Unlocking One of the Secrets of Ancient Astrology – Predicting Death in the Family from the Chart of Someone Else

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Addendum 11 Feb 2016: Although I wrote this article in July 2013, I want to make this clear, even though the Matrix V material/vibration makes it explicit who it is for and who it is not for:

N.B. I have opened this section to share some of what I have come to know with incarnations of Pre-Graduating Higher Selves. Thus this information is ONLY meant for them and if you are not such an incarnation I suggest you skip this, but if you choose to read on you run the risk of shattering your relevant belief systems and upsetting your body’s DNA commands.


Angel of Death (AD): “So, to save your sister you will threaten to stop all death.”

Piper (P) (an extremely powerful witch): “You got it”.

AD: “That is rather selfish of you don’t you think? Unless of course you think death is pointless.

P: “Well I…

AD: “It is not you know. Far from it. Life only has meaning specifically because there is an end. Death is what forces people to live…

P: “Yes, but…

AD: “Which means that ending death, effectively ends life. Throws off the entire Cosmic Design. The whole point, and for what – a single fleeting life. This is bigger than your sister, Piper. Much bigger.”

TV series Charmed, Season 7, episode 5, “Styx Feet Under”.


Special Note:


Yesterday morning upon waking up, I was prompted to write this material. It is meant for Pre-Graduating Higher Selves, as the Author of Matrix 5 calls them, regardless of how advanced the incarnation reading it, although the more advanced it is the more it will resonate with shim as it is ultimately Spirit ID oriented.

Time is running short, EndGame has been accelerating and this information being precious, it is about time it saw the light of day so to say.

Predicting death is one of the most difficult things in Astrology (there exists no other reliable and provable method on this planet to do so). Predicting death from the chart of someone else is even more difficult. Yet it is possible and it serves to show how incredibly intertwined the destinies of Spirits participating in a Galaxy 3D Game are, for how can one possibly come to grips with the fact that decades before the birth of the child, while the parent is a child themselves, many years later when that person becomes a parent (or if they have siblings too, as one can see their death from his own chart as you will see, as one does not have to breed of course, but you get the point) their death, or even the death of the parents of this native will be shown in the natal chart of their child. Of course whether one has the ability to notice this is another matter altogether, the point is it is there.

I have decided that I don’t want to write about living natives when illustrating such powerful techniques. I don’t want potential trouble either. I will be using the chart of US president Richard Nixon. I have other charts which I might share some other time, but this one should really do, as I will show 6 cases of death from a single chart.

Now, generally the technique pertains to the parents of the native and who will die first – the father or the mother, however, it can be used for other members of the family such as siblings, grandparents etc, or even very close friends of the native, but it is more difficult and the differentiation is problematic as they are directly not as important to the native astrologically as the parents are, so therefore I will start with the parents.

The technique is found in ancient astrological texts, but I have somewhat refined it further. For the sake of being understood, I will be using modern terminology, even though it is totally wrong and I use the ancient, correct one, and will be including only the necessary planets and points and will be giving formulas. You will notice that the modern planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not included. The reason is because they are not needed and that they do NOT rule signs and are therefore largely unnecessary, provided that one really gets into ancient Astrology.

One more very important thing is the usage of the so called “Whole Sign Houses” system (there are no houses but topical places, the sign is the house, no cusps, so if the Asc is at 28 Virgo all of Virgo is the 1st house, the second house is all 30 degrees of Libra, likewise for the other signs). It is a must. You no doubt know that the simpler the thing the more powerful it is. This is very true in Astrology, and it is the queen of the sciences. Also, planetary aspects are the last thing looked at and unless in special circumstances (3 degree application, being in one sign and also being in the 4th, or 7th and especially 10th sign from another planet or place) they are, believe it or not, largely irrelevant. Aspects only tell us how planets relate, but we need to know who is who, who is where and who relates to whom and how, by nature, rulership and reception first, before we look at the way they relate.

It is in fact best to work without the degrees of the planets, as will be shown in the Hellenistic chart, and to closely observe the nativity as well as its dynamic unfolding, that is, how the chart moves in the life of the native and the planets change roles in ruling the life.

