Electional Astrology

Electional Astrology deals with selecting a propitious moment for the successful realization of a desired outcome. Since this branch is above horary it makes working with the natal chart of the person mandatory. A moment can be elected for anything provided that it is promised, or at least potentially promised, in your natal chart.

The core of Astrology is that time is not linear but cyclical and differs, thus any moment is unique. Some are indicative of positive results, others of negative etc. For this reason it is key to elect the best moment (or at least avoid the worst!) when doing important things in life.

This is the ancient approach and has been used by emperors and popes etc for 1500+ years. Beware of people calling themselves “astrologers” and offering electional services and not requiring your natal chart.

The reason for having to use and abide by the natal chart is very simple: if there was no need for the natal chart (which shows possibilities but also the boundaries and limitations in any area of the person’s life) then since one can choose a chart that will allow the person to achieve anything, it would mean that one could do virtually anything they want, whereas in actuality this is impossible.

For instance, if you want to play the violin and I elect the best possible chart for you, this, of course, does not mean that you will play the violin as well as your teacher or a professional.

Or if you want to sell your property and let’s say in theory you are competing with a real estate agent who among you will sell it faster and at a better price. The elected chart (provided this is promised in your nativity of course) will definitely give you an edge rather than if you were just acting at a random time, but it is not realistic to think that it will make you be as a good property seller as the agent who has years of experience, unless you have considerable experience as well.

Or if you want to join a club or a secret society, provided they accept members of course, an elected chart will really boost your chances rather than if you just go at a random moment like any other person.

If you would like to have an elected chart for a given moment or inquire about my fees use the Contact form by sending me an email.

For more on electional, I recommend you read my article:


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