written immediately. Consideration must be given to the many contradictions and which of them favor a given planetary configuration over another. Information must mature so to say and get systematized.

The big difference compared to the 1-2 hour consultations is that the written word remains and that the complete horoscope includes the entire life of a person. Although few topics are activated during the period in question, there will be a time when other topics from the nativity will come to the fore and one needs to know not only what to expect, but when it will happen and what the client can do about it.

Which brings me to the important point I suggested in the previous article. I can not emphasize how important it is for one to know their destiny in all the topics. Just as it is impossible to bargain or outsmart a person with whom you have no real contact, so it is absolutely impossible for one to outwit fate if they does not know their own limitations as well as the external boundaries it has put.

Here is the contents of the topics of a complete written horoscope (with Ancient Western Astrology). Keep in mind that you will not see the topical sequence in exactly the same way in the ancient books, and it definitely makes a difference which topic one to start with, which one to put in the middle and which one to finish with.



Here is the contents of the topics of the full written Four Pillars of Destiny/BaZi horoscope:


Complete Written Four Pillars of Destiny BaZi Horoscope


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Finally, unlike brief consultations, in full written horoscopes, the relations with the client are deeper and (more often) long-lasting. I reserve the right to refuse to read any person’s natal chart. Money comes and goes, but the decisions made can not be overturned, and my system of values is the decisive factor for me. If someone is looking to take advantage of another, is looking how to deceive, steal or manipulate without being caught, such a native has come to the wrong place.