Application of the technique


To be successful, one needs to employ the full array of techniques as well as pay particular attention to derived houses and to significators, be accidental, specific, or universal. It is not that this technique is a secret, but one really needs to study in depth and follow a given natal chart closely, as death is pretty much like other accidents and the chart rarely “screams” so to say when showing death, so one can often miss it.

 I will be showing how to time the year of death of a person in your family from your own astrological natal chart (needless to say, you must have an accurate time of birth, within minutes). A lot of work is required to time the month and is in a way more difficult and time consuming, so the year should do for now, as it will become too long.

I have to say that by technique, I am showing what I myself use and it is a mixture of a few ancient authors (sources will be given) and my own experience. You will not find exactly this combination of components in an author. There inevitably comes the time to weigh and compare the testimonies and give final judgement. This cannot be learned from books. Astrology uses quality for the most part and it cannot be really measured, but it also uses quantity, and that makes it difficult.

I start with Vettius Valens’s Anthology Book II chapters 31-34, translated by Robert Schmidt. A free full translation of the 9 books is available here (however I warn you that the translation has some mistakes as Mark Riley is not an Astrology practitioner, however, his wording is a delight to read, whereas Schmidt’s style is on occasions too literal and somewhat terse. So better have both translations)

In a nutshell, whoever of the Sun or Saturn is configured with the Moon by sign (forget so called orbs, unless it is 3 degrees as said) or is ruled by the Moon, be it domicile, exaltation or triplicity, shows the father. Whoever of the Moon or Venus is likewise configured with the Sun shows the mother. Whoever of the significators of the father or mother is in a worse condition, that parent will die first.

To this I add the Lot of the Father (Asc+Saturn-Sun in a day chart, reverse (R) the position of Sun and Saturn in a night chart, if Saturn is combust use Jupiter) and the Lot of the Mother (Asc+Moon-Venus in a day chart R by night). Also the Lot of the Death of the Father (Asc+Jupiter-Saturn R) and the Lot of the Death of the Mother (Asc+Saturn-Venus R), though as it is implied, these last two Lots and their lords are used for timing.

Again, whoever of the Lots or its rulers is in a worse condition, that parent will die first.

Then there are various aphorisms which can be applied, but one must use discernment and subordinate them properly to the major ones given.

Note: I am using Regulus Astrology’s rectified chart (11 min. 15 seconds earlier than the birth certificate), to whom I owe my big thanks for his work and hold in very high regard.

37 Richard Nixon

Here is the Hellenistic chart with the added necessary Lots and lunation:

37 Richard Nixon Hellenistic chart

So in Richard Nixon’s natal chart and by using Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology, one sees that it is a night chart, the Moon is in aversion (cannot see, therefore no aspect) to the Sun but is configured to Saturn, receives Saturn by exaltation, applying to him and he is the universal significator of the father in a night chart, which without a doubt shows Saturn to signify the father in a general way.

Venus is configured to the Sun so she signifies the mother, again in a general way, as the Moon is averse to the Sun.

Saturn is cadent and contrary to the sect of the chart and retrograde, whereas Venus is of the sect of the chart, angular, in its exaltation and triplicity. This is one clear indication that the father will die before the mother.

Moreover, Saturn is with the Lot of the Father who is of course also cadent, whereas the Lot of the Mother is angular – this is further indication that the father will die before the mother.

However it is not that strong as Mars is scrutinizing/aspecting within 3 degrees the Lot of the Mother and is also square to Venus, the lord of the Lot of the Father. On the other hand, Mercury ruling the Lot of the Mother is in aversion to both malefics although it is in antiscion with Mars – again a slight indication that the mother will outlive the father.

So only after this solid base (and it is not in all cases clear, sometimes the parents die very close to one another and the chart of a person from the family is muddy and extremely difficult to read, unless one resorts to timing techniques which is very time consuming), do I add aphorisms.

Here are two:

1) If the malefics aspect both Lots of the parents then see which of the Lights (you see this is a different technique using the Sun for the father and the Moon for the mother regardless of sect, yet when combined with another, it can really help) will reach the IC first by primary motion.  (or could be the Dsc if one Light is above horizon, as both the Dsc and IC signify death in ancient Astrology) This is from the book Carmen Astrologicum by Dorotheus of Sidon, chapter 15, page 176, translated by David Pingree.

