Rectification with or without a time of birth

Rectification is the technique of discovering the exact time of birth (within a few minutes, to the minute or within seconds). It requires an advanced level and is one of the difficult things to do.

100 Percent Astrology 24 Hour Rectification Services

When understanding that time is not linear but cyclical and every moment is unique and Astrology studies time and space, it becomes clear why rectification is considered reversed prediction/reverse engineering.

Rectification is absolutely mandatory for all charts, especially if one practises serious Astrology and studies a given chart in depth. Even if you have your birth certificate it does not mean it is correct  (especially if is a rounded hour like 3.00, or half hour like 1.30 or quarter hour like 4.15). If it says 7.23 it does not mean it is correct to the minute. It can be actually 7.32 and the nurse swapped the two digits. In any case, it is Astrology that says what the correct minute of birth is and not the birth certificate! The moment of birth happens when the baby takes its first breath, which signifies the Spirit entering the human body.

Also, in Western Astrology or in Jyotish, without a time of birth an Astrology practitioner has nothing but psychological descriptions (which while valuable are NOT Astrology), which means that a person can’t get their chart read. This is where practitioners of Chinese Astrology, the BaZi aka Four Pillars of Destiny branch have a big advantage because the system is structured in a different way and even without knowing the time of birth one has 75% of the required information.

I offer both rectification from a known or approximate time or from unknown time (from scratch). While quite a few Astrology practitioners (using not just Ancient Astrology, but modern Western or Jyotish or other types) offer rectification from an approximate time (say within a couple or few hours) very few offer rectification from an unknown time. This is because it is very difficult, therefore easier to do it wrong, it is also a lot more time consuming, and of course more expensive.

There are different approaches to rectification. I myself have tested quite a few before coming up with a multilayered system that works reliably and consistently.

As for the nature of my system all I will say is that its elements are overwhelmingly (but not entirely) ancient techniques that span over 2000 years on 3 continents and many empires and the tropical Zodiac is my base (although I also take note of the sidereal and use other methods).

If you have had your chart rectified by someone but it does not work, or if you would like to have it rectified and only have an approximate time of birth or the time of birth is unknown, or inquire about my fees, use the Contact form by sending me an email.

Note: The confidentiality of your birth data is guaranteed.

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