Four Pillars of Destiny: Compatibility (Synastry) between Horoscopes Part 2

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After explaining the fundamental factors that have to be taken into account when considering the compatibility between two people in the first part of this article, it is time to get into specifics.

Since Yang and Yin, the 5 elements, the 12 Zoidia/images and the 8 Trigrams are the foundations of Chinese Metaphysics, it is quite natural that they are the basis of the Four Pillars of Destiny system. In other words, determining the compatibility between two or more people with Chinese Astrology involves the interaction between these foundations, and this method is somewhat different from (Ancient) Western Astrology, where planets are taken into account. On the other hand, as there is a place of marriage / partners in (Ancient) Western Astrology, so is there one in the Chinese one. As there are fixed stars in the West, there are also in the Chinese system, though they are not real astronomical bodies.

Considering the fundamental factor of relationships, namely what a given native needs, though the determination of synastry is multilayered in Fourth Pillars of Destiny, it is invariably subject to this factor. That is, although the subject is extremely complex, containing many rules, exceptions, and so on, by breaking it down to the building blocks, the practitioner can unravel the most complex cases.

So the method of determining the degree of synastry is that of complementarity. This complementarity may be:

1)  At the natal promise level (from part 1 of the article that invariably includes some of the lower levels);

2)  At the level of Heavenly Stems;

3) At the level of the  Earthly Branches;

4) At the the level of missing useful element;

5) At the level of the useful element;

6) At the level of the stars;

7) At the level of the element level that controls the negative element in the chart;

8) At the level of the element level that combines away the negative element in the chart.



Keep in mind that another fundamental principle states that since each case of two or more horoscopes in question is different, it must be approached individually. Accordingly, there are exceptions, emphasis of indications, here the Man and Earth Luck of both people is taken into account, and so on.



Now, one may say: “Ok, even if all these complex factors fit (which is extremely rare), about half of today’s relationships and marriages are terminated/ended. Why is it so, given that there is such harmony and synastry? “

This is undoubtedly an insightful question, and one that has been troubling people since the world turns. Does Chinese Metaphysics offer an answer to it? Of course it does.

In Part 1 of this article I also mentioned the I Ching/Yi Jing, The Book of Changes – one of the oldest preserved books and the oldest oracle. And the Yi Jing explains the Natural Laws. It explains that the only certain thing is change. In other words, the reading of individual horoscopes has so far been at the natal / static level, and if there was no change in the world around us, the relationships between humans would remain the same. But we live in the physical world that is subordinate to the Later Heaven Sequence, where the change is the name of the game. That is, since, from this point of view, everything in Nature is changing (which is why, at the peak of happiness, sadness is born and vice versa – the sun reaches the summer solstice, then begins to descend down, and vice versa – reaching the winter one, then starts to rise upward), the energy constituting our horoscope also undergoes changes as shown by the Luck Pillars and the Annual Pillars. With these changes, if they are negative, changes also happen in the relationship between people /partners.

It is here where the great benefit of the Four Pillars of Destiny lies. What it is about is that that these ups and downs can be predicted in advance and the couple can therefore prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges. One upcoming difficult period does not at any cost mean the end of the relationship! As long as the couple is ready to work on this issue, it is quite possible that the relationship will not only be saved, but will even be strengthened by this challenge. As I have explained before, it is important to work on the three levels of the Cosmic Trinity of Chinese Metaphysics, not only at Heaven / Astrology level.

I have already mentioned that the subject of the synastry in Chinese Astrology is quite complex.

There is no way I can deal with most of its intricacies in this short article, because not only is it going to be quite lengthy, but requires an advanced level of the Four Pillars of Destiny. Yet, the attraction among people is invariably subject the 8 points listed above, but when it comes to couples / partners, the Day Branch / Spouse Palace, as well as the Wealth element in males and the Controlling element in females become the primary focus.

Something that is often observed, especially in the current time period of the last 40-50 years, is how two people, not talking only about a romantic relationship, it can be friendship, partnership, etc., come together at one moment, and then when the period indicated by their horoscopes expires, they separate. This means that their temporary relationship was based much more on the Luck Pillars rather than on the natal level, and therefore the duration of their relationship was limited. That is, it once again becomes clear how absolutely indispensable reading the individual horoscopes is before moving to the synastry /compatibility in Ancient and Chinese Astrology.

The lesson here is that if you want to be with someone for a very long time or for life, the harmony between your horoscopes must be at the natal level, not above all or only at the level of the Luck Pillars.

Another thing I want to emphasize is that once read, (whether a full written horoscope with Chinese Astrology, or just the structure of the horoscope and the favorable and unfavourable elements that is mandatory for Feng Shui and for Date Selection), the information extracted from your horoscope applies for your entire life. Not only that, but it applies to every person you meet, and whether you or he / she would benefit more from the relationship between you (be it friendly, love, professional, etc.).

I might give some real examples in a future article.


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