Horary Astrology

Also called Hourly/Interrogational, (I like to call it Contextual Astrology) is the lowest branch of astrological hierarchy. It deals with answering specific questions and gives laser-like precision compared to natal charts, and one of its other advantages is that it does not require the time of birth of the person or any other personal data.

The core of Astrology is that time is not linear but cyclical and differs, thus any moment is unique. Some are indicative of positive results/answers, others of negative etc.

Pretty much any question can be answered and time and space are irrelevant, that is, it can provide information about the past, present and future or any place, provided the person asking the question (called querent) has a deep desire or need to know and is linked to what they ask about in a major way.

Third party questions can also be asked, but it can get tricky unless the querent really needs that information and does not try to use it against the other person behind their back.

Horary Astrology will always show the truth untainted by human emotions, desires or assumptions, provided the practitioner is skilled enough and follows the rules established more than 1000 years ago.

If the querent tries to fool the practitioner, then the astrological chart drawn for the moment the practitioner asks the question will be useless as it will not show the truth. Thus curiosity questions are strongly discouraged and whenever I have doubts the querent is not sincere or the question does not merit Astrology (it could more appropriate to use the Tarot), I will refuse to accept it.

If you have a question or want to inquire about my fees use the Contact form by sending me an email.

My practice in accepting questions is to do an online chat with the person so I can better understand their situation and help them get to the core of what they want to know and thus formulate their question in the right way.

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