Calculation of the length of life

Determining the longevity/predicting death is one of the most, if not the most, difficult tasks in Astrology. It is only after years and practicing, after studying hundreds of charts and coming up with a solid system, that I can come forward and offer this service to the public.

If done the right way, the calculation of the length of life demands total attention and full immersion in the chart in question. It is imperative in this area above all others that the practitioner remains unbiased, to control their humanity to look for indications that prolong the life if you will, and go about the task with a clear head.

Astrology is the only way in this reality by which one can predict death accurately and reliably, regardless of whether it will come in 5, 10, 20 or more years. There are other occult disciplines that can and do this every once in a while but cannot do it over a long period of time and replicate it (unless one is Divinely inspired as the ancients said) because unlike Astrology they are more psychic-based whereas Astrology is not and uses mathematics and astronomy, that is, strict calculations.

Another major reason why Astrology (called the Golden Key and the Queen of the sciences) sits above the other occult disciplines is because of its apparatus, namely the planets and stars. Astrology makes it implicit that the length of life is predetermined (which has been proven countless times through other non-astrological methods). The reason for this is that we live in the sublunary sphere (the world of generation and corruption in Aristotle and the 4 elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, where everything decays and dies) whereas the planets and stars are made of ether, the indestructible and eternal element and as they are such, their movements predetermine to a large extent (by indicating not causing), as well as reflect, what is happening in our physical world. While there are quite a few sub areas in life where Astrology does not have the final say or has little say, and we indeed have choices, if there is one area which is indeed 100% predetermined this is the length of the life of our bodies made of the 4 elements that decay and die without exception.

There are many types of Astrology which cannot predict death. The type that I practise can and does this and has done it for more than 2000 years. Some practitioners swear that it is impossible and even get highly indignant if someone claims they can do it. Such people, even if they have practised for decades, or for a living, merely express an opinion for the branch they have studied, nothing more. Only someone who has studied many branches and has tested and fine-tuned the techniques can speak with authority on this (or any other matter not shown by a given discipline). For instance, in the current western world, whose values shape the planetary ones, modern Western astrology is by far the most practised and therefore dominant. However, modern or psychological astrology does not contain a single powerful longevity technique and thus cannot predict death. (the techniques for the calculation of the length of life were revived and translated in the 1990s and 2007+ for the first time in about 1000 years) That is like having studied 1% of the powerful ancient knowledge and claiming to be an authority on the matter. Therefore to make pronouncements, from a self-perceived level of superiority, that predicting the length of life is impossible, is highly egoistical and disrespectful.

Having the correct minute, not time of birth, is mandatory in the calculation of the length of life. Even in you have a birth certificate to the minute, it is only the beginning. EVERY single chart must be rectified before the longevity can be determined. This is, among other reasons, because a difference of 4 minutes on either side can and does in same cases change the longevity by 1 year. Just imagine if a practitioner was lazy (as some are trying to save time and efforts so they can take on more clients) and used a rounded or half hour chart without rectifying it.  The final result for the calculation of the length of life can differ in 7 to 15 years!


Reading such a sensitive material presupposes you are an adult and can act as one and take the responsibility with handling the end result – the very information which you sought.

While Astrology does show the longevity with 100% accuracy, it is human nature to err and this task being most difficult, I cannot and will not be held accountable in any legal way because of the service of the calculation of the length of life and the impact it might have on your life.

Also, keep in mind that, even though it happens rarely, Mundane Astrology can and sometimes does override the promise of the natal chart of a person, that is, if a volcano erupts, or a war starts, or a tsunami, or a mass disease, or a cosmic event happens etc, many people will be caught in this (especially if it is sudden and quick) and not every single one of them will have death indications and thus the calculations will be wrong (it will depend how wrong on many factors). I cannot predict whether such a devastating mundane event will happen and when or where it will happen and thus cannot be held responsible if it happens and the length of life calculation I did was wrong.

Please read this note carefully because contacting me indicates you agree to these conditions and are bound by them.

If you would like to know how long you will live or someone close to you, or inquire about my fees, use the Contact form by sending me an email. Please note I will ask you why you need to know this information.

Curiosity is not a valid reason by itself. We are here for certain individually pre-chosen experiences which each of us will have, even if we don’t know when the bodies are going to die and we, as Spirits animating those shells, will continue onward.

Note: The security of your personal data is guaranteed

Published on the 12th of March 2015, day of Zeus, hour of the Moon (significator of the body) – less than 2 days before the star of Kronos (the natural significator of death in Ancient Astrology) astronomically sits in the morning for first time for the location where I live and for others with similar latitude and atmospheric refraction.

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