So both malefics aspect or are present with the Lots and the Sun will reach the IC, which shows the father will die before the mother.

2)     I will quote this verbatim as Valens can be and is extremely tricky in his wording. This is from the Anthology Book II, page 69, chapter 34, translated by R. Schmidt:

  “If the Moon should be waxing as well as if the birth should be at a conjunction, and one of the destroyers should look upon the first Whole Moon, when it takes place in a feminine zoidion, it will indicate the predeceasing of the mother; but in a masculine zoidion, of the father”.

It is a conjunctional birth (16 Capricorn), the Moon is waxing and I have marked the Full Moon after birth which falls at 2 Leo, which is a masculine sign. Note that Saturn is overcoming Leo by sign and not only that but it is in partile antiscion of the next Full Moon, which really strengthens this indication that the father will die before the mother.

This makes at least 3 or 4 solid indications that the father will die before the mother and so it happened of course.

When this will happen is a matter of timing therefore one needs to closely examine the planets Ruling the Times, which can very rarely be done without resorting to other calculations.

Richard Nixon Decennials

Profecting the Lot of the Father as per the medieval practitioner Umar al Tabari from Ben Dykes’s translation of Persian Nativities II, in 1956 when the father died, Nixon was in an 8th place profection year, so the Lot comes to the 8th from itself where malefic Mars is. Moreover as you see, Mars took over the decennials (a Rulers of the Times technique given by Valens whose own application I use, rather than that of Hephaistio or Firmicus) as major lord and days before the death Mercury started distributing the months of Mars. Mars in the 4th shows illness to the parents (more to the father as the IC sign is masculine and Mars is in the 8th from the Lot) and by general signification can show death among the parents, as it is a malefic.

Here is the solar return, more correctly called revolution or solar revolution/SR for 1956 when the father died (in September):

37 Richard Nixon Modern Solar Return 1956 death of father

The SR domicile lord of the 4th and domicile lord of the Lot of the Father in the natal chart (Venus) is overcome by both malefics and applying to them; the exaltation lord of the 4th, the Moon, is in the 11th which is the 8th from the 4th and natally the Moon rules the 11th and ingresses onto the IC; the Lot of the Death of the Father is conjunct the SR Asc and both malefics oppose the SR IC – massive indications that the father will die this year.

The mother died in 1967. We see that Mercury took over the Decennials as major lord and Jupiter started distributing the months days before she died in September. Mercury rules the Lot of Death of the Mother and Jupiter rules the 11th sign by exaltation, thus both planets are accidentally determined to the death of the mother (even if one uses the 10th for the mother, being the 7th from the 4th and wife of the father, Mercury is in the 5th which is the 8th from the 10th, having to do with the mother’s death, and so is Jupiter).

Here is the SR for 1967:

37 Richard Nixon Modern Solar Return 1967 death of mother

SR Saturn is opposing the Lot of the Mother, the Moon (now that the father has died as predicted that he would die first) in the 4th of parents and generally representing females/the mother, is combust, rules the 11th natally of death of parents, is in the 4th of SR applying to Mercury ruler of the Lot of the Death of the Mother, then is overcome by Mars and is applying to the Sun, which rules the 11th in the revolution, being the 8th from the 4th and showing the death of the parent this year.

Here are the other 4 charts of family members’ deaths as seen from the native’s natal chart, bearing in mind that for siblings it gets increasingly difficult to differentiate which one is meant, the first, second, fourth, though it is a little easier to know the gender of the sibling.

The Lot of Siblings (Asc + Jupiter – Saturn) and the Lot of the Death of Siblings  (Asc +MC – Sun R).

3rd brother dies age 7

1925 SR:

37 Richard Nixon Modern Solar Return 1925 death of 3rd brother

1st place profection year, Saturn conjunct SR IC which is the natal 3rd and he opposes it natally; Mars arrives to conjunct the Lot of Siblings; SR Mercury, ruling the 8th from the third adheres to (conjuncts within 3 degrees) natal Mars, ruler of the third house and the Lot of Siblings – a strong indication that a sibling of the native will die this year.

You will notice that the Decennials – Moon/Moon are of no help, it is getting muddier with siblings.

1st brother dies age 23

1933 SR:

37 Richard Nixon Modern Solar Return 1933 death of first brother

SR Tail (South Node of the Moon) partile conjunct the antiscion of the Lot of Siblings; Mars in the SR 3rd; 9th place profection year, Saturn present; the directed Lot of Siblings has reached the bounds/confines of Saturn in Taurus and SR Saturn is conjunct the Lot by antiscion; SR ruler of the 3rd house is overcome by sign by malefic Mars (Mars is in the 10th place relative to it) – strong indications that a sibling will die this year.

Again, the Decennials are not clear – Moon/Sun. At least in this case, probably because it is the oldest sibling, the Sun rules by exaltation both the Lot of Brothers and the Lot of the Death of Brothers.

death of 2nd brother age 73

SR 1987:

37 Richard Nixon Modern Solar Return 1987 death of second brother

3rd place profection year, Mars (Lord of the Year – ruling the profected Asc) ingresses onto the Lot of Siblings; transiting Head returns to the sign it is natally and is conjunct the Lot; 1st place rises in the SR and hence Mars rules the 3rd as in the natal which reinforces its role; Mercury, both natal and SR lord 8 from the 3rd overcomes within 3 degrees/scrutinizes the Lot of Siblings and by sign its ruler Mars; SR Saturn ingresses onto natal Mars and closely opposes the bound/confine of the directed Lot of Siblings at about 14 Cancer by antiscion – massive indications that a sibling of the native will die this year.

Interestingly enough, the Decennials are Sun/Sun starting from 1987 (not shown) and this time they are of help because one of the last times the Sun took over the Decennials a sibling died, so we have a repetition, which we are supposed to have noted and written down if necessary as this is the chart speaking and not some external technique.

The last case shows the death of the native’s wife and a companion of about 50 years.

death of wife 1993

SR 1993:

37 Richard Nixon Modern Solar Return 1993 death of wife

9th place year, Saturn present, ruler Venus in the natal 7th of partners; SR Saturn adheres/applies to conjunct within 3 degrees to the natal Moon which rules the 7th in the revolution; also, SR Moon is conjunct the antiscion of natal Saturn who rules the SR 2nd; Saturn rules the 2nd by exaltation (which is the 8th from the 7th in the nativity and shows the death of the partner) and is in the SR 2nd; Saturn starts to distribute the bounds/confines of the Dsc in March 1993, 3 months before the wife’s death – incredibly strong indications that the wife will die this year.



So there you have it. Of course this information presupposes you are an Astrology practitioner in order to understand or apply it. No worries though, as accessing it will greatly benefit other incarnations of your Higher Self which are in a position to take this treasure and apply it. Needless to say, this technique times the death of the body, which as you know from Matrix 5, is predetermined as well as the manner of death, by your Higher Self. However, contemplating on the incredible interconnection between Higher Selves and the Game could potentially augment your own understanding and role as an incarnation and hopefully you can realize that every incarnation is important to the Higher Self in a very specific way, and by going beyond the prediction of death is ultimately Spirit ID information.

On a personal note, when death came to my family a while ago, it “took” two people (Higher Selves incarnates). I was able to predict that one would die from the chart of my sister but failed to predict (until it was too late) that the other would die too, from my own chart. It was a truly joyous occasion for me as their bodies were really struggling and there was no point to prolong the suffering, and it showed me time and time again that when the time comes for someone to die there is nothing that can be done about it, just as the Author of Matrix 5 says from his knowledge as well as shamanic training.

Some time later I went to visit them astrally. Some time passed and I came across one of them and the Spirit was still on Earth, or as Robert Monroe calls it, trapped in the Earth rings.

P.S. Interestingly enough, Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, spiritual truths and liberation, yesterday rose heliacally (became astronomically visible on the eastern horizon just before sunrise) in Bulgaria (and regions with similar latitude and atmospheric refraction) and on top of that is in its exaltation in tropical Cancer – an extremely powerful position and in the sign where the Asc of the Chart of the symbolic creation of the Cosmos (Thema Mundi) is.

Published on the 12th of July 2013, day of Jupiter, hour of Venus

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