Horary Astrology and Locating Lost/Missing Animals and Objects

Years ago I wrote a detailed article on the subtleties of horary Astrology, the importance of the exact formulating of the question, as well as the absolutely obligatory active participation of the querent/asking party. I advise you to read it before proceeding.

The writing of this article is dictated by several events in recent days. It is about the fact that some people have lost their pets or their things, be it jewels, a ring, a mobile phone, keys, a flash card, an old object, and so on. They do not know where their pet or object is, whether it is stolen or not, whether they will get it back, and so on.

It is very important for these natives to locate the missing pet or object or, in the case of a missing animal a, at least to understand whether it is alive or not. Not only that, but they offer monetary reward (in some cases a large amount) to the native who provides them with correct information and / or help to find the animal or object in question. In other words, these people have put a lot of effort into finding the missing / lost dog, cat, thing, and so on.

Here comes the key point. Yes, these people are undoubtedly hurt and / or are very sad, especially if they have lost an animal, and they have done everything they can to find it. The thing is, according to Astrology, they have not made the needed effort. And I am not saying that in an indifferent way, but on the contrary – as someone who has had their pet go missing, more than once at that. My point is that, although the owners of that animal or given object, have left leaflet messages in many places, have written online, be it in forums, facebook, tweeter, and so on, they have not searched for an astrological practitioner to help them. And this is an obligatory condition!

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Getting in specifics, some friends of fine, who know what I do and am capable of, told me that their friends’ dog has gone missing. Their friends have searched everywhere, have glued messages in the city, have written posts on the internet too, and so on. These friends of mine suggested that I figure out what has happened to the dog through horary Astrology. I immediately told them that this could not be done because the lost dog’s owners have not asked me. My friends replied that their friends told them they were ready to seek any help.

Here is the second key point. If my friends tell the owners of the lost dog about me and these people come to me, I would not take it upon myself to help them. Why? Because the probability of getting an empty chart (explained in the previous article but generally speaking = invalid question = wrong answer) is enormous. My friends refuse to accept that the situation is such and that Astrology can not help find the missing pet in such cases. Whether they refuse to accept this fact or not, as I explained, the situation is as what it is and it is not I who has invented the rules. People with a missing pet or object must make the effort to find a horary practitioner to solve their issue. Whether I or anyone else (as long as they have the necessary skills of course) does this is irrelevant. Some practitioners prefer to work on the Internet, others on the phone, others live in person, and so on. What matters is that the necessary information about the practitioner is available in the public domain. What is left is that the native in question uses their free will and searches. For example, when it comes to meeting me in person, my friends were asking me what would happen if one wrote “astrologer ruse bulgaria”, or” astrology ruse bulgaria “. My answer is that one who must find me will find me. Accordingly, one seeking help, no matter who from, can find such.

To give an even more telling (again real) example: a second native has lost his pet and he offers a considerable amount of money for receiving true information about the animal. Even if I wanted to figure out what’s going on with this pet and, accordingly, receive the big amount of money, this cannot be done. Again, these are the rules of Astrology, the most ancient science. These rules stand much above human greed and thirst for self-promotion. If this native locates a horary practitioner who can resolve the missing dog case, then that practitioner is, of course, entitled, to accept the big reward.

What happens to ethics, however?

I myself would definitely not accept the big reward and would charge as I usually do for horary questions for missing animals or objects. Why?

Because Astrology (as well as other similar methods of prediction and /or divination) are not intended for getting rich. Of course, locating lost animals and objects with horary Astrology requires a lot of knowledge and skills and it is fair that there be an energy exchange (whether in the form of money, food, gifts, etc.) on the part of the client, but there are many things that are more important than money. One of them is the feeling of helping and making a difference in someone’s life. Doing this out of utter material impetus dishonours the practitioner and makes them nothing more than a mercenary who looks for the highest price.

In conclusion, given that you have already searched for the lost animal or subject, provided you want to rely on the astrological approach, that is, in order for horary Astrology to help you discover what you seek, it is you who must actively look for an astrological practitioner to resolve your issue. This is because, from an astrological point of view, all the glued leaflet messages in the city, all the internet writing, facebook or tweeter posts, etc. are not considered active searching because it is the practitioner who is the only one who can read the images of the heavens and give you the correct information.